Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Video: Energizer Night Race 2010

The scene was surreal!

"ON your HATE-light!"

"ON your HATE-light!"

Everybody was asked to "ON" their "HATE"-light at the start! LOL!

Then, We blasted into the darkness with thousands of light trails along the road around Cyberjaya. I carried my camera that weighed 918g with me, right from the start of my 10km race to the end! It was heavy but worth it!

The heat was on.

And when the heat got unbearable, some took a cool shower courtesy of the firemen.


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Also a night run but at Putrajaya. I ran with my bulky camera to capture the splendour of Putrajaya at night too. :)

Cool Running @ Energizer Night Race

Always water your marathon runners regularly to promote growth, strong limbs and to keep them cool.

Heheh! My photo above won RM50 from the Thumbnails section in the The Star newspaper yesterday.

That ought to cover my registration fee. :)

Apart from firefighting, helping accident victims, catching snakes, rescuing cats etc, our firemen are good at giving us, runners a bath too! (Insert applause here)

The shower from the fire truck provided a cool relief to runners in the hot and humid night during the Energizer Night Race (ENR).

Me? I avoided it because my camera is allergic to moisture. :(

White vest + water...

Too bad it was at night, otherwise you would be getting some wild sexy wet pics of runners "gracing" this blog. (Insert cheeky grin here!)

I think those headlamps given out in ENR are waterproof. Otherwise the result would be erm....shocking. :)

Note: They didn't give out the safety instructions along with the lamps. They should actually.

Race report, more photos and videos from the ENR coming soon. Please comeback for updates.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UOB HeartBeat Run 2010

What? UOB HeartBeat Run 2010

When? 28 March 2010

Where? Lake Garden KL

How far? 7km & 3.5km.

Who? UOB Employees only.

I just had 2 1/2 hours of shuteyes for this event after the Energizer Night race the day before. I survived 24 hours walk before, so it was no problem for me. Heheh!

Volunteered my service to Outdoor Pursuits Services (RunnersMalaysia) as one of the route marshals. Was stationed at the junction between the main road and the road leading into Lake Garden. Very busy area!

These are some stolen shots I took while waving my red flag to direct the runners to the correct path. It was quite uneventful at my station but I heard there were some major boo-boo at the start. LOL!

Anyway, it was heartening to see big corporate companies like UOB are promoting running/ walking to their employees.

Bumped into Yin who was doing her Sunday run.

Some games after the end of the run.

UOB Big Boss speaking...

The medals.

The winners

The funds from the Heartbeat Run/Walk were channelled to charity.

No video for this race. I was having a tough time snapping pictures, let alone taking video. LOL!

The mamak session with other volunteers at Dewi’s Corner after the race was very enjoyable! Yum! Thanks Jamie & Wan Yew Leong for the treat. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nike Free Run+

The brilliance of barefoot-like running that comes with cutting edge technology

Hitting the stores in Malaysia this April is the Nike Free Run+, joining the range of Nike Free shoes designed to emulate the motion of running barefooted.

The Nike Free Run+ aims to deliver the right amount of cushioning with an improved fit for the avid runner. This is the first Nike Free shoe that is Nike+ enabled, that means with it, runners can track distance, pace, time and calories burned in real time.

What sets the Nike Free Run+ above the competition is the Forefoot Flex Grooves feature that triggers muscle activation for stronger feet and barefoot-like training, which help runners react and adapt to the ground faster and better.

The new features aim to improve on a runner’s responsiveness to the ground and bring the comfort level of your barefoot-like running experience up another notch.

Among the new features designed with comfort in mind is the Full-Bootie Construction which mimics the natural curve of your feet for a snug, more comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the Breathable Mesh Upper provides ample ventilation for your feet while having Minimal Seams & Layers that helps to alleviate irritation on your feet so you can run with or without socks. There is also the additional

Asymmetrical Lacing designed to reduce pressure over the top ridge of the foot so your feet has an extra layer of protection against getting nerve pain caused by physical compression that happens if you lace up too tightly.

Britain's Paula Radcliffe, the marathon world record holder said that the Nike Free Run+ is a vital part of her strengthening program. She also loves the breathability of the Free Run+ and the fact that they feel so much more responsive that helps her get use to the training terrain quicker.

“They are more flexible than a regular training shoe so allow my foot to behave close to its natural movement. I use the shoes for runs to strengthen my foot muscles but also for a lot of core exercises and walking around to make sure the intrinsic feet muscles stay strong and help me get the best from my running. I also find they really allow my feet to recover well after long workouts and runs,” said Paula Radcliffe.

