Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thailand Authority of Tourism's Official List of Marathons Throughout Thailand 2014

Thailand has always been our personal place to run. The friendly runners, scenic route, exotic culture and the awesome hospitality always make us wanna return to The Land of Thousand Smiles. We salute The Thailand Tourism of Thailand (TAT) for taking a step forward to promote running and compiled a list of the 5 most outstanding running events that you should mark on your 2014 calendar!

We got the official " Marathons Throughout Thailand 2014" booklet, complete with a DVD at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore early this month. Yup! They even gave us the official mascot key chain. Cute, eh?

Sharing is caring. So, here you go! :)

11th Khon Kaen International Marathon
When? 26 January 2014
Where? Khon Kaen Province
Info? http://www.khonkaenmarathon.com/en/

9th Laguna Phuket International Marathon
When? 8 June 2014
Where? Laguna Grove, Laguna Phuket
Info? http://phuketmarathon.com/

23rd King's Cup Pattaya Marathon 2014
When? 20 July 2014
Where? Pattaya, Chonburi Province
Info? http://www.pattaya-marathon.net/

17th Amari Watergate & BMW Thailand Charity Midnight Run 2014
When? 18 October 2014
Where? Amari Watergate, Bangkok
Info? http://www.amari.com/watergate/charity-midnight-run.aspx

27th Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon
When? 16 November 2014
Where? Royal Grand Palace, Bangkok
Info? http://www.bkkmarathon.com/

There are plenty of smaller scale running events in Thailand every weekend. Do google them.

Check out the video below. It will give you a little taste of what Thailand can offer you as a runner!

For complete list of Marathons in Malaysia, please click HERE.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blog With Brooks: Part 1 – Signature Stride

Is there a correct way to run?

Time and time again, we are being bombarded with this question especially from those who are new to running. There are many way to run depending on how your foot strikes the ground during running. There are the heel-strikers, mid-foot striker and fore-foot-strikers. We were told that heel strikers are bad for the knees and running barefoot does wonder for you.

The market is also being flooded with shoes that claim, their very shoes have that it takes to give the wearer the “correct” form of running for the ultimate performance.

So, is there a correct way to run?

We actually do not have the answer until right about now. (Insert choir and harps sound effect here. Heheh!)

The secret was unlock in a study by Iain Hunter, a biomechanist at BrighamYoungUniversity, who placed a high speed camera at the side of the track at the legendary Hayward Field, at the University of Oregon during the 10K finals of the USA Olympic Trials in 2012.

32 of the best distance runners in USA and only two would make it to London. So, if there is a perfect running form, sure most of the runners, if not all, would display one best foot strike.

But prepare for the paradigm shift. It wasn’t heel strike. It wasn’t fore-foot strike or mid-foot strike either. There was simply no pattern.

Each runner has their own way of running, i.e signature stride!

And when the scientists looked at the running form as a whole, they found out that there are differences at the ankle joint, knee joint and hip joint! Basically, every runner is unique but all of them have what it takes to be the best runner in the field.

Everyone is born with his or her own stride. When we run – the bones, joints and soft tissue will align to work together as one to suit our very own style of running. The body will do what comes naturally. What it feels comfortable. The body will find a way to achieve the motion path of least resistance.

Well...having found that we all have our own ways of running i.e our signature strides and not part of some theoretical “right” or “wrong” form, the next question would be, is there one shoe that fit us all?

We will move closer to the answer in the next blog post. Heheh! Until then, do enjoy the below teaser of a new paradigm on the running shoes.

Friday, December 27, 2013

KL Tower International Towerthon 2014 is Now Open for Registration!

What? KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge 2014

When? 18 May 2014, Sunday, 5:00am

Where? Menara Kuala Lumpur/ KL Tower

Who? Organised by Menara Kuala Lumpur

How? Manual Registration is Open at KL Tower. Online registration HERE. :)

Registration fees. The earlier, you sign up, the more you save.

