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First Look: Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2013 Official Pacer Vest

It's less than a month to the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon. How is your preparation?

Have you ever thought of using a pacer group to meet your desired marathon time?

The SCKLM pacers (22 of them) are here to help you achieve your marathon goal, as well as offering support and encouragement. They can prevent you going out to fast, keep you steady for the middle of the course, and then motivate you through to the end.

This year, the SCKLM pacers will be donning the bright yellow vests from New Balance. So, if you intend to pace with them, look out for them at the starting line. Each of pacers will have a balloon with the pacer time ( 3:30/ 4:00/ 4:30/ 5:00/ 5:30/ 6:00 ) tied to his/ her body.

We met some of the pacers at the SCKLM training circuit last Saturday and here are their messages for you:

Shaiful Azrin Zakaria (APUL); Pacer time: 4:30 - If I run too fast, please yell my name vigorously, and if you losing your momentum, I will keep you motivated gleefully. Let us finish this FM within the targeted time so that we can have those MAGNUMs, guilt free. Remember 'Do not stop when you are tired, stop when you are done' .

Lim Yew Khuay (photo below); Pacer time 4:30 - "Your body will want to slow down, your mind will want to maintain that pace, I will be there to remind you that you are on the right track to 4:30. Repeat your Preparation, Trust your determination, Complete with Satisfaction.

Choon Shih; Pacer time 5:00 - I would be running averagely at 7:00 min/km, might do a positive split, since the last few KM's are quite challenging. For those who is looking for sub5 finish, you're welcome to pace along. Throw in another 2 (20-30km) long run in coming 2 weeks and taper well to let your body to recover for the most anticipating SCKLM 2013. Train well, eat well and rest well. Be positive, be prepared and let's do it together.

Alexis Phang (photo below); Pacer time 6:00 - When someone tells you "You Can't", turn around and say "Watch Me."

Azhar Bin Omran (photo below/ left); Pacer time 6:00 - Kita harus percaya pada diri sendiri....langkah pertama di garisan permulaan akan pasti tiba di garisan penamat. Masa bukan ukuran....hanya ketahanan mental & fizikal menjadi bekalan.

Tips for using a pacer group for your marathon:

1. Always introduce yourself to the pacers before the start of the race. Explain your goals and experience, and get to know your pacer.

2. Don't expect your pacer to be exactly on time. A variation of 10-15 seconds per mile, even on the flat, is quite possible.
A pace group will help you, but you need to be prepared for the race. Going out with a pace group that is too fast for you is no better than going out too fast on your own.

3. If you need to stop for any reason (toilet, retie a shoe, etc), aim to catch up your pacer slowly. Remember, it takes a lot more time to catch up than you expect. If you stop for 30 seconds, and pick up the pace by 10 seconds per mile, it will take you three miles to catch up!

4. If you are running without a pace group and slow up at the end of the race, joining a pace group as they pass you is fine. They will be glad to help you out.

5. Find out what your pacer will do at Aid Stations; will the carry on at the same pace, slow down slightly, or walk through?

6. IMPORTANT: Ask your pacer what their strategy is; it should be even effort, but check just in case. Ask your pacer about their background; have they paced this race before, what's their PR, how many marathons have they run/paced? These answers should give you confidence that your pacer is well prepared.

For more tips please visit:

Get to know the rest of SCKLM 2013 pacers HERE.

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hi, just wondering how to be a pacer?



hi, just wondering how to be a pacer?

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