Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Media Release: Standard Chartered KL Marathon Closes Registration as 35,000 Runners Signed Up!

KUALA LUMPUR, 27th April 2016: Race owner and organiser of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 (SCKLM), Dirigo Events announced that all 35,000 slots for the 2016 edition of Standard Chartered KL Marathon has been taken up. This will be SCKLM’s eighth edition and is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 7th August at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

There was also an initiative that gave participants of the 2015 race priority to register for the race. The move was warmly received as approximately 40% of the participants took up the opportunity to sign on for the race.

Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events Sdn. Bhd., Event Owner and Organiser of Standard Chartered KL Marathon, said, “The positive uptake shown by the runners deeply humbled us and we look forward to delivering a great race experience all the way to race day. We are encouraged by Standard Chartered Bank’s commitment to the Marathon and we would like to thank all runners and the Standard Chartered KL Marathon family of stakeholders, sponsors, partners and supporters for making the Marathon possible.”

Mahendra Gursahani, Managing Director and CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia said, “To see so many runners returning and motivated to join the Standard Chartered KL Marathon gives us an extra spring in our step in putting together a great race. We are pleased to be a platform for ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and we are proud to be part of their journey in encouraging the community to get involved in sports and adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

Interested participants of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon will still be able to take part through its Run For A Reason initiative where you could raise funds for a selected beneficiary. Information are as follows:

• Corporate Challenge – The 10 KM category is still available for registrations. All donations from the race will go to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon beneficiaries.

• Be a “Run For A Reason” runner – Limited slots are still available for individuals who are looking to raise funds for their selected beneficiaries. Runners will get to setup a fundraising profile page to share with friends, family and the public. Raise RM500 and you are entitled to receive an exclusive Run For A Reason t-shirt from one of SCKLM’s official charity partners.

• Supporting the “Run For A Reason” runners – Pick a charity that you would like to support, and make a donation to our “Run For A Reason” runners who have pledged their commitment to raise funds for their chosen beneficiaries.

This year’s participating beneficiaries for Run For A Reason are Standard Chartered Foundation (SCF), Hospis Malaysia, Yayasan Sejahtera and IJN Foundation.

Alternatively to be a part of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, you could do the following:

• Be a volunteer – More than 1,500 volunteers are needed to help on Race Day and you can be one of them. Stay tuned to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon announcements on social media for volunteer registrations.

• Be a supporter – Cheer and support your friends and families all the way to the finish line in their race and add festivity to the event!

Rainer Biemans, Director of Dirigo Events Sdn. Bhd., Event Owner and Organiser of Standard Chartered KL Marathon also further added, “Running the race in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon is an amazing journey, and part of that journey involves preparing one’s mind and body. To help runners prepare for their race, we will be announcing dates of our Standard Chartered KL Marathon running clinics which will be led by our official coach, Mark Williams where he will share his experience and expertise to all runners.”

The Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 is made possible by title sponsor Standard Chartered Bank, and along with event owner and organiser, Dirigo Events Sdn. Bhd. and co-organiser Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

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Media Release: Drink Up To The Power of Spinach!

Popeye was surely on to something with his well-known love for spinach! The dark, leafy vegetable Spinacia oleracea is an incredible source of phyto-nutrients with a host of health qualities and disease prevention properties.

With its crisp, tender dark green leaves, spinach is a recognised, nutrient-dense superfood that packs a punch. It is a storehouse rich with chlorophyll and anti-oxidants including lutein, zea-xanthine and beta carotene as well as Vitamins A and C. All of these compounds act as a barrier against free radicals to help slow down the oxidation and aging process, as well as provide support for healthy eyes and skin.

Spinach is very low in calories yet they are a rich source of soluble dietary fibre. Approximately 100 grammes of leaves provide some 25% of your daily intake of iron, a crucial trace mineral that aids the human body in red blood cell production. Its leaves also contain a good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc.

