Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Great Animal Races

Duck! Posted by Hello Wow...First, there is Chicken Run, then we will have the Fox Run, then the Rat Race and now, we have the Duck Race. More and more furry and feathery animals are making names for the race events. What’s next? Kerengga Climb? Burung Punai Race? Harimau Kumbang Run? Kuda Belang Kote Besar kayuh-thon? Heheh! In this duck race, there is no running or walking involved. Just floating. However, Yuan Yu Fang will not be seen floating in this race (wink!) as all the floating will be done by the ducks. Not the real ones but rubber ducks. All 100,000 of them. I wonder if they are made of the famous Malaysian rubber? The fourth Kuala Lumpur Charity Duck Race aims to raise at least RM1 million for charity race set on Sept 4. Participants can adopt a plastic duck for RM18 each and they will get a randomly selected number for a yellow or red duck. The ducks will be released into the Gombak River at Jalan Putra and the first to reach the Masjid Jamek two kilometres down river will enable the adoptee to take home the first prize. The race is expected to last 45 minutes, depending on weather conditions The first yellow duck to reach the final point will win its adoptee RM10,000. If the duck that crosses the line first happens to be red, the RM10,000 prize will be added to the original prize. Wah! That’s a lot of CDs I can buy with that cash…. Prizes will also be given out to the first 50 ducks that successfully completes the race. Majlis Kanser Nasional has joined the beneficiary list along with Kiwanis Down’s Syndrome this year. Adoption certificates are available at all Watsons outlets, Kiwanis centres or at scheduled road shows nationwide as listed on

Terry Fox Run in Singapore

Terry Fox 25th Anniversary Posted by Hello Latest news from our neighbouring country, the very FINE Singapore. Terry Fox Run will be held on Sunday, 18 September 2005 to continue fund raising for cancer research in Singapore. Where? Sentosa Island, the Merlion breeding ground. What time? 8 am on a Sunday morning. Start point: Rocket Point (Next to the Palawan Beach). End Point: Palawan Beach. How long? 2 routes - the 7.5km and 4km fun run. How to enter? S$25 donation per adult and S$15 donation per child aged 12 years and below. These donation amounts include entry into Sentosa and complimentary bus transfers from Harbour Front Bus Interchange - Sentosa Bus Bay. Any goodies? All participants will also receive a collectible 2005 Terry Fox Run tee-shirt and a wrist band whilst stocks last. Will I head down to Sentosa for this marvelous event? Very unlikely as it clashes with The 3rd Malaysian 24 Hours Walk in Genting Highland 18-19 September. I am hoping that the KL Terry Fox Run will not clash with any other running event. (Insert prayer here) I am a fan/ supporter for Terry Fox Run KL since the past 4 years in Kuala Lumpur. I tried to write to Jeannie Chew, the previous year organizer for KL, (I used to write to her every year for Terry Fox info) but my email was bounced back. I supposed Jeannie no longer work with Four Seasons. Very well, then, I supposed I would have to wait for the press release for KL Terry Fox Run then. Click the link below for more info. Singapore Terry Fox Run 2005

Monday, June 27, 2005

Countdown for the Yummiest Run of All

Ipoh Int.Run 2005 Posted by Hello Ipoh International Run is just a few days away. Honestly, I am looking forward for the food more than I am to hit the tarmac as I have not been training these few weeks. I will be taking my own sweet time to finish the run and enjoy the sceneries (read: people's behinds...that's the fate of slow runner like me heheh! ). Medal is a bonus if I get it. If not, don't cry for me Argentina.....Hahah! I had fun reading back my last year's blog on Ipoh. Sure bring back memories and the saliva.....(Insert more saliva drips here) My Last Year's Ipoh Run Blog For food lovers like me, click this link below. I am salivating like a Pavlov dog just by reading about what delicious food Ipoh has to offer. You might spot me at the eateries listed here. Heheh! Wikitravel - Ipoh

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hat Yai Nature Run Posted by Hello I have written to the organiser asking about the safety in Hatyai. Here's the reply. I have yet to decide whether to go or not. I have been to Hatyai 2 years ago for a short holiday with my college friends. I do miss the authentic Thai food and Thai massages (no hanky panky, please heheh!). Dear Mr. Sincerely, I can say that Hat Yai is a safe place to visit. Hat Yai may be an area of the south but every thing is quite normal. Please come to join us. We do concern what you have mentioned but our working staffs for the nature are really sure that Hat Yai is a safe city to enjoy your visiting. We do have measures to take care for your safety during the Nature Run. Regards, Prawat ---------------------- I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I am quite interested in joining the nature run. However, my friends advise me not to go due bombing incidents in Southern Thailand. Is Hatyai a safe place? Regards, Click Here for More Info on Hatyai Nature Run.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Rainbow, Torch and Harmony

