Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Three-legged Toad

It's been awhile since I last blog. Been busy with work and training for my marathon. Trained at Bukit Aman area last weekend. Just a 10km. A leisurely run. Went to Amcorp Mall flea market to look for second hand CDs after the run. Bought a three-legged toad from one of the stall. "New design, just arrived yesterday" told the saleswoman. The toad is three legged, sitting on three tortoises on gold coins and ingots. I will place it diagonally to my main door, facing in. Symbolically, it is bringing wealth (this toad is holding a gold coin in his mouth) into my house (well..according to Lillian Too anyway). Money come....Money come.... Bought a remixed CD of Deborah Cox from Mind Shop in Bandar Utama. A very dancey album with soulful vocal. Love her powerful pipes. Contemplating to buy her "Morning After" CD... Did a 30km the week before. I have never run that long a distance before. Made it in about 3hours and 45min. Could have been better. I figure at this pace, I could finish the marathon within 6 hours if I were to walk the last 12km. Positive thoughts! Positive thoughts! My aim is to finish the marathon without killing myself in the process.