Friday, December 25, 2009

Ella @ Live at Konsert Gambus

After The Treasure Hunter event at Pavilion, I stopped by Central Market to check out the Konsert Gambus. Nizan had told me earlier that Malaysia's Rock Queen, Ella would be performing.

What an odd combination - rock and gambus!

The concert was a two days event, starting the day before, featuring gambus in various type of music genres.

I used to listen to Ella music when I was in secondary school and college. She was very popular with hit songs like Dua Insan Bercinta and Layar Impian.

She sang two songs in the concert, Rama-rama and an unknown song to me. :)


Ella and Ito (of The Blues Gang)

Peace out!


Flying kissy kissy!

Bye bye...The show ended with 1 Malaysia song (Yikes!) and everyone came up to the stage.

Ustaz oso wanna rock! LOL!

Check out the video - Ella rocking it out with a flutist and a gambus player.


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