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Walkabrella entered Malaysian Book of Records!

What? Walkabrella

Where? Central Park

When? 6 Dec 2009

Who? 95 passionate Mass Communication students of KDU College.


- WALKABRELLAs objective is to highlight the plight of the chosen beneficiary.

- To generate awareness on Cerebral Palsy within the community.

- To enter the Malaysian Book of Records by getting and attracting the largest most number of people to participate in the walk-for-a-cause with their umbrellas open during the event!

Last weekend, while most of my running friends were either participating in the Singapore Marathon or the Salomon Trail, I decided to be at this unique walk for a cause event.

Wow! Look at the amount of umbrellas at the registration counter!

What we needed to do in Walkabrella was to walk 6km 3km with our FREE umbrella! It was not a race so, everyone was taking it easy! It was a Sunday morning after all.

Aiman and his students.

Remember the spirit?

I arrived at Central Park, 1-Utama around 7:30pm. Bumped into Kei Meng, Chen Kwok, Aiman and later Julie and her two hyperactive god-sons.

I walked around the Central Park while waiting for the event to start. The sky was cloudy but I figured even if it rained, the show would go on since everyone had gotten their FREE umbrellas. :)

The event started with some speeches from the VIPs. Among them were YB Tony Pua (MP of PJ Utara) and YB Senator Datin Paduka Che Mei Fun (Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development of Malaysia). No pics...because I'm feeling lazy to post politicians pics in my blog. :)

These two were the KDU student reps - Brandon Liu & Matthew Ong.

The event was continued with a warm up exercise dubbed the UMBRELLABICS! It was fun watching everyone getting physical with their umbrellas! (Watchi it in the video below) Thank God, nobody poked the eyes out from the persons next to them with the umbrellas!

This is one of the emcees.

Isn't she sweet? :D

If I heard correctly, I think her name is Melissa.

Wield umbrellas, not keris! :P

Everyone was ready to open his/ her umbrella for a good cause!

3..2..1..Open! The Walkabrella was officially launched!

It was quite heartening to see the VIPs, our MPs also joined the walk. Usually, the VIPs only come to "grace" the event and leave soon after the speeches!

Thank you to YB Tony Pua and YB Senator Datin Paduka Chew for showing that you cared enough to walk the talk with all of us!!!

Julie and her "kids"

The walk too us around the housing area of Bandar Utama.

No scenic views...But the sight of thousands of white-blue umbrellas was quite something, eh?

Traffic was well controlled by the police. Water stations were efficient, dispensing water and also boxed juices.

Committee members of Walkabrella making rounds to ensure the "walkabrellers" were safe on the road.

The goodies bag!

I am very surprised with the value of the goodies bag! It is definitely more than the registration fee of RM10. We get an umbrella, free TGV movie pass, packet drinks and some other samples. Well done to the organiser!

On top of that, we also get a cert!

I have nothing but praises for the efforts of the mass com students of KDU College for stepping up to organised such an charitable event to highlight Cerebral Palsy and to help those people affected by it. (Insert thunderous applause here!)

I enjoyed the walk very much and I am sure others did as well!

Well, as a cherry on top of the successful event, Walkabrella was entered into the Malaysian Book of Records for having the largest number of people to participate in the walk-for-a-cause with their umbrellas open.

The record now stands at 1321! Congrats!!!!

Here is the video of Walkabrella. I edited it in such a way to show the Umbrellabics and the walk proper.


Note: The soundtracks used are Poker Face (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix which was used in the umbrellabics) and what other proper song for Walkabrella of not - Umbrella by Alejandro Manzano. Can't use the orginal by Rihanna because YouTube would mute it due to copyright issue. Dang!

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