Monday, June 24, 2013

Celebrunner: Angelica Lee Sinje 李心潔 @ Roasters Chicken Run 2013

Hey, look who is doing the Celebrunner pose? It’s Angelica Lee Sinje, the Malaysian actress who made it big in Hong Kong and Taiwan. It was in 1995, at 19 years of age, Lee was discovered by a prominent Taiwanese actress/ director, Sylvia Chang at a Kuala Lumpur film audition.

You might remember her stunning eyes in The Eye, the hit Asian horror flick by the Pang Brothers, winning her the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Festival and a Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Award.

We caught up with Lee Sinje at the 9th annual ROASTERS Chicken Run. She is the co-founder of Little Yellow Flower foundation, the beneficiary of this run.

Lee co-founded The Little Yellow Flower (previously, Hope Education Foundation) in 2007 with fellow artistes, Valen Hsu, Gigi Leung and Charlie Yeung.

The vision of this charity is to provide under privileged children with the opportunity of a better future through love, happiness, good nutrition and a better education.

Over the past 8 years, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS has managed to raise more than RM425,000 for various charity foundations, causes and homes and this year, with more than 4,000 participants, KRR managed to raise RM65,000.00 for the Little Yellow Flower foundation.

Aside from the funds, KRR has also graciously provided KRR wholesome meals once every two months to the children.

“On behalf of Little Yellow Flower, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to KRR for choosing us as the beneficiary for the second consecutive year. KRR's recognition towards Little Yellow Flower foundation means a lot to us and we will continue to aid those children, providing the nutrition and education needed for their growth” said Lee Sinje before she flagged off the run.

We did ask Lee if she runs. According to her, she does her running in the gym. Due to her travel, it is more convenient for her to do her runs on the treadmill.

The Roasters Chicken Run were held yesterday despite the hazy condition. According to the organiser, more than 3,900 runners took part in the race. Some were seen wearing masks.

Generally, the runners were unfazed by the haze.

Unlike the conventional runs, participants of the ROASTERS Chicken Run will have to balance an egg on a cone whilst running the route.

From our observation, we think KRR should come up with a Family or Team category. Parents and their kids had to run in separate categories, which mean they cannot start running together. We saw some parents ignored their own flag offs to be with their kids. To promote family ties, we propose KRR to look into introducing a team/ family category next year. Families that run together, stay together!

For more photos from the Roasters Chicken Run, please head over to our FB page or click HERE.

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