Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Walking and Shopping? Let's Join The Mid Valley Mall Walking Program

Starting 2nd July 2013, one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia, Mid Valley Megamall is opening their doors early for an all-weather fitness Mall Walking Program. (Insert shopaholic excited squeals here)

The program is fixed on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Doors are open at 8am. After a warm up session at the Centre Court, Grond Floor at 8:15, the mall wide walking program begins. Those who signed up will receive a tote bag and body check-up worth RM120 at iHeal Medical Centre. Members are also entitled 3 hours of FREE parking, early bird hair cut discount, F&B offers etc.

Depending on the day, there are three types of routes - Tue: Brisk Walking, Thu - Hill Walking Route & Sun - Interval Walking Route.

You can continue to walk in the mall after the session but make sure your purses/ wallets are loaded with cash or credit cards. Heheh!

Find out how you can be part of the Walking Community by logging on to

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I'm in!!!



interesting. this is my cup of tea, coffee & bread . ..

Sunshine Kelly


Jom walk after that breakfast :)

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