Check out the prizes....(Insert "kaching" sound effect here)

Runwitme says: Be prepared to wake your legs up for the 2058 steps of the 421 meters tall tower! It's gonna be epic!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

1Kuala Lumpur Heritage Xplorace 2014

What? 1Kuala Lumpur Heritage Xplorace 2014

When? 22 February 2014 (Saturday)

Where? KL Tower

How much? RM 80 per team (2 pax per team!

Registration is now OPEN. Click HERE to Download form

Need more info? Click HERE.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Exclusive: Message & Season's Greetings From Marathon Woman, Kathrine Switzer

Marathon Woman, Kathrine Switzer has a festive gift idea for you, loyal readers of this blog. Find out in the video.

Merry Christmas! :)

Run For Life 3.0 2014 @ Kolej Kedua UPM

What? Run For Life 3.0

When? 9 March 2014 (Sunday) 6:00am

Where? Kolej Kedua UPM

Who? Organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

Why? To raise fund for Rumah Kebajikan Nur Syaheera, Cheras.

How far? 10km (Men) & 8km (Women)

How much? RM30 (goodies, t-shirt, breakfast, certificate and donation to benificiary)

How to register? Register online at http://k2upmrunforlife.wordpress.com/

Thirsty Runner 2014 – We Run For Water Fun Run

What? Thirsty Runner 2014 – We Run For Water Fun Run

When? 22 March 2014 (Saturday) 7:30am flag off.

Where? Dataran Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Who? Water and Energy Consumer Association (WECAM)

Why? The event is an effort to increase awareness and also to educate the general public to realize the importance of water sustainability. This effort is backed by its aim to ensure the sustainable development of our country and realization of all human rights through the access to water in conjunction with the World Water Day 2014.

How far? 7km & 3km

How much? RM35 (7km) & RM25 (3km); Early bird discount RM5 off before Jan 20.

How to Register? Register online HERE.

Runwitme Says: While the event - T-Shirt looks ordinary, the finisher "medal" is no doubt unique - in the shape of a pail! Definitely a collector's item! You loike?

Note from organiser: For your information, the finisher medal is 2 inches tall and you can hang it around your neck like a medal and it will be distributed only to 7km finishers after the run.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Exclusive: Behind The Scene of Trailz N Tracks Magazine DVD Shoot featuring Shaharudin Hashim

With recent running boom that is sweeping the country by storm, it is about time that Malaysia has its very own running magazine. Well, good news runners, a local English magazine about running, Trailz N Tracks (T&T) will be making a debut next year.

We have exclusive peek into the shooting of the DVD that will accompany the inaugural issue of Trailz N Tracks magazine. The particular DVD will feature tips from our national marathon champion, Shaharudin Hashim shot at Desa Park City.

Q: Who should subscribe to Trailz n Tracks Magazine?

A: We recommend that all who love long distance running and anything to do with the sport to subscribe to the magazine as we provide information such as trainer tips, runners experience, professional advice from nutritionist, coaches and physiotherapist. We also include upcoming events and tips from race organisers about the event routes, challenges and how to prepare for the event.

Readers will also be able to get information on the best equipment for their event; from apparels to shoes and other gadgets to help them improve their stamina, pace and strength. Basically, Trailz n Tracks is packed with information by runners for runners.

Q: How is Trailz n Tracks Magazine different from the other publication in the market?

A: Trailz n Tracks is different from other publications as we provide a free guided training DVD for all our readers. Readers who purchase or subscribe to the magazine will also be eligible to attend our exclusive clinics held throughout the year.

Q: What is the selling price of T&T Magazine in Malaysia?

A : Trailz & Tracks Magazine is priced at RM 18 for Malaysia and regional countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. However, additional charges will apply for delivery to the above said countries.

Q: Is there any special offer for readers who want to subscribe to T&T Magazine?

A: We are currently offering a special 1 year subscription rate until 15th January at RM192. That is a total savings of RM24 from the normal price of RM216. Free delivery to all states in Malaysia! Grab this special offer now!

Q: How can we subscribe to Trailz n Tracks Magazine?

A: Subscribe to Trailz n Tracks by emailing us payment details, email address, mailing address and phone number to trailzntracks@gmail.com. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE.

