Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Amazing Malaysian Dancing Cops

As I was getting down from my bus in front of Sunway Pyramid, I heard load music was playing. Of course without delay, I took my camera out (never leave home without it) and went closer to see what was going on.

I was shocked to see a group of Polis Di Raja Malaysia in uniform dancing their butts off in unison to the band.

Wowow! It is not everyday that you get to see our law enforcers getting their grooves on like that....LOL!

Hmmmm....Our Malaysian Cops taking a break from chasing after Ah Longs, eradicating Mat Rempits and putting snatch thieves behind bars, to entertain us. (Insert eye rolling ceremony here!)

You just gotta see this....


Note: Soundtrack: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce. I took the liberty to jazz up the cops performance with a little sex appeal. Heheh!

The original song was a dated Thai Cha Cha number. I hope I wont get arrested for this....LOL!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Japan Super GT International Series Race Queens

What? Japan Super GT International Series 2009

Where? Sepang Circuit, Malaysia

When? 21 June 2009

Who? Race Queens (Japan best's import since instant noodles)

It was a hot and wet day at Sepang. First it was hot. Then it rained. Then the temperature rose again when the Race Queens came up on the stage. I really enjoyed my last Sunday outing! Thanks to MBA for the free tickets!

If you were to throw a stone at the Sepang Circuit that day, you would definately hit a DSLR camera! So many photogs around....

These belongs to my shooting gang, obviously Nikon fanboys....

More than meets the eyes?

The gorgeous Rose Chan.

Wanna go for a ride?

Ma ma ma Yokohama! :)

Who is cuter?

A wholesome threesome?

Contestants of Miss Malaysia - Universe 2009.


The Singha Beer lady. Purrrrs.....

The car...Heheh! One picture only. The race queens make better shooting subject. LOL!

I got to take photo with these two Eneos Race Queen. :) The sweet and beautiful, Yukie Morikawa and Megumi Furusawa.

Ishimatsu Queens: Tokyo’s Girls - Marie & Sanko. Looking pretty in pink!

The Field Bomex Ladies – Emi, Aika and Megumi. Boom! Boom! Wow! They bring sexybacks to the circuit! Check out the last see what I mean.

Another crowd's favourite - The Zent Sweeties (Mayu, Chika, Junko & Kaori)

Not sure what team are these but they sure look hot in black!

The GT Queens...Sweet, bubbly and sooooooo adorable.

Raybrig Race Queen – Mai, seen here giving away an autographed T-Shirt.

GMA Kondo Racing Team Queens – Kana, Chika, Yuko, Motoka. I could not help cracking up when I heard the name Motoka....Sound like Motorcar! Vrrrroooom! :)

Weds Sport Race Queen - Mika.

Sayonara! Bye Bye, The Field Bomex Ladies! Please come BACK next year!

And now the videos.....

Part 1

This video is compilation of clips taken around the mall area at Sepang, highlighting various leng luis from various booths and sponsors.

Soundtrack: Umbrella (Reggae Remix) – Rihanna. I was inspired by the umbrellas that the girls were carrying at the circuit.

Reloaded with Boom (Bimbo Jones Club Mix) by Anjulie.

Part 2

This one is exclusively of the world famous Japan-mali RaceQueens. Gorgeous gorgeous girls in super hot costumes! (Insert nosebleed here!)

Their English are limited but they are not here to impress you with their oral ability, aren’t they?


Click the link for my Picasa Photo Gallery. If you download anything, do say thank you in the comments. Your feedback is appreciated.

More hot photos from Japan Super GT International Series - Race Queens.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mr. Perak 2009

What? Mr. Perak Bodybuilding Competition

Where? Ipoh Parade, Perak

When? 20 June 2009

I was in Ipoh last weekend. Not for The Star Walk though but for Mr. Perak 2009 and some makan and photo shooting trip.

Arrived around 1 pm at Ipoh Parade, just in time to catch the competition.

The "Terminator" pose. :)

Let it rip! This was my second time shooting a body building event. So, I more or less understand the flow of the event and the various compulsory poses that the contestants had to show.

Competition categories: Novice, Junior (21 YO below), Master (45 YO and above), Bantam Weight (65kg below), Light Weight (65kg – 75kg), Middle Weight (75kg – 85kg) and Heavy Weight (85kg above).

The Champion of the Champions.

A final showdown by the 4 winners from the various Open categories, vying for Mr. Perak title.

A different angle for a different pose.

Salute, MR. PERAK - Faizal Hassan from TLDM.

I think the songs selection for freestyle posing were ridiculous. Obviously the DJ was not prepared and had no sense of music at all. The songs he played belong either to a "joget lambak" or a fun fair.

Malaysian Body Building deserves better MUSIC! And we do not need "Wind of Change" to be played like ten thousand times during the freestyle posing!

Among the hilarious song choices were "Cindai" by Siti Nurhaliza..(???) and a song by a now defunct Euro techno group, "Smile" - Butterfly, that goes..

Ai yai yai

I'm your little butterfly

Green, black, and blue, make the colours in the sky

I've been searching in the woods

And high upon the hills

Just to find, to find my samurai

Someone who won't regret

To keep me in his net

Yes, I need, I need my samurai....