Torch for Harmony Posted by Hello World Harmony Run was held for the very first time in Singapore at MacRitchie Reservoir, Time: 7:30am; Date: 18 June 2005 (Saturday); Distance. Guest of Honour – Ms Eunice Olsen (Nominated Member of Parliament and former Miss Singapore). It was 5:30am. I was awakened by the rumbling thunder, not my mobile phone alarm. It was one of the “aw shucks” days. I peeped through the window. Confirmed! It was drizzling. Why the weather was not cooperative?! I came all the way from KL for this? Anyway, I slid myself out of bed, picked myself up from the floor and reaffirmed myself that I would be running for world harmony. I had run in the rain before, so what’s a little drizzle gonna do to stop me? In the drizzle, I hailed a cab on front of my hotel after having a light breakfast of a Bread Talk rooster bun and a cup of Campbell Instant Chicken Soup. “Wah! Raining also go jogging, ah?” The taxi driver seemed a bit surprised to see me in my running gears. I smiled and told him that there would be a World Harmony Run at MacRitchie Reservoir. I prayed for the rain to stop. In 10 minutes, I reached MacRitchie Carpark B. The taxi ride cost SGD 7. The rain seemed to subside but the sky was still dark. It was about 6:45am. I waited while listening to my iPod. The organizer was busy setting up the stage and registration counter. I was given a sticker after registration. The runner’s turn out was small compared to the Singapore Marathon. It was the rain perhaps. While waiting for the run to start, I spotted The Lonely Runner (TLR) near the stage. I went to introduce myself, as I am a fan of his blog. His blog was featured in Singapore national paper, The Strait Times before. Later, TLR introduced me to other fellow Singaporean bloggers – Penguin, CT and Kevin. It was nice meeting them. (Insert smile here). We waited patiently for the VIP to show up for the torch lighting ceremony and speeches. Miss Eunice Olsen arrived with her family about 7:30am. Sweet and gracious, she addressed the runners in a speech. The torch was lighted and passed to the runners, signifying humanity's burning aspiration for world harmony. (Insert clasped hands and closed eyes here)
Rainbow for Harmony Posted by Hello After registration myself at the counter, I saw a HUGE rainbow, stretching across the sky. Wow! Breathtaking. Honestly, that was the most perfect rainbow I have ever seen in my life. It could not even fit into my camera viewfinder. My “aw shucks” morning was turned into “awe-struck”. The drizzle was a blessing in disguise. The rainbow was like a gift from the sky for the World Harmony Run as it signifies harmony – seven colours existing beautifully in a bow. Heheh..corny but true, eh?
Harmony in Motion Posted by Hello We were set off about 7:45 am. The torch was not brought along during the run at the park, for safety reason. We would want the forest reserve to be set of fire, wouldn’t we? Off I went slow and steady, enjoying my morning run. As it rained early in the morning, the trail was soft, wet and muddy. I slowed down my pace not to splash mud on my new Adidas shoes. The starting trail was like our FRIM trail in Kepong. Very foresty. I spotted a few monkeys and some birds. What a nice change from a concrete jungle as Singapore is well known of! The reservoir was a nice place to run. Seen many topless guys running along the trail. Not a norm in Malaysia. I wonder if the girls run topless here too. Heheh! I was given a bottle of water and a certificate of appreciation at the end of the run. Most of the runners were already dispersed. I rested for a while at the park and say bye bye to CT and Kevin before taking a cab back to the hotel. Actually the run was divided into two sections, the 4.8 km run, which I participated. At the close of the event, another elite group of runners (The Lonely Runner was one of the chosen ones!), took over the torch to begin running a road course of 30km. Along the way, they visited various religious, sports, social and cultural communities. The runners were designated to stop at these places to share a moment of inspiration with these communities. Prayers and greetings for world harmony would be offered by its leaders. I was told that supporters and participating communities include the Minister of State and Education, Mr Chan Soo Sen and the Joo chiat Community Club, Kong Meng San Buddhist Temple, the Salvation Army, Ceylon Sports Club, U2CAN boxing Club, Civic ambulance service, the Thomson riders, Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, Civil Service Club, Central Sikh Temple, Darul Aman Mosque, and Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple. The final destination would be the Merlion Park, a famous tourist landmark where a half-lion, half-fish statue symbolizing the lion city of Singapore is located. There, the runners would celebrate the completion of a special journey dedicated to world harmony. “May each and every individual each day have a new dream of world harmony – Sri Chinmoy”. Insider news: WHR might be coming to Malaysia end of the year. Nothing is firmed yet at the moment but if there is anything on this run, you will be hearing from here first.
Monkey Business Posted by Hello I saw bunch of monkeys during the run. Such fun loving creature they are…Heheh!
Fantastic Movie Ads Posted by Hello After the run, I went to Sentosa Island. I was a bit disappointed as the cable car was down for maintenance. I went anyway as I have already bought the admission tickets from MATTA Fair last March. I don’t quite like Sentosa. To me it is just a big tourist trap. The beach seemed artificial. Mad queues everywhere. Overpriced goods. At the end of the day, I can’t wait to get out of there to go shopping at Orchard. I shopped like crazy at Gramophone for DVDs. I bought the complete set of Lord of The Rings Trilogy (Extended Version) box set, Constantine DVD 2 disc edition with Hell Blazer comic, some VCDs and CDs at 15% discount. Watched 4 movies in one weekend – Batman Begins, Mr & Mrs Smith, Monster in Law and Ghost Train. I love the movie advertising war in Singapore. Seen in above pictures are 4 Fantastic Four statues at the cross road in front of HMV. They had a huge Batman standee near Shaw and War of the Worlds near Citibank building. All of the above made this Singapore trip great despite the cancellation of Kylie Concert. I went through customs without a hassle. I was so afraid that they would tax me again on my DVDs. I can’t wait to return in December for the Standard Chartered International Marathon. (Insert big smile here).