Payments can be made via deposit to OTG Communications CIMB account number: 12050001779109.
Those who prefer to do payment through money order could also mail them to our office address:
No 24-2, Jalan 1/76C, Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

You could also contact the admin at 012 341 3428 or 012 206 3429 if you need to talk to us personally

Q: Is T&T Magazine available in stores?

A: No. Currently Trailz n Tracks magazine is only available through online purchase. To know more, please visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/trailzntracks

For more photos from the shoot, please visit and LIKE http://facebook.com/celebrunner

Friday, December 20, 2013

Celebrunner: Amy Search @ Dr. Martens Pavilion Store Grand Opening

Phewittt! Check out who is our Celebrunner this time! He is none than the legendary rocker, Amy from one of Malaysia's greatest rock band, Search! Thank you Amy for being so obliging to pose for our blog!

We caught up with Amy during the grand opening of Dr. Martens’ second outlet in Malaysia in Pavilion Shopping Mall. Amy, being one of the most charismatic rockers in the region truly embodies the persona of Dr. Martens fashion and lifestyle.

Two generation bridged by music and Dr. Martens – Amy and Bunkface performed their hit colabo “Rentak Laguku” during the grand opening.

Looks like they are having lots of fun! The energy between them is electrifying!

Amy’s studded pair of Dr. Martens really makes an immediate fashion statement! Worn by celebrities, rebels and punks alike, Dr. Martens has established itself as an iconic footwear symbol of a diverse array of ideologies, and forms of expressions.

3..2..1...Cut! Dr. Martens officially opened its doors at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Located on the 5th floor with over 998sq feet dedicated to the iconic British footwear, the outlet is complete with this season’s collection, housing the exclusive ‘Made In England’ range, Refine, Re Invented and Rugged collections to name a few.

“Although we are a relatively new establishment in Malaysia, we are indeed honoured to open our second outlet after The Gardens Mall in Mid Valley. Malaysians are fast growing to fashion trends and influences from around the world and we are grateful to be a part of that growing trend,” said Robert Lim, Managing Director of Stream Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of Dr. Martens.

Check out their brand new kicks! From Left: Amy's wife, Amy, Noh Hujan and Mizz Nina.

Noh Hujan and BunkFace happy to get their pairs of Dr. Martens.

The second Dr. Martens retail store is now opened at:
Lot 5.53.00, Level 5
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours:
10:00am - 10:00pm

Click LIKE https://www.facebook.com/drmartens.my

Thursday, December 19, 2013

PEKA Save Our Rainforest Race 2014

What? Save Our Rainforest Race 2014

When? 29 March 2014 (Saturday) 7am

Where? Hutan Simpan Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur.

Why? A symbol to race against time, this 10km race is aimed to replant and create awareness on the importance of conserving our rainforest.

How much? Take part to support the cause and be part of a 2 person team race for just RM 80 per person. Fee includes breakfast, lunch, T-shirt, race kit and a tree for each team.

How to register? Register online at http://pekamalaysia.org/?page_id=526

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Press Release: Nike Unveils Nike Flyknit Air Max and Air Max 2014

Nike Air Max 2014 (Men's)

Next generation Nike Air Max running styles include the first ever Flyknit Air Max as well as a lighter, more flexible Air Max 2014.

Malaysia, December 10th 2013 – Both of the new Air Max styles offer runners a lighter, more flexible and ultra-cushioned ride and are highlighted by a two-color faded airbag. Nike designers leveraged runner’s insights combined with data from the Nike Sports Research Lab to increase flexibility and decrease weight in the outsole.

To further improve the design, the team incorporated unique flex grooves that encourage a smoother transition. Shaving even more weight, the designers took a cue from Nike’s heritage by using a redesigned Waffle outsole for better traction.

Nike Air Max 2014 (Women's)

For the first time, Nike has paired innovative Nike Flyknit technology with the ultra-cushioned ride of Air Max. Nike Flyknit allows designers to precision-engineer areas of support and breathability into a virtually seamless upper, delivering a superior, lightweight fit. The Flyknit Air Max also integrates Flywire technology for additional support throughout the upper.

