Monday, June 03, 2013

How To DIY Steam Fit Your Nike Flyknit Running Shoes

Do you know that you can make your Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ fit even better if you steam them before wearing?

You can even do it yourself at home if you have a garment steamer. Basically, the steam is to moisten them up, and then mould them around your foot. A key benefit here, too, is that each shoe can be fitted to suit slight differences between your right and left foot. :)

You need a garment steamer to do the job. DO NOT attempt this with your microwave or steamer pot in the kitchen. It doesn't work the same way. Heheh!

Step by Step Instruction:

1. Steam the shoe for 20-30 seconds to soften/ expand the upper
2. Immediately wear and lace up the shoe for one minute to allow the thread to set in.
3. Repeat with the other shoe
4. Go for your run!

Tip: For a tighter fit, do not wear your sock during the one minute set in.

Check out the demo below by our beloved EKIN. Heheh!

This steaming service is also available at selected Nike Concept Stores. Do ask for it!

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