Malaysia’s leading supplier of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies, Juice Works Malaysia, now offers a quick and hassle free way of consuming your daily intake of spinach.

The newest addition to a menu of handcrafted delicious fresh juices and smoothies are the:

1) Tropical Hulk – a blend with Spinach, Mango, Banana, Jackfruit, Tropical Juice and Mango Yoghurt with the key benefits of:
- Natural Carbohydrates for energy - for Gym lovers
- Great source of antioxidants
- Delicious mixture for kids to get your vitamin A, C, minerals and Calcium for growing bodies.

2) Strawberry Ochard - a blend with Spinach, Orange, Strawberries, and Mix Berries Yoghurt with the key benefits of:
- Great source of Vitamin A & C - antioxidants for strong immune system and healthy heart
- Good source of minerals
- Good source of Calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

3) Skinny Me - a blend with Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, and Guava with the key benefits of:
- Low Calories and reduces water retention to help loose weight
- Good source of antioxidants and minerals - anticancer and anti-ageing properties
- Great for prevention of heart disease and lowers cholesterol

Spinach Surprise is prepared fresh to order, and is served across all 25 Juice Works Malaysia kiosks in major malls and offices in 4 states. It is a welcome addition to Juice Works Malaysia’s fabulously varied menu of deliciously healthy freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

“Our loyal patrons are well acquainted with our many options of Fruit Juices, Power Smoothies and Detox Juices where each cup provides at least three servings of your daily dietary requirements for fresh produce,” explains Juice Works Malaysia co-founder Jason Choy.

“Juice Works has always been recognised as the ultimate in freshness when it comes to juices and smoothies. So we decided to introduce more superfoods into our menu with Spinach Surprise, as this humble vegetable is truly a turbo-charged green.”

“Yet, despite being a storehouse of health benefits, many of us do not consume enough spinach largely due to our busy and hectic lifestyles. We seldom eat spinach raw although cooking destroys much of its health properties. With Spinach Surprise, you get to reap the benefits of this amazing green vegetable in a hassle-free and very delicious drink. Parents, are very surprised at how delicious it is, so much so that their kids happily finish the drink on their own. Green has never been so amazing than when it’s consumed!”

What makes Spinach Surprise so tasty are the hours of research and development that goes behind each and every drink on Juice Works Malaysia’s menu. The R&D team includes an in-house certified nutritionist who constructs recipes of each drink so that the ingredients work in synergy to deliver the best possible health benefits while ensuring a great flavour. A team of highly trained Juice Baristas is also on hand at every kiosk to help give advise on the most ideal option to meet individual needs.

Aside from Spinach Surprise, Juice Works Malaysia offers over 30 choices led by the perennially popular Detox Juices range that includes carefully concocted drinks designed to support dietary goals, boost immune systems, soothe upset tummies or cleanse internal organs. The Berry Lovers range which blends zesty berries with low fat yogurts and other energising fruits is also a favourite alongside Tropical Paradise which holds the key to a rich repertoire of the exotic delights of sunny regions such as dragon fruits, lychee, jackfruits, mangoes and melons.

Whether in need of a health supplement, a dietary support, or just the thrill of a chilled fresh drink on a sunny day, Juice Works Malaysia offers the finest natural ingredients to create that perfect drink.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Media Release: Join Rexona, Scha Alyahya and SonaOne to Move for a Cause at The Electric Run

Kuala Lumpur, 22 April 2016 – Malaysians can do their part to raise RM100,000 for children with mobility disabilities by moving for a cause during the upcoming Electric Run on 7 May 2016, where Rexona is the Official Fresh Moves Partner.

The world’s leading deodorant, Rexona wants Malaysians to join newly appointed brand ambassador- SonaOne and returning brand ambassador, Scha Alyahya to move, stay fresh and at the same time change the lives of children who are in need of prostheses, crutches, wheelchairs and walking frames. Rexona wants to encourage Malaysians to join the Electric Run marathon and move to raise RM 100,000 on 7 May 2016.