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Donate Blood, Save Lives

Needle & Blood Posted by Hello I donated blood today. It is one of the annual stuff that I do like visiting my Soi Kou (my youngest aunt) during CNY and pay for my income tax. Why? Because moble blood bank comes once a year only to my company during our Health & Safety Week. Heheh...I'm too lazy to go over to the blood bank which is located at the other side of the city. If they want my blood, they have to come for me. Heheh!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Run for Harmony

Me For World Harmony Posted by Hello This Friday, I supposed to watch Kylie gyrating her famous bum in her Showgirl Tour in Singapore. However, now she is stricken with breast cancer and had to cancel. But the trip must go on as I have already bought the train tickets and booked the hotel. Anyway, The Great Singapore Sales is on. So, it will still be a worthy trip. I get to know about World Harmony Run in Singapore from Lonely Runner’s blog and decided to sign up for it. It is free and for a good cause. World peace is everybody’s dream, right? So, I wrote to the organizer and I am impressed with the speed of their response and willingness to help. I can’t wait for this Saturday’s run. Dear Organiser, Could you provide me the more information/ brochure on the run? 1) How do I get to the start point from Orchard road? 2) What is the itinerary/ schedule? 3) Is T- SHirt provided? Regards, Dear Mr, Thank you for taking interests in the coming run. To answer your questions: 1. From Orchard there are buses that go near to the park but you still need to change buses at Thomson road. Bus 162 and 132 from Scotts Road. Alternatively, just hop into a taxi. 2. Meeting / starting point is Car park B of MacRitchie Reservoir 3. Distance is 4.8 km. This is a very popular route and there are marshals along the way so not to worry. 4.We will give you a WHR sticker to identify you as one of the participants so the marshals will know. 5. As this is a free event, we will only give out a certificate of appreciation Only those taking part in the 30km will be wearing a singlet. For more information pls go to choose the singapore folder and you will see more info there. see you then, whr team member Dear Organiser, Thank you for your quick response. I have a few more questions that I hope you don't mind. 1) Will drinking water be provided? 2) What time should the participants be at start point? Is 7:00am fine? 3) Is there a place to deposit bags? Regards, Dear Mr, to your questions: 1. Yes, drinking water is provided for 300 participants. 2. Opening ceremony is 7.20am and the run should begin by 7:45am 3. You can deposit with us at the baggage counter. We will keep your belongings until 9:30am after that we will bring any uncollected belongings to Ang Mo Kio South Police Centre at AMK ave 3(direct bus from MR : Bus 74) 4. Hv you register your name at cheers, whr organising committee.