For those runners who prefer a more traditional fit, the new Air Max 2014 features a lightweight, engineered mesh upper. Designers paired the engineered mesh with a lightweight foam and seamless overlay that conforms to the shape of the foot and provides additional structure and support.

Nike Flyknit Air Max (Men's)

The first of six inline colors of the Nike Air Max 2014 will be available at Nike retail stores from December onwards. While the Nike Flyknit Air Max will be available from January 2014. Nike Air Max 2014 and Nike Flyknit Air Max retail at RM 609 and RM859 respectively.

Nike Flyknit Air Max (Women's)

The Nike Flyknit Air Max and Air Max 2014 are the latest introductions to the legendary Air Max franchise. The original Nike Air Max 1 was the first shoe to feature visible air and revolutionized the athletic footwear industry, reshaping the design landscape for performance running footwear. In the years following, Air Max shoes have become the epitome of running performance and style.

PEKA's Race For A Greener World Has Begun

The long awaited race to plant a tree has returned. All they can say for now is that it will be the FIRST In-City Forest Run, here in Kuala Lumpur! Save the date: 29 March 2014 and watch this space for more information.

More info http://pekamalaysia.org/

Press Release: MPIB Run 2014 Began Counting Down to Race Day & Project “Good Deed Shoes 2014” Launched

“Oldest Runner from Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd donated his pair of used running shoes to Orang Asli community Representative, Mr. Arok Hanong”

Kuala Lumpur, 10 December 2013 - Mr. Ong Kok San at 65 is still running and is the oldest 12 km runner from Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd.

At the 30 Days Count-down to Race Day and “Launch of Project Good Deed Shoes 2014”, he said “it never fails to excite me to be running the next race and I give my 100% support to this Corporate Responsibility Project (CSR) “Project Good Deed Shoes 2014”. As a regular runner, I change my shoes often and I do have many pairs of used running shoes which are still good for daily wear so why not put them to good use?”

Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd, the Event Owner and Organizer of MPIB Run 2014 held a 30 Days Count-down to Race Day cocktail at the Royal Lake Club, Taman Tasek Perdana and in conjunction with the Event, launched the “Project Good Deed Shoes 2014”.

Members of the Media and sponsors were present to witness the Launch and joined the Count-down Event. The Count-Down Event was also an occasion for representatives from 3 Universities namely; Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Taylor’s University and Sunway University to receive their sponsored shoes and sports attire from Ms. Jayne Liew, Event Leader from Multi-Purpose Insurans Bhd and Mr. Thanasekaran of Stream Enterprise. Ms. Kan Boon Wai, Senior Vice President, Head of Bancassurance of Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad presented a debit card with RM100 worth of credit to 10 students from each University.

Mr. Ong Kok San speaking in his capacity as the oldest runner from Multi-Purpose Insurans took the opportunity to thank main sponsors; Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad and New Balance as well as co-sponsors; BP Healthcare Group, Gleneagles Hospital, Hwang Investment Management, KT Tape, Leong Adjustment Sdn. Bhd., Magnum, Mamee, Massimo, Nestle Fitnesse, Nestle Milo, Nestle Ice-cream, Penyelarasan Angkasa Sdn. Bhd., Pilatique, Revive Isotonic, Safeguards, Simply Juice, and TAGs

To find out more about the Project Good Deed Shoes 2014, please click HERE.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mizuno - Creating Waves In The Malaysia's Running Scene

Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company founded in Osaka, Japan back in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno. The Mizuno brand existed one century ago and we are constantly producing sporting products, footwear and attires for every single sports activity that you could imagine.
Mizuno brand building effort is reflected in Osaka Marathon, recognized as an International running event since its inception in 30th October 2011 that attracted more than 30,000 runners around the globe.

