Friday, October 30, 2009

Walkabrella for Cerebral Palsy

Hi Guys! Just posting this in support of this event organised by a bunch of students from KDU. The event will be a Walk-for-a-Cause, dubbed WALKABRELLA, the event will be a casual, non-competitive walk, spanning 6-km in the vicinity of Bandar Utama.

Date : 6th December 2009 (Sunday)

Time : 8:00am to 1:00pm

Venue : Central Park, Bandar Utama

Fee : RM10.00 / per participant

Freebies : Umbrellas & Goody Bags!

All funds raised goes to Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah (PPKKCTM)

The registration is quite simple. You just need to send your details to

In the spirit of 1Malaysia, the walk will be open to members of the public, regardless of their age, gender or creed. Our aim is to gather a minimum of 1500 walkers to participate in this event.


As the name WALKABRELLA suggests, this Walk-for-a-Cause entails walking with white-coloured umbrellas… opened!

So what is the significance of the white umbrella…

The umbrella is a much taken-for-granted object. It may be plain but definitely unpretending and most importantly useful!

This symbolically represents YOU! Your contribution, no matter how small it may be, is highly significant and much needed in our society today. You are capable of sheltering and protecting these children living with Cerebral Palsy from the inequalities of life.

Be it your money, voice or rice, let’s rise when we hear the cries!

The white-coloured umbrella symbolizes purity, innocence, reverence and humility.

This symbolically represents the children at PPKKCTM who are living with Cerebral Palsy and other disorders. What good is a white canvas to a talented artist who has no paint? is where you can find more info but it is still currently under construction so not all the info is there yet but no harm in checking it out anyway (:

Walkabrella also has a facebook fan page. Just search for walkabrella and it will be your top hit!

Your noble gesture will benefit these children’s future!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Medal: International Penang Bridge Run 2000

This is my very first finisher medal. I really had to really sweat it out for this one. One of the prettier and the BIGGEST medal in my collection. It measures 7.7cm in diameter. Marked the 15th Anniversary of the run.

I still remember the scorching sun on the bridge (yup the start time was late, around 6:00am), the excitement of crossing the finish line and receiving my first medal.

I am now in the process of photographing and documenting all the finisher medals I have accumulated over the 9 years of running. They are not a lot but each of them has a story to tell.

Do come back if you want to hear my medal stories.

Note: I will be doing half marathon event in the The Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009, hoping to add one more Penang medal to my collection. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amber Chia & Gavin Yap @ Quacky Run 2009

What? Elken Quacky Run 2009

Where? Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

When? 25 Oct 2009, 8am

How far? 4.5km

Why? In support of Passionately You - Know, Prevent and Cure Breast & Cervical Cancer.

I didn't see any familiar runner faces here. Most of my running friends were in Mizuno Run @ UPM, some to Singapore for Nike+ Human Race and also the Northface 100.

I am still pissed at the Beyonce concert "postponement" (word of the organiser but we all know that it is going to be cancelled). I spent a "fortune" on her ticket and decided to skip the Human Race in Singapore because budget and logistical constraints. Dammit!

But anyway, seeing Malaysia's own supermodel, Amber Chia at the Quacky Run sort of perk up the Sunday abit.

Actually, she arrived after the gun off. I bumped into her at the gantry. She looked stunning! I took the opportunity to take a photograph with her. :)

See, even the supermodel does the "peace" sign!

She told me that she was not going to run 4km but willing to pose as if she was running instead. So...I snapped away...

Run, Amber Run!

The first runner to arrive at the finishing line.

These are some random runner pics I took at the race.

The "pia-faced" picture of the day.

This is Gavin Yap (actor) about to get dunked.

Check out the tattoo...Kaki Theater?

Joan Kam Poh Poh Joanna Bessey. Joan Kam almost unrecognisable without her bawdy jokes and she has slimmed down quite abit.

Donation of any amout would entitled the donor three chances to dunk Gavin Yap.


Baby dunkin'.

Joan Kam cheated! Hahah! Her balls didn't hit the target but she had the last (evil) laugh anyway!

The Orange Guy with his baby daughther.

There was a car crash near in front of the run event. While I was busy at the dunkin' station, I heard a loud bang coming from the road, right in front of Jaya One.

Saw a MyVi kissed the backside of a Honda Civic. Some damages to the cars...but no casualty. Thank God!

The runners continued their way back to the finished line. I am not realy sure what happened there. There were traffic police officers at the junction before the accident happened. Perhaps the drivers should be more alert if they see a road race going on the road.

It was a lovely Sunday (not for the women drivers who just had an accident though!)

Looking forward for another charity run next week...THE TERRY FOX RUN 2009!

Now see the QUACKY RUN videos.....See Supermodel, Amber posing as a runner. :)

Soundtrack - Halo / Walking On Sunshine (Glee cast version)

And now see Gavin Yap get wet...LOL!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

IMU Diwali Night 2009 - The Rehearsal

Watch the dancing future doctors and pharmacists of International Medical University. These flers know their gluteus maximus and how to use it too...LOL! Check it out...