Raya mood Posted by Hello Konsert Fenomena bersama Siti Nurhaliza & Dayang Nurfaizah was recorded in front of a live audience at Auditorium Perdana, Angkasapuri on 14 June 2005 as a series of programs lined up for Hari Raya in November. Christopher Robin who supposed to bring my ticket was late. I waited at the entrance for him while other rushed into the auditorium to fill up the space. The crowd was pushing and shoving at the entrance to the Auditorium. The security was shouting. The crowd was squealing being squashed. Temper was flaring and the patience was evaporating. More push. More shove. Apparently the people in RTM have never learnt after so many shows that never to give more passes than the hall can accommodate and shouting rudely to the people who come to the show is not going to solve any problem. Anyway, I managed to secure a “seat” on the stair. All seats were filled up. Some even had to stand behind the auditorium. This was expected, as Siti is has a huge fan base. I had seen her 3 previous performances in RTM and the hall was filled to the max.
Lord of The Dance? (Not!) Posted by Hello I am too lazy to give a song-to-song rundown of the show. You gotta watch it yourselves during Hari Raya, okay? Basically, the format was the same as Misha & Jac’s show two weeks ago - Raya songs, solo hits performances (with tacky dances thrown in) and big ballads duets. It is worth mentioning that their collaboration in Sudirman’s ballad - Nilai Cinta left fans squealing for more.
That lamp looks like my Ikea lamp Posted by Hello Siti seen here sitting on a luxurious chair singing Bukan Cinta Biasa. Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?

All That Glitter Posted by Hello

Songbirds Posted by Hello

Purple & Pink Posted by Hello
Don't Go... Posted by Hello During a promo shoot in between the show, Siti and Dayang were asked to stand in front of the audience. I was close enough to shake Siti’s hand when she walked towards the specific spot for the shoot which turned out to be right in front of me. After announcing the show, Siti and Dayang turned around and do more of handshakes (salam-bersalaman..a tradition for Hari Raya) with the fans. And of course I extend my hand again towards Siti again. She smiled and took my hand. I gently grasped her smooth hand, shake it and smiled back. (Insert warm and fuzzy feeling here!). I totally forgot about Dayang who was busy shaking hands with a bunch of hormonally charged teenage boys. (Sorry Dayang!) Siti & Dayang were all sweet sugar and nice spice. The show ended about 12:00am, an hour more compared to Misha & Jac show two weeks ago, as there were two takes for each songs due to technical glitches or otherwise. So, we get double doses of each song. More importantly, I get to shake Siti’s hands twice. What a way to end the night.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Why does the chicken cross the street?

Chicken Run Posted by Hello Why does the chicken cross the street? To go for the Roaster Chicken Run. (Insert laughter here!) Cock-a-doodle-doo... When? 3 July 2005, Sunday Where? Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort, KL What time? 5.30am (Wow...pretty early, eh? The early cock gets the chicks...heheh) How much? RM20. Entry fees collected will be channeled to Tabung Kebajikan Pesakit Hospital, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM). It’s for a good cause. Don’t chicken out! What is it in for me? Prizes : There will be a 1, 2 and 3rd prize, with 10 consolation prize. Prize ranges Samsung mobile phones, club membership, holiday packages to Tioman and more. (Insert drools here) What do I have to do? Participants will be running with a dish containing a boiled egg in a 3km route (why not 2 eggs?). How fast you can run is up to you, but the race must be completed with the egg intact or you'll be disqualified. Easy peasy, right? Need more info: Click here.

None Left for Tears

He Zhiwu, Cop 223: We're all unlucky in love sometimes. When I am, I go jogging. The body loses water when you jog, so you have none left for tears. Quote from HK movie Chungking Express (Director: Wong Kai Wai)