Running fever has begun to cultivate amongst Malaysians. World of Sports a sole distributor for Mizuno carried a wide range of performance gear consisting of footwear and attires catered towards active urban lifestyle, trendsetting by complementing the indoor and outdoors sporting activities. The very first Mizuno Wave Run was introduced since 2005 at Padang Merbok, attracted approximately 900 runners and from then on it become an annual event. After 8 years nourishing the brand, it grew to 4,500 runners presenting its brand new venue at Dataran Putrajaya, Precinct 3. During this event World of Sports introduced two new running categories which are 7KM for (amateur and beginners) and 16KM for (advanced and elite) runners according to Joachim Heng - Senior Marketing Communications Manager of World of Sports.

Mizuno performance gears are directly designed in Japan, supported with state-of-the-art Japanese R&D facilities, delivered to us with stringent product quality. Products performed on athletes for various sports activities such as running, soccer, futsal and many indoor sports.
Mizuno is a brand that develops sporting gears product from head to toe. When it comes to Mizuno running shoes, its legendary WAVE technology is adapted, embedded and delivering traction, comfort and stability to all runners and related sportsmen.

Wave Technology – A unique technology that combines the two key elements which make great running shoes; cushioning and stability. Mizuno has created a Wave to suit every type of runners.

• DOUBLE FAN-SHAPED WAVE – Wave technology that gives the highest levels of support combined with excellent cushioning found in related shoes models WAVE RIDER 17, WAVE HITOGAMI & WAVE SAYONARA

• INFINITY WAVE – The next level of Wave technology with a more visible and effective construction. The ultimate Wave features two parallel plates that sit together with soft cushioning pillars in-between to provide unrivalled cushioning and improved durability by absorbing and dispersing the impact at foot strike found in related shoes models WAVE PROPHECY 3 & WAVE CREATION 15

Mizuno introduces a new technology named U4ic. A unique midsole compound that is approximately 30 percent lighter then its predecessor Mizuno ap+ without any loss of comfort or performance.

Mizuno BIOGEAR TECHNOLOGY incorporates a variety of proprietary technologies designed to benefit individual running experience. BIOGEAR products are presented in various categories according to model type. The highest model is embedded with the most features starting from BG8000, BG5000, BG3000 and BG1000. Top-notched BG8000 for instant features Mizuno Powermesh that provides pelvis support to stabilize running posture, knee support to reduce vibration and misalignment of joints.

Dynamotion™ Fit patterning for better anatomical fit of garment, offering freedom of movement. BIOGEAR compression technology promotes better circulation, reduces muscle fatigue. Mizuno DryLite® Moisture management technology keeps the body dry. The concept of Mizuno compression gear is to provide muscles support during performance and comfort whilst gaining a faster recovery rate.

Running becomes essential sporting event to Malaysians who are constantly pressured with working life within the urban concrete jungle. Today, passionate Malaysians began to get active by joining marathons, races and at the some time raise funds for good cause. Within our country context, several major events have been organized by financial institution, multinational corporations, NGOs, media partners and sporting brands to promote running on small or large-scaled basis which have attracted runners locally and from aboard.

Low Wee Wern (professional squash player).

Well-known athlete recognized by Malaysian is Low Wee Wern, a professional squash player who represents Malaysia. She has now reached a career-high world ranking of World No. 6, in March 2013 and 2nd ranked in Malaysia. She uses Mizuno shoes for her training, competitions and tournaments.

Mohd Ziyad (Malaysia Paralympics)

Accredited organization such as the Malaysia Athletic Federation (MAF) endorses Mizuno as the sporting brand amongst their athletes’ parked under team sponsorship and developed household runners like Rayzam Shah (National 100m Hurdles), Mohd Ziyad (Malaysia Paralympics), personal achievement at Paralympics London Games, 2012 (Bronze Medal), World Championships at Lyon France 2013 (Gold Medal) and many more according to Glenny J Da Costa – Senior Sales Manager of World of Sports.

Rayzam Shah (National 100m Hurdles)

In general, running places stress on the body. The unique Mizuno Wave technology provides the right amount of cushioning and stability your body needs. Mizuno wave blends these elements, creating a smooth and easy running experience. Be sure to try it on to feel the differences.

Mizuno footwear and compression gears are now available at Mizuno Flagship Store and any World of Sports stores. For more info, please visit www.worldofsports.com.my and LIKE https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfSportsMalaysia