Monday, December 28, 2009

Soo Wincci and Amber Chia @ Carven Ong 18th Anniversary Gala

What? Carven Ong 18th Anniversary & Graduation Gala 2009.

Where? Grand Ballroom, Prince Hotel.

When? 11 Dec 2009

Who? Carven Ong is a prominent designer, principal and entrepreneur.

Carven in the middle.

Owen Yap, the emcee, in a fedora.

Celebrities present - Tony Eusoff, Sharifah Syawati etc.

The judges for Carven Ong Academy fashion show, headed by Gillian Hung.

The gala was divided into two - the graduation fashion show and then Carven Ong Couture 2010 Spring/ Summer Collection.

These are some of the creation of Carven Ong Academy graduating students. Some wearable. Some eye-catching. Some wacky. Some even downright weird. But creativity knows no boundaries, right? :)

Check it out....

She is ready to be packed, sealed and delivered. A creation using plastic blister sheets - those used in packaging fragile items.

Transformable wear.

She looks happy for someone who had a Barbie doll glued to the head. :)

A head turner.

Yo guys, fancy a fancy wear like this?

A headdress that would make Queen Amidala of Naboo proud.


Soo Wincii, Miss Malaysia/ World 2008 turned singer entertained the guests at the gala.

She performed two numbers. For the video clips, please scroll down.

After Soo Wincii sweet performance, came the show everybody was waiting for....Carven Ong Couture's latest collection.

The Spring/Summer 2010 collection is called “Snacas’ Spell” (snaca old English word of ‘snake’) – an inspiration like mimicking human mutating into cold-blooded creatures: a tiny step toward the dark side. The long evening gowns are electrifying sexy and elegant with the snake design coil around the heads, clasping through waists, entwined on body and throats as a symbol of Eve’s temptation and of elegance, as it’s seen in Greek mythology.

OK, I didn't write that...It came from the press release. LOL!

Check out the pics! I was blown away by the sheer seductiveness and elegance of this "wicked" collection.

Carven beautifully transformed the images of slimy-scaled and slithery snakes into a glamourous, sexy and even feminine creations on the catwalk. Bravo!

We notice Amber "sneaking" in to the hall when the event was about to end. No matter how discreet her entrance was, all the cameras were on her! LOL!

Amber was being so graceful and generous with her poses for the camera.

Amber looking elegant in the emerald gown, I believe is an Carven Ong creation.

Amber Chia, so flawless. Not an eyelash out of place. :)

Who wants a RM1000 discount voucher for Carven Ong gown? Since I am not getting married by Jan 31, 2010 (voucher expiration date), I decided to give this away. Please email me your contact and I have it send to you.

I have three video clips for you for this event.

Soo Wincii (蘇盈之) performing her self-penned debut single, 一眼夢幻 (Dream)

Soo Wincii covering a Siti Nurhaliza favourite - Bukan Cinta Biasa.

Watch the parade of beauties in Carven Ong's Spring/ Summer 2010 Collection - The Snaca's Spell, and of course the dropdead gorgeous, supermodel Amber Chia.


Acknowledgement: Thanks to Ken of Carven Ong Couture for the invite. Amber Chia for being so graceful and obliging when asked to be photographed. Thank you!

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