Thursday, June 20, 2013

Photos: Larian Tanggathon Batu Caves 2013

Batu Caves is popular tourist attraction in Selangor. Rising almost 100 m above the ground, the limestone caves at Batu Caves house a Hindu temple. To reach the temple, visitors must climb a steep flight of 272 steps up. The steps make a perfect setting to sports enthusiasts of vertical challenges.

Right before the entrance to the steps stands a 42.7-metre (140 ft) high golden statue of Lord Murugan. It is the tallest Lord Murugan statue in the world.

The race was organised such that the participants had to race 5km (initially it was 7km but then trimmed to 5km due to "request from runners") before climbing up the steps! All 272 steps! This is the one race that I hardly see anyone smiling to the camera. LOL!

We know that the run was tough from the faces of the runners. Some event went on all four, suing their hands for balance and push to the top!

The middle lane was opened only for runners.

The finish line in the cave temple. More than 700 people took part in the event which culminates in a run up the 272 steps of the Batu Caves.

The biggest cave, referred to as Cathedral Cave or Temple Cave, has a very high ceiling and features beautiful Hindu shrines.

The finisher white cotton tees were given out after the race.

The gorgeous medal! We certainly hope this Larian Tanggathon Batu Caves will be organized yearly, just like the KL Towerthon. It will certainly add some curry and spice to our running scene.

For more photos from Larian Tanggathon Batu Caves. please click the below links.

Runners climbing up Batu Caves
Winners & Prize Presentation Ceremony

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