Anyway, check out the video I made....with a thumping soundtrack. No more Wind of Change, Butterfly...or Cindai! LOL!

Managed to squeeze a 5 hours event into an 8 minute video. Check out the "Terminator" freestyle pose at the start! Very very creative! Too bad they do not have a prize for best poser.


Note: Soundtrack - A Mash up of The Power (SNAP!) vs The Final Countdown (Europe)

Click the link for my Picasa Photo Gallery. If you download anything, do say thank you in the comments. Your feedback is appreciated.

More photos from Mr. Perak Bodybuilding Competition.

Monday, June 15, 2009

College Model Angel 2009 (Top 40 Finalists)

What? College Model Angel 2009

Where? Sunway Pyramid, PJ

When? 14 June 2009

Who? Organised by INTI University College.

40 beauties from our very own Malaysia, some African countries, Mongolia, China, Myanmar and even Russia took part in this event! They are shortlisted from thousands of Malaysia's part-time or full-time students from any colleges or universities or any equivalent level of institutes.

Hot college girls in hot pants!

In da hood!

Three rounds in that day contest. First, they paraded in clothes sponsored by Kitschen.

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Foreign beauty....

Angels and Models.

The second round saw the girls showing off the latest netbook by Sony Viao in different poses.

Some very sensual...some very wooden...some are downright "hiao" Heheh!

I saw one contestant placed the Sony Viao on her behind while posing. She might have some fine piece of @$$ but it is considered very bad feng shui if you ask me! LOL!

No advertisers (except toilet seat makers) would want their products to be photographed that way! LOL! See video.

I saw more pouts than smiles in the competition....

I think they should smile more, showing off the sweet, bubbly, innocent "angelic" personalities than trying too hard to be sexually-charged maneaters!

Then again...what do I know? Heheh! Whatever it is, my camera love them.....


Soundtrack: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Maurice Joshua Club Mix)

If you wanna see more of the girls, click the link below.

Kan Cheong Road To SCKLM: Circuit Runs - The Complete Season

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon is less than two weeks away.

How is your preparation?

Last Saturday night saw the completion of a series of circuit training for KL Marathon organised by der Pacemakers Network. The last circuit run was held at Taman Bukit Jalil with collaboration with Bukit Jalil Running Club.

There was quite a scare during the first loop. According to Amelia, a tree fell about 5 meter away right in front of her path. Thank God no one was harmed and the training continued with a slight diversion to avoid the fallen tree.

Since I am not running the full marathon, I decided to volunteer as videographer to capture all the actions during the circuit runs. It was fun but challenging as two out of the three runs were held at night!

Here are the three complete videos of der Pacemaker Network Circuit Runs.


Mission: Impossible-inspired.

Michael Jackson's Thriller-inspired.


Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I enjoyed making them. Comments are welcome.


Note: No animals were harmed in the process of making these videos. :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Heroes And Villains March @ Movie Carnival

What? Heroes and Villains March (Movie Carnival)

Where? Sunway Pyramid, PJ

When? 7 June 2009

Who? Organised by Cinema Online

Heheh! Not your average walk event...The participants didn’t turn up with their sport wear but instead elaborate costumes of their favourite movie characters.

The walk event where everyone didn’t bother about speed. In fact they walked slowly and stop to pose for photographs.

The Heroes and Villains March was held in conjunction with the Movie Carnival at Sunway Pyramid.

You get The Joker...(from The Dark Knight). Fantastic make-up there! LOL!

The bunch from Hogwarts...and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Papa Darth and his Stormtroopers.

The Poison Ivy (played by the luscious Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin)

The Joker again...

Nemesis from Resident Evil. (Insert grunt sound effect here)

Princess Giselle from Enchanted....

Poison Ivy blowing kisses in the wind. And all the male species in the mall fainted....Kidding!

The finalists of the best Heroes and Villains Marcher.

Two Jack Sparrows shaking hands after a drunken walk face-off....for the Best Marcher.

This drunkard won....and took home a Samsung TV.

One for the group picture....

And now for the video. I followed the march from start to end. Sweated buckets for it but no water station in sight. Heheh! But the route was just around the Sunway Pyramid mall...

There were two annoying hosts of some Chinese show (I am not sure from what channel, but not the channel I would watch anyway). They tried to act all cutesy but got most of the movie characters all wrong....Can't even tell who is Jack Sparrow and who is Jack Black...Please do your research first before you on air...:P


What we like about the Heroes and Villains March.

1) The friendly people behind the masks and costumes. Ever so obliging to pose for photographs! Bravo! Thank you!

2) The beautiful and stunning costumes. I'm sure lots of time, money and effort have been spent. Thanks for putting up a brilliant show.

3) Poison Ivy. (Insert wolf whistle here! Heheh!)

What we would like to see more in the future:

1) Involvement of local filmmakers, directors and actors. Perhaps get local celebrities to dress in their favourite costumes...

2) Charity or community work. One thing that came to mind - perhaps organiser could get some corporate sponsors to dress up kids from the orphanages and make their superheroes (or villians) dreams come true.