Guan Lee, Head of Skincare and Deodorant Categories, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd said: “Our mission is to encourage Malaysians to move and stay fresh during this exciting 5KM Electric Run. In conjunction with our mission to get people to move for a cause, Rexona will be placing ambient sensors at the concert area which will detect every movement made by participants. We hope to raise up to RM 100,000 with the accumulated movements. So, we urge Malaysians, especially the youngsters to join us and move for a cause. The more you move, the more funds we can raise. Rexona will ensure that participants will stay fresh while they move for a good cause.”

“We are also thrilled to announce that Scha Alyahya will be continuing her role as our Brand Ambassador. Joining the Rexona family is Malaysia’s very own hip-hop artist- SonaOne. Scha and SonaOne will be at the Electric Run on 7 May to encourage participants to move more and bring excitement during the event.”

“The only way to move and still stay fresh is to use Rexona. Besides moving towards your personal goals, join us at the run so that we can all move together to help raise funds for those in need,” shared Scha.

“I am fortunate to stand alongside Rexona and invite all Malaysians to move for a cause. It’s always a good idea to move and now you can move and make a difference,” said SonaOne.

Malaysians can win the tickets to Electric Run by joining the Rexona promotion exclusively with Watsons from 5 April to 25 April 2016. There are 200 Electric Run tickets worth RM 96.28 each to be won. For more information, please visit

Apart from Electric Run initiative in the Rexona Fresh Moves Campaign, Rexona would like to inspire youngsters to move more and not be afraid of sweat and body odour. Malaysians are also urged to participate in the Rexona Freshmoves Digital Campaign by uploading their recorded 15 sec video bomb on Instagram and hashtag #RexonaFreshmoves .A total RM 60,000 cash will be given away and contest runs until 8 May.

The Rexona Motionsense technology is activated by movement. It contains microcapsules filled with fragrance that burst with friction, so that with every move, a burst of freshness is released. Rexona Motionsense for Women and Men are now available in roll-on, spray and stick formats. Rexona for Women is available in six variants - Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion, Powder Dry, Whitening and Invisible Dry. As for Rexona men’s range, the five variants include Ice Cool, Sport Defence, Adventure, V8 and Invisible Dry. Rexona roll-on is priced at RM7.60 - RM8.35 while spray is priced at RM 13.75 - RM14.85.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Media Release: Who Will Be The First “BINTANG BLISS”?

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 April 2016: Following a series of interviews after the official launch of Projek Bliss Transformasi Diriku last month, eight contestants have been shortlisted and are in the running to hold the title of the first ever “BINTANG BLISS”.

The all-new reality series produced by Astro Radio, in collaboration with NESTLร‰® BLISS®, is built on the concept of Self Transformation, or Transformasi Diriku, and aims to spark a change in the way Malaysians care for themselves by focusing on improving their digestive health.

In the eight webisodes, the contestants will use their new found knowledge coupled with the guidance from a panel of mentors to go through a series of elimination challenges where in the end, one will emerge as the first ever BINTANG BLISS.

The BINTANG BLISS, or BLISS STAR, should exude confidence, radiate with optimism, and be vibrant; positive personality traits that will enable them to be a great role model and an inspiration to all Malaysians for maintaining good digestive health.

“I joined this program, not to become someone else, but rather to transform into the best version of myself, someone others can look up to. It is difficult to find a mentor in the outside world, so I would like to learn as much as I can here, and share my experience with the community, so they, too, can incorporate a healthy daily routine into their lives,”  said Sakinah Binti Ismail, 23 from Kuala Lumpur.

Projek Bliss Transformasi Diriku gives me the opportunity to be the healthiest and best version of myself, and through this transformation, I will be able to reach my greatest potential. What I learn will be beneficial for my inner health in the long run, and I’m blessed to be given such a great opportunity,” said  Sarah Menon, 23, from Johor Bahru.