Note: Soundtrack - Chiggy Wiggy by Kylie Minogue.

Photo teaser for the real IMU Diwali Night.....

Jumping for joy? Wanna see more? Please come back for updates.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Madonna Celebration Party @ Quattro, Kuala Lumpur

The celebrities were not even there but their record companies were throwing parties for them anyway. First it was Beyonce which happened last Thursday night. It was the Queen of Pop, Madonna's turn yesterday.

Madonna was probably nuzzling her toy boy, Jesus at the other side of the world when the party was happening here in Kuala Lumpur. So, they hired a Madonna look-alike. :)

Man-donna and VJ Utt.

Party took place at Quattro a new watering hole in Kuala Lumpur, just opposite the KLCC Twin Towers.

VJ Utt was the emcee of the night. As usual, we get to cheer for participants who do silly things on stage for some prizes. LOL!

Come on! Utt coaxing someone from the audience to play some games on stage.

One of the prizes. A divine looking T. :)

But the Grand Prize was a Madonna artwork by Mr. Brainwash on canvas. Very collectible. We were told on 50 pieces are available worldwide. Malaysia is having one of them here....

And to win that canvas thingy, they picked 4 lucky ringtone-downloaders to do a Madonna on stage. That explained the conical bra. ;)

Are we having fun yet?

And the awesome Madonna canvas goees to....

I didn't leave the party empty-handed. I won this during the quiz session. Of course I know all the answers to those simple questions. I don't call myself a Madonna fan for nothing! Heheh!

I got some videos to share as well. It was a fun fun night. Thank you Alex for the invite...


Emcee of the night - VJ Utt being interviewed for the NTV7 Breakfast Show. He forgot the title of Madonna's first compilation CD. I gave him the answer there and then. :)

The Madonna impersonator was amazing! The resemblance was uncanny! Why does it always take a man to do a fabulous Madonna impersonation? MAN-DONNA! :)

The title says it all. Check 'em out! LOL!

Moving from testosterone infested dance competition to the girlie show....Can the girls handle it?

The grand finale of the night. Cone Bra Singing Competition. Contestants were drawn from those who had downloaded the Madonna ringtones for theri phones. The task was simple. Just to sing Celebration. Lyrics sheet, blonde wig and cone bra provided. :)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Beyonce Pre-Concert Party @ Zouk KL

Red Hot? Sponsored by Maxis Hotlink. :)

I arrived at Zouk KL around 8pm. Got in. Thanks to BW for the invite. I lingered around the red carpet area to do some star gazing. :)

Bangsar Boy, Niki arriving with Elaine Daly. Niki, how come you were not dressed according to the black, gold and red theme?

Will the real Beyonce please stand up!

Oops! The real one is not due to come to Malaysia before 25 Oct. So, we had to make do with these booty-licious impersonators!

All the single ladies!

Hello there beautiful!

The emcees - Adam C from and Zher Peen from 8TV.

We were treated with b-boys dancings, a Guess? fashion show and then THIS!....

They looked like Beyonce, moved like Beyonce but they are not Beyonce...Correct! Correct! Correct! :)

These girls sizzled up the dance floor to Beyonce's hit like Crazy in Love (Check out the video below), Diva, Baby Boy and the feet-stomping butt-wiggling ditty - Single Ladies!

There were backstage passes and a trip to London to see Beyonce given to lucky fans that night.

This is not a kickboxing session! :P

The Malaysian celebs were taught how to do the Beyonce flash mob dance routine. We will give a surprise welcome to Beyonce with a flashmob dance right before her concert! If you're going to the concert, please learn the simple dance and join the flash mob! Tutorials can be found in YouTube.

It was a fun-filled party! Now I can't wait to see Beyonce LIVE in MALAYSIA!!!!

This is my ticket to Bee!

Here's a mega post of videos from the partay!

Celebrities spotted at the red carpet - Xandria Ooi, Elaine Daly (and partner Niki Cheong), Sarah Lian, Jojo Struys and Reshmonu (this guy is everywhere!)

The Guess? Fashion Show. Guess? is another sponsor for the concert.

A diva-licios dance performance. Watch these faux Beyonce danced their booties off to Crazy In Love.

Two sessions of dance-off to win backstage passes for Beyonce. The first one 3 girls is not very inspiring. It was won by a very skinny girl!

I love the second part, The guy in red singlet (from now will be known as Booty Boy) danced the fat girl off the podium! LOL! Too bad he didn't win!

If all six contestans were to be judged together (instead of in 2 separate session), my pick would be the fat girl and the booty boy!

There was a dance mob demo! Brought to you by Maxis Hotlink! As mentioned earlier, you can join the flash mob by learning the steps from the tutorial on YouTube.

Let's show Beyonce how we love her by dancing in unison before her concert!

The Malaysian celebs doing the uppercuts and boxing! Heheh! Not really, they were just practising the moves for the dance mob!


Hope you like the pic and the vids! See you there at Bukit Jalil Stadium next Sunday!!!!