The Nike Free Run+ is simply put, a trainer with just-right amount of cushioning and support all in a lightweight, low profile package.

The Nike Free range aims to offer the strengthening benefits of barefoot training without sacrificing protection or comfort while providing sufficient traction for your everyday run

The Nike Free Run+ is available at all Nike stores nationwide and retails for RM369

Download the shoe info HERE.

Note: Blue for men/ Orange for Women.

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

This is post for Project ALPHA Instant Cash Blogging Week 5

How would you like to be featured as a guest blogger in Project Alpha Season 3?

Like all the reality TV shows, you have to audition for it!

Present to them a video (60 seconds or less), in your own creative way on why you should be on Project Alpha!

To submit your audition, follow the simple steps below mentioned in the links at the end of this post.

But before you make audition video, I would like to give you some tips on the things NOT TO DO when shooting for your audition video, based on THE RING.

DO NOT SCARE your viewers by crawling out from the TV.

DO NOT CRAWL. Have good body posture. Your body posture is a reflection of your health. Nobody wants to watch a sickly blogger on TV.

DO NOT SHOW YOUR DISEASED SKIN. Pale, dry and scabbed skins are OUT! Get some lotion and moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

DO NOT HAVE STUFF STUCK BETWEEN YOUR TEETH. Check your teeth for evidence from your last meal, be it a piece of bloody meat from your previous human victim or a piece of broccoli.

DO NOT SHOW UGLY NAILS. Please, get a manicure. In case they wanna show your hands while you are typing on the keyboard. You are a blogger, right? So scrub those grime out of the nails.

DO NOT HAVE A BAD HAIR DAY. Get those tresses in order before shooting the video. Iron, curl, condition, wash, shampoo, perm, colour etc. Do whatever you have to control your hair. Look dashing with gorgeous hair and don’t cover your pretty face with the hair.

DO NOT WEAR YOUR DIRTH CLOTHES no matter how comfortable they area. Put on something that will catch attention and enhance your figures.

DO NOT GRUNT or make any other weird noises. Speak clearly and use good English!

DO NOT FROWN. You want people to like you, don’t you? So, put on a smiling face and show them your pearly whites.

DO NOT HAVE CRAZY EYES. Get those eyes beatified. Use mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadows or even coloured contacts. There are plenty of beauty bloggers out there.

Finally, DO NOT KILL your viewers!!! Killing is NOT cool!


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or

Running with Kaskade

What? KASKADE @ EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound

Who? Kaskade – One of the most influential people in the San Francisco house scene, as well as one of the hardest-working: By night he's Kaskade the house music producer/DJ; by day he's Ryan Raddon, A&R director for OM Records.

Where? EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound

When? 10th April 2010 (9.30pm - 3.00am)

How much? RM60 + 1 Drink

More info? Click HERE.

I love running! And I love listening to music when I run.

My heart pumpped with excitement when I learn that Kaskade, one of my favourite remixer will be in town for a gig!

Kaskade is no stranger in my running music playlist. I have been a fan of his club remixes since I first listened to his remix of Don't Cha (Pussycat Dolls), a #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play.

Kaskade has also worked magic with hits from Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, LeAnn Rimes, Paris Hilton etc.

“My favourite track from Kaskade is...

It's called Step One Two from Kaskade's Strobelight Seduction album. I love the lyrics...and the hypnotic vocals by Haley Gibby) Fantastic to run to (and to dance to). It's a must in my running playlist!

Step one two....Step one two....!

Here's a current Kaskade remix that I am loving to death! Kaskade took a great spin of Lady Gaga feat Beyonce smash hit Telephone and turn it into a super club stomper!

So, on the night of 10th April, DO NOT TELEPHONE me! I will be k-kinda busy! Heheh!

Can call all you want but there’s no one home (READ: I will be in Euphoria)

And you’re not gonna reach my telephone (READ: I will be dancing to Kaskade!)

Are you coming too?


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photos & Video: KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2010

What? KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2010

Where? KL Tower

When? 21 March 2010

Why? In conjunction with the National level celebration of the World's Forest Day,

How many steps up? 2058

How tall is the tower? 421 meters

My favourite Towerthon is back! I enjoyed the climbe very much even though it was "torturous". Heheh!

Like the year before, I took my time to run up the hill leading to the entrance of the tower. I do not want my breakfast to end up ON the staircase! LOL!