“I’m a career- driven person who makes time to go to the gym, and I put in extra effort when planning my meals. Through this programme, I want to learn how to live a healthier life and be more productive, because nutrients are important for our body, and I believe I will be able to learn something here. I want to be a role model for others who are career driven and have a family to look after, and say we can be our own superhero, despite our busy schedules,” said Jean Lim, 26, from Klang.

“I joined Projek Bliss Tranformasi Diriku to transform my life towards a healthier path. I want to improve my self-discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle by prioritising what I need to improve upon. I also hope to build my self-confidence,” said Nurul Amirah Nadrah, 22, from Penang.

“This program would be great and informative for me to start practising a healthy lifestyle for my future. I have always had problems with digestion, and Nestlรฉ Bliss has been a drink that is comforting. I would continue practising the tips given by the mentors so that I can share the knowledge with others the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system,” said Aina Wahidah, 23, from Puchong.

“Living a healthy lifestyle is already part of my daily routine, but with this programme, I can learn how to better myself mentally and physically from the mentors. There is a quote that goes “The best project you’ll ever work on is yourself” and I believe with Nestlรฉ Bliss, I can achieve that,” said Ariel Cheong, 22, from Kuala Lumpur.

“I have always wanted to be a good role model to those younger than me, and when I came across the poster for Projek Bliss Transformasi Diriku, I knew that this would be my opportunity to motivate others,”  said Amy Nur Tinie, 20, from Ipoh.

“It is always good to start young, but it is never too late to start. I want to learn how to incorporate healthy habits to improve my lifestyle. Our digestive system is very important because if we start feeling uncomfortable, our body will not function properly, and it would disrupt our daily routine. I also want to share this knowledge with my daughter, so that she will grow up knowing how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle,” said Kety Natalia, 29, from Johor Bahru.

The mentors of Projek Bliss Transformasi Diriku include Big Sister, confidence counsellor and host Siti Saleha, Malaysian Fitness guru Wong Yu Jin, and YouTube wellness sensation Joanna Soh.

The premier episode is set to release on Astro Gempak on the 7 May, 2016, with new episodes premiering every Saturday and Sunday for 4 weeks. Each webisodes is 5-7 minutes long.

The contestants will stand a chance to win over RM 77,000 worth of prizes, including the grand prize of a trip for 2 to Paris; where one will be crowned as the first BINTANG BLISS.

For more information on Projek Bliss Transformasi Diriku, please visit

Media Release: Run Your Way To Brazil With 100Plus

PUTRAJAYA, 18 April – In an effort to provide a platform for competitive runners to excel further in sports as well as encourage healthy lifestyle amongst Malaysians, 100PLUS officially flagged off the 100PLUS Outrunner at Presint 2 recently.

After its successful inaugural race last year, 100PLUS Outrunner 2016 saw a bigger crowd as well as more attractive prizes this year. Approximately 10,000 participants had registered for the race, out of which 3,000 for the 15 km, 4,000 for 10 km while the remaining 3,000 for the 6 km fun run and team challenge.

“As the leading isotonic beverage in the country, we at 100PLUS take our consumers’ health and well-being whole-heartedly. That is why, with race events like these, the brand is able to encourage competitive participants to challenge themselves and try to push past their boundaries at the same time inspire Malaysians from all walks of life to embrace a more active and healthier lifestyle,” said Leong Wai Yin, 100PLUS Marketing Manager.

According to Wai Yin, “We are definitely delighted to host 100PLUS Outrunner for the second year. The race has grown from strength to strength as it has far exceeded our expectations and compared to last year we have seen an increase in the number of participants. With the overwhelming response, we hope that 100PLUS Outrunner will continue to be a looked-forward-to mainstay in Malaysia’s events calendar.”

For the 15 km run, there were two categories for the participants, which were Men’s Open (16 years old and above), Men’s Veteran (40 years old and above), Women’s Open (16 years old and above) and Women’s Veteran (40 years old and above). Cash prize of RM 3,000 and trophies were given to the first five who reached the finishing line from the respective categories.

For the 10 km, there were Men’s Open (16 years old and above) and Women’s Open (16 years old and above). The first five placing each received cash prize of RM 1,500 and trophies.

The first team of the 6 km team challenge who reached the finishing line walked-away with an all expense paid trip to Brazil for 4 worth RM 40,000, a first-of-its-kind for a Malaysian running event. While the second and third teams also received holiday packages worth RM 4,000 and RM 3,000 for 4 respectively.

All participants also received certificates and medals as proof of their boldness.

In addition to the race, there were various on-ground activities such as face painting and dance performances.
“Our goal is to create a wonderful fun atmosphere around the race so that everyone will get to enjoy themselves and discover the joys of embracing a healthy and active lifestyle,” Wai Yin concluded.

100PLUS is the first isotonic beverage to be launched in Malaysia. It is a thirst-quenching, caffeine-free isotonic drink specially formulated to help restore what the body has lost during physical exertion and rehydrate the body to its optimal hydration balance. Its unique formula combines fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes for quick and efficient absorption of fluids into the body.

Here's the winners list.

100PLUS is one of the leading brands under the F&N flagship in Malaysia. It is produced and distributed by F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd, the largest soft drinks distributor and manufacturer in Malaysia. For more information on the 100PLUS Outrunner, please log on to: -

For more 100PLUS Outrunner 2016 photos, please click HERE.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Media Release: Nike We Run KL 21K Sees 8,987 Runners Show The Results of having Trained Like An Athlete

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 APRIL 2016 – A wave of 8,987 runners took over the streets of Kuala Lumpur and pushed their limits to realize the “true athlete” in them with new 21K personal bests in the Nike We Run 21K 2016. Following a specially-curated 12-week training programme that was activated both digitally and on-ground, Nike Malaysia hosted its second half-marathon race that enabled Malaysian runners to unleash their inner athlete potential.

“We are overwhelmed by the high-level of energy and enthusiasm from the runners today as we have witnessed the training journey of many from the time they registered, their participation in the training sessions we organized and finally to them completing their race today. We are proud to be able to motivate our runners to reach new levels as an athlete and look forward to continue to inspire them to keep aiming further in their journey as a runner,” said Angelene Chong, Country Marketing Manager for Nike Malaysia.

The race route started at KL Sentral and took runners through some of the city’s iconic landmarks such as the Petronas Twin Towers and Stadium Merdeka. Throughout the route, runners found motivational messages, submitted by runners themselves, inspiring them to bring out their very best all the way to the finish line.

At the Nike We Run KL Race Village, participants were treated like athletes with post-run treatments such as on-demand stretching by Physiotherapists from Universiti Malaya as well as an ice-bath for their feet in the cooling zone.

Nike also set up an innovation showcasing the Nike Free Run Flyknit from the recently launched Summer 16 collection of Nike Free footwear for Running.

“The services we’ve provided at the Race Village aim to replicate some of the post-race activities that professional athletes undergo. Our goal is to constantly invigorate the running scene in Malaysia as the interest and quality of runners continues to grow and improve rapidly here. With innovation and inspiration at the forefront of Nike, we want to bring a different experience to our athletes each year for them to always look forward to,” added Chong.

The results of the Nike We Run KL 21K Race are as follows:

Monday, April 04, 2016

Media Release: Asics City Relay To Light Up Kuala Lumpur City Streets with First-ever Night Relay Marathon Race

Malaysia, 31 March 2016 - Kuala Lumpur city is set to play host to a unique, first-of-its-kind night relay marathon race—made possible by title sponsor ASICS, the true sport performance brand and event organiser Spectrum Worldwide.

