Monday, December 21, 2009

Malakoff 12K, Kuala Lumpur 2009

What? MALAKOFF 12K 2009

Where? Start @ Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort.

When? 20 Dec 2009 (7am)

How far? 12K feat. 7K run.

Who? Organised by Pacesetters Athletics Club Malaysia

What? 4am?!!

I was quite surprise when I got an sms Amelia saying that she would be picking me up at 4:00am for the run!

The reason to go early was to get a parking space. According to Amelia, parking lot was limited as runners were NOT ALLOWED to park in Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort! This place sucks! The last time I was here was for the Illuminight concert. Horrible place to hold an event other than those related to horses if you ask me. LOL!

So, we parked at the Securities Commission Carpark, about 500 meters away. (Insert yawn here)

Putting the best foot forward! :)

I was yawning away waiting for the start. at 7am sharp, the 12km runners were flagged off.

After the 12km flag off, I walked out of the Equestrian to the junction near Pusat Sains Negara to capture the 7km runners.

I smacked my own head for not setting the shutter speed correctly for this. She was one of the few female runners who donned a skirt for the run. :)

Bapak borek, anak rintik - Abu and son doter.

Orange power!

Running pass the Pusat Sains Negara (National science Centre)

River of orange flowing on the road from the Equestrian park.

Full view of the Pusat Sains Negara building. It's like a spaceship perched on top of a hill.

Choi, William, Tey and some other photographers on the route.

Since there were so many photographers for the run, I decided to stick to video.

My friend, Kevin came back from the run cussing and swearing at the road marshal who wrongly directing him to run another loop! So, in total he did 3 loops instead of 2. Anyway, he still finished within the qualification time. Oh well!

Running wit horses? :P

Collection of T-shirt for the Pacemakers New Year Run.

The gorgeous Finisher Medal. (Not mine of course) :)

Video time....

I wish to highlight a potential hazard during the run. The road was not closed for the run and traffic was not diverted properly. Cars were seen coming front and behind the runners. Check out the video at 2:09. What if a runner fall and the car behind couldn't stop in time? I shudder to think!

Anyway, please have fun watching the video. Comments are most welcome.


Note: I get to know that several cars belonging to runners had been broken into that morning, including my friend, Raymond Ng. Sorry to hear that. The thieves were obviously preying on runners who left their cars for roadraces. It has been very rampant lately.

I hope the organisers of run could alert the police and perhaps request for police patrol at the major parking lots near the race area.

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