Monday, June 06, 2005

A Weekend in Melaka

Colours of Melaka Posted by Hello School holiday is here again. My company’s sport club had organized an over night tour to Melaka, our Historical City. Melaka is just two hours drive away from Kuala Lumpur. I was “volunteered” to lead one of the two buses for a weekend trip to Malacca. So, no running this weekend, but a lot of walking. We visited the usual tourist attractions like A Famosa, St. Paul Hill, The Stadhuys, The Butterfly Farm, Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall and Jonker Street. We stayed at a very cosy hotel called the Baba House at Jalan Tan Cheng Lock, conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the tourist’s spots.
Fly, fly, Butterfly... Posted by Hello I was quite impressed with the Butterfly Farm, very beautifully landscaped with lots of greeneries, a koi pond and cascading waterfall. The butterflies were plenty, seen floating around from flower to flower.
Petting Zoo? (NOT!) Posted by Hello Apart from butterflies, there were other animals on display – monkeys, birds, an albino peacock, alligators, tortoise, porpoise and snakes. I was bitten playfully by a baby monkey while trying to hold him for a photograph. He is seen here wearing a diaper (top left picture). Heheh..I was not injured. He only left some teeth mark on my hand, as if I was bitten by a baby.
Dark Waters Posted by Hello The highlight of the tour was Melaka River Cruise. Sadly, I was not impressed by the cruise. The river was smelly, murky and full of rubbish. Nothing much to see. Just other peoples’ filthy backyards. We even saw a man peeing into the river. Shock! He quickly hid behind some zinc wall when he saw us cruising by, if not you would have seen his action featured here. Hahah!
Land of The Biawak Posted by Hello The cruise should be dubbed Biawak (Monitor Lizards) Cruise instead of Old Melaka River Cruise. We had seen a few sunbathing at the bank of the river and one or two having a cool dip in the river. I advise you not to take the river tour unless you are a hardcore fan of those scaly four legged reptiles. (Insert shudders here. Yucks!)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Battle of Divas: Misha VS Jac

Hari Raya in May and then some Posted by Hello Konsert Fenomena bersama Misha Omar & Jaclyn Victor was recorded in front of a live audience at Auditorium Besar RTM, Angkasapuri. This is one if the many programs lined up for Hari Raya celebration in November. Date: 31 May 2005. Time: 9:00am. Dress code: Smart. I know, I know. This supposed to be a running blog and you probably wonder why on the timing chip mat are Misha and Jac doing here? Well, with slight modification of Leslie Gore’s ditty, here’s my comeback to you – It’s my blog and I write what I want to, write if I want to…. Anyway, the question is not about what I write in my blog, it is why you read it…hehehe. Just kidding. As running, live concert is one of my passions, especially free of charge ones. When I heard from my producer friend that Misha & Jac (First Malaysian Idol), I quickly reserved a couple of tickets for the show. The tickets were given free to RTM viewers. I went with my ex-colleague, Tan. We arrived at the Auditorium Besar at about 8:10pm. The hall was started to swell with people. We managed to get out seats, three row from the stage, with slight blockage from one of the camera. No problem. At least we don’t have to sit on the stair. I was surprised to see the strange decoration on the stage – greetings card, an old bicycle and kerosene lamps (pelita). The show started about 9:10pm. 10 minutes late due to some “technical glitches”. It was announced that the show was being recorded for Hari Raya in November. That explained the strange set. Misha and Jac appeared in their traditional garbs with a bunch of kids and a few dancers. Sang a couple of Hari Raya songs. Jac forgot her lyrics in one of the songs and it had to be rerecorded. (Insert Yawn here). I sneaked in my camera even though taking pictures during the show was banned and had secretly taken these pictures. You see it first here. The rest of the world will have to wait for another 4 months. Misha appeared again, this time, solo to render a few of her hits. She started off with her power ballads – Bunga-bunga Cinta (my absolute favourite). Never tired of listening to this one. The crowd adored her! She followed suit with another power ballad – Pulangkan. We were given glow sticks by the prop handler of the show and asked to gently wave it left and right during the song. We did it obediently like a bunch of kindergarten kids. If you see a dorky guy waving frantically his glow stick like a mini light saber in the audience, that was me. Misha ended her solo set with a medley of a Malay song that sounded suspiciously like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and a cover of Jamelia’s Superstar. She should so loose those horrid dancers. Jac appeared. While waiting for the prop to be set up, she playfully sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars,” referring to the cardboard cut out star décors that were found hanging above the stage. The prop master was handling out cardboard hearts. We were asked to hold out her posters when she sang. Jac moved to the audience and went on to render a sickly sweet rendition of Nat king Cole’s classic – When I Fall In Love. I hate this version. But I guess the crowd loved it, judging from the thundering applause. What was Jac’s second song? What else if not Gemilang, her winning song? It came complete with tacky star mobiles above the stage. Was her rendition good? Sad to say, it came pale compared to her lung-bursting vocals in her Malaysian Idol Final last year. To be fair, she still shines as one of Malaysian “super” singers. What was her medley? Hmm..the show was getting so predictable now, eh? Alicia Key’s If I Ain’t Got You and Di Pohon Cemara (one of the forgettable songs from her album).