This year, about 3,000 participants took part in the ninth edition of the KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge.

Even though in its 9th year, I was quite surprised when there were still some "avoidable" problems occuring during race kit collection.

On the first day of race kit collection, the t-shirt ran out of size (left XXL) in the morning and the totally depleted at lunch hour! How did that happen? The incident left a lot of frustrated participants even before the race day!

There were also some error in the letter sent out to the participant. EVERYONE was running in the MEN OPEN catergory causing some major confusions! :P

I hope the organiser will improve next year. Well, it IS an INTERNATIONAL event. The execution of the race should not be any less than that! Agree?

KL Tower has been generous in providing free snacks and breakfast, before AND after the race. It's a Malaysian hospitality thingy. :) Eat! Eat! Eat! Heheh! Love it!

But I was careful not to eat too much before the race. :)

We were "greeted" by local and international celebrities with their famous quotes on the way up! But notice the year, they were last year's posters. :)

But I think our Angkasawan has blatantly ripped off a quote from the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Malaysia BOLEH??

Maria oh Maria!

Now the whole world know what was on Tiger's mind! Bad, bad Tiger! LOL!

Nicole David, my favourite local sport star!

Water is adequate. Mineral water was provided to participants.

Instead of drinking, some participants were seen "bathing" in the water provided, causing the floor to be slippery. It was a hot hot climb!

Suggest the organiser to get some mops ready before any accident happen.




At the top! All the finisher get a yellow coupon to be exchanged with a goodies bag with medal! I was told those who DNF, get a green coupon for just goodies bag, no medal. Sob! Sob!

The goodie bag!

The gorgeous finisher medal! I loikey!

According to BERNAMA, Kenya's Philip Kipkemei Ronoh won the Men's Open category of the 2010 KL Tower International Forest Challenge for the second consecutive time here on Sunday.

The 23-year-old Ronoh, who started to take part in long distance running events in his country, six years ago, endured the one kilometre run and 2,058 stairs-climb in 13 minutes 21 seconds to emerge champion.

Meanwhile, in the Women's Open category, Natyana Rakkhaphan of Thailand emerged champion after clocking 17:39s, ahead of Malaysia's Noor Amelia Musa who came in with a time of 18:13s.

Here's a video I took at the finish. I guess she was the unlucky one. I was recording and suddenly she....

Note: Video clip is blurred intentionally to protect the identity of the participant.

Actually, there were many more who coated their breakfast on the floor while on their ways up the stairs! :P

Find out what are the causes of exercise induced vomit HERE.

Please click the link below for the full KL Towerthon 2010 video.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I would like to thank KL TOWER for the race, especially En Suhaili. Mr. Khoo Chong Beng for showing me what timing chip is all about.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Zee "Kantoi" Avi Autograph Signing @ Rock Corner

What? Zee Avi Autograph Signing Session

Where? Rock Corner, The Gardens, KL.

When? 23 March 2010

Who? The first women to be signed under Jack Johnson's Brushfire Records. Our very own, Zee Avi.

I was already at MidValley around 6:30pm for this. OK, I am a fan. I support local acts other than Dayang Nurfaizah. :)

Zee Avi arrived at around 8:18pm. Autograph session started about 8:30pm. I was the first few in line. I got my CD signed and then quickly ushered out from the shop by the record company people.

Zee Avi that night came across to me as a little girl who was playing dress up with mummy's cloths. Bright red lipstick. Big, I mean really big hair. Leopard print dress. My gawd, that girl is just 24! But why is she trying to look like a 44 year old auntie? Her hair and dressing reminds me of one First Auntie Rose Ma. ;)

Anyway, love her for her talent, not her dressing. :)

Her songs have been in heavy rotation in my playlist recently. My favourites are Bitter Heart, Honey Bee, Monte and the dopey, Poppy!

"No photo! No photo! Media only!"

I was quite annoyed at the "no photo rule" which was suddenly imposed on us.

Personally I think autograph session is meant for the FANS. Not only for media! What's wrong if we, fans want to take some photographs of our favourite artiste?

Without us fans/ record buyers, you think they have a job? I was not even blocking or in anyway disrupt the flow of the event. KANTOI! (Insert sigh here!)

I didn't have many good photos since the overzealous "bodyguards" kept shoving their dirty hands to my lens. I got some ugly ones partly because Zee Avi was chewing her gums like a cud chewing cow. But I am not gonna post it here. :)

OK-lah. No photo, I shoot video lor! Heheh! Check it out.