The inaugural ASICS City Relay Kuala Lumpur 2016 will be held on 28 May 2016 after sun-down in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city. To be flagged off at the historical Dataran Merdeka, the thrilling night race will take runners through a scenic 42.195 km route through the city surrounds. Running has increasingly become a lifestyle activity of choice among Malaysians. With the local running calendar heavily packed with events, Malaysian runners are indeed spoilt for choice. However, ASICS City Relay 2016 is set to be the game changer in local races.

Touted as the first-ever night marathon in relay format in Malaysia, the inaugural ASICS City Relay Kuala Lumpur 2016 allows Malaysian from all walks of life to race across some of Kuala Lumpur‘s oldest and iconic landmarks around Dataran Merdeka and experience the nocturnal pulse of the capital. Runners are expected to pass the stately Sultan Abdul Samad Building, marvel at impressive architectural monuments including Parliament House, National Mosque and Islamic Arts Museum; and then through beautiful canopy tree-lined roads past Kuala Lumpur’s Butterfly Sanctuary and Perdana Botanical Gardens enclave.

Open to professionals and amateurs from all-men, all-women to mixed-gender categories, the night race is a community engagement effort by ASICS to promote healthy and active lifestyles. The sporting event aims to foster camaraderie amongst Malaysian runners from diverse backgrounds. The ASICS City Relay Kuala Lumpur 2016 offers a refreshing new concept which requires a team of 4 runners, each to complete one quarter of the race distance before passing the baton to his/her team mate in a relay to complete the full race. The night race offers two categories – full marathon with each team member running 10.5km (4×10.5km) while team members of the half marathon category will run 5.25km (4×5.25km), thus ensuring that the race appeals to serious and social runners alike.

All relay changeovers will take place at Dataran Merdeka, with a specially constructed ―race village‖ zone overlooking the focal point. While their teammates are completing their individual run, participants can prepare or warm down within the designated athlete zone. Participants and spectators will also be entertained by live DJ music and roving performers while keeping track of their team‘s race progress via ―live tracking‖ results on giant LED screens.

"We are proud to bring ASICS City Relay to one of South East Asia‘s most vibrant cities. Kuala Lumpur offers an eclectic contrast of modernity and tradition. We are set for a thrilling night race which is quite different to any other existing event on the local race calendar," said Chris Robb, CEO of Spectrum Worldwide, event owner and organiser for ACR KL 2016.

"This event will also showcase Malaysia as a destination of choice for international sports events and sports tourism."

To ensure the best running experience for all, participant numbers for the inaugural ASICS City Relay will be capped at 625 teams - a total of 2,500 runners. A total of 100 early bird team slots will initially be made available at RM320 for Marathon and RM280 for Half Marathon—on a first come first serve basis; while 490 normal team slots will be available at RM360 (Marathon) and RM320 (Half Marathon).

Online registration for ASICS City Relay Kuala Lumpur 2016 will open at 2pm on 5 April 2016 at A special discount will be given to a limited number of registrants that collect the promo code at any one of the three ASICS stores - ASICS 1Utama [Lot S302, Level 2], ASICS Sunway Pyramid [Lot F1.51, Level F1] and ASICS Pavilion[Lot 5.01.08, Level 5] from 2 April 2016 whereby each team could save up to RM80 on entry fee.

"We want to engage communities to lead healthier lifestyles and also contribute to the growth of Malaysia's sports tourism industry," said Yogesh Gandhi, Managing Director for ASICS Asia PTE.LTD. "Through the night race, we also hope to push the limits in every runner and nurture their desire to "Want It More". We are truly excited to be working alongside Spectrum Worldwide to deliver such a ground-breaking event in Kuala Lumpur and we look forward to seeing runners come out in full force at Dataran Merdeka come 28 May 2016".

The inaugural ASICS City Relay event took place in Singapore on 1 August 2015. For 2016, ASICS and Spectrum Worldwide are rolling the event regionally with three events to be held in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

For updates on event information, please visit:
Instagram: @cityrelay