Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Review: The Unboxing of TevaSphere Speed Outdoor Shoes

Thank you World of Sports for inviting us to the launch of Teva’s TevaSphere Speed at Isi Rimba Camp, Kemesah. TevaSphere is the latest outdoor shoe offering from Teva incorporating two innovative features – a first-of-its-kind spherical heel and pod-arch system.

Teva has been providing innovative footwear for the outdoors since pioneering the sport-sandal category almost thirty years ago.

Teva spent more than four years developing the TevaSphere technology that solves a real problem for outdoor athletes who face a diverse range of terrain and obstacles in their outdoor pursuits.

The upper is made if quick-dry mesh, flexible and light weight materials. We love the colours - grey (no need to worry about mud stains) with splashes of vibrant yellow for style.

The TevaSphere outsole is composed of Spider365 Rubber that provides sturdy traction on various terrains.

Notice the middle of the shoe is kinda "fat"?

Those are the pod-arches that extend out from the base of each side of the shoe. The pod-arch system is said to provide specific support only where needed, offering extra point of contact support hence greater stability without restricting freedom of movement or adding unnecessary weight to the shoe.

From extensive testing, Teva proved that the spherical heel versus traditional square heel lowers the user's point of contact with terrain for a more natural point of impact.

The rounded heels also help to roll your foot forward for a more efficient transition. So, if you are a heel-striker like me, REJOICE! Heheh!

Can you spot the spider? The Spider365 rubber outsole is made to grip like crazy in wet environments.

After a short briefing at the launch, we were given a chance to run and test these mud babies in a 4km trail in the hilly Kemensah area.

Stay tuned for our out-on-the-trail review of TevaSphere Speed.

Until then, check out these two videos from Teva.

TevaSphere Speed is retailing at RM459 per pair in these selected stores:
- Urban Adventure, Mid Valley Megamall (Level 3)
- World of Outdoors, The Gardens (Level 3)
- World of Outdoors, e-Curve (Level 1)

To find out more about the TevaSphere collection, click www.teva.com/tevasphere.

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