Monday, February 28, 2011

Celebrunner: Will Quah @ Callaway Golf RAZR Launch

Can Will Quah (actor, TV host, emcee) outrun a Lamborghini?

We don't think so but we are glad that he gave us a very nice pose next to the handsome car anyway! Heheh!

We caught up with him at the Callaway Golf launch of their new product line up for 2011 called RAZR at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur just now. FYI, RAZR is a result of Callaway's latest collaboration with leading luxury Italian automaker, Lamborghini.

Callaway's latest offering is headlined by the innovative RAZR Hawk driver, each featuring a groundbreaking ultra lightweight material called Forged Composite. In addition, Callaway builds on its longstanding position as the No. 1 irons in golf with the introduction of three iron models within the new RAZR X line - RAZR X, RAZR X Tour and RAZR X Forged.

Local pro golfer, Danny Chia launched the event attended over 200 specially invited guests, including yours truly. :)

Callaway Golf and Automobili Lamborghini ongoing partnership has resulted in materials such as Forged Composite, the material used in the golf driver and also in the Lamborghini car.

Curious shoppers around the Pavilion also had the chance to "admire" a row of Lamborghini parked outside the mall.

Danny Chia (middle), one of Malaysia's top pro golfer.

The "horns" on top of Danny Chia's head is unintentional. I had a good laugh when I saw it on my computer screen later. LOL!

Trying out the newly launch RAZR driver at the simulated zone.

Dinner is served. Yummy paella. :)

Acknowledgment: Thank you to Callaway Golf for the invite.

For more information about Callaway Golf, please visit

Fox International Channels and ASTRO Celebrate the Oscars with First Exclusive "Live" HD Screening in Malaysia @ GSC Pavilion

First of all I would like to thank Mr. Chee for the invitation to watch the 83rd Academy Awards live broadcast at GSC Pavilion this morning. He has won himself a Lomo camera and a double pass for the by-invitation only screening of the most celebrated event in cinematic calendar from a contest organised by MSN Malaysia.

We were very excited to watch the show on a cinema screen, just like the way we like to watch the actors and actresses in their cinematic glory!

So much larger than life!

The event was supposed to be attended by 500 over guests including celebrities, contest winners, advertisers, media agencies and industry partners. But we think only about 200 attended it. Celebrities? Didn't spot any except for Maya Karin, who was seen leaving the hall after the show was ended.

There were plenty of empty seats in our hall. It is a shame that contest winners didn't pick up their tickets. If you can't come, please don't enter the contest and give people who actualy can make it the chance! Dammit!

The show was kicked off with a Breakfast Chat live from HK, hosted change-of-clothes-crazy VJ Lisa Selesner and dishy model Jason Godfrey. We didn't really care about them...LOL!

What's the point of dressing up in tux and evening gown when it is 8:00am in a freaking Monday morning? When they came out, that was the time to make a quick trip to the loo or to grab the free flowing popcorn from outside the hall.

There was two lucky draws...Two winners each time to take home a Lumix Camera and a Lomo Camera. These are the pictures I managed to snap.

And the lucky number is......

Someone is very happy this morning. LOL!

Anne Hathaway is kinda goofy for a host and that James Franco really look stoned from start to the end with permanent squint in his eyes! LOL! And he makes a very ugly tranny too! We don't like him as a host! Billy Crystal rocked!

Lucky draw again! Wow....This fler in orange shirt won again! He received two Lomo cameras in one morning! Lucky bast*rd! LOL!

Smile! You just won a Lumix Camera!

One of our favourite part of the show. Celine Dion performed "Smile" during the "In Memoriam" section at the Academy Awards. We heart Celine. :D

And the winner of best motion picture is.....

THE KING'S SPEECH! Yay! We have not watch the show yet but we will definitely gonna make plan to watch it very soon, along with Black Swan and The Fighter.

While the rest of the winners thanked their mothers and wives, this fler thanked his boyfriend on air. Hahah! How very sweet! :P

We enjoyed the screening of the Oscar at the cinema very much! Movie stars have to be enjoyed on the cinema screen! A small TV screen just wont do. LOL! I bet people would pay for this kinda thing! Heheh! :)

Thanks Fox International Channels and ASTRO for the awesome event!

Uh! Oh! Look what they did to the Oscars at GSC Pavilion. Deco for the buffet table! Heheh! :P

Exclusive: Behind the Scene of "Energizer Night Race" 2011 Photo Shoot Part 1

You must have seen this print ad in the papers already. Thanks to the generous people at Energizer, we were invited as the bloggerazzi (blogger + paparazzi) to snoop around behind the photo shoot last month.

The runners/ models (except for the three vavavoom circuit girls) were selected from those who have submitted their photos in a Facebook call out earlier. Check out the pics from the audition HERE.

The photo shoot took place at Sepang International Circuit - the same circuit where 10,000 runners are going to blast off this coming 16 April in the Energizer Night Race.

All the 20 selected runners did not have modelling experience prior to that. But that didn't stop them from getting as pretty as a model for the shoot.

...highlighting them cheekbones...LOL!

The creative team behind the shoot, getting ready for the action. Heheh!

This shoot took place right at the starting point of the coming Energizer Night Race. We can hear our heart palpating with excitement already by just being there! Imagine what it would be like to run on the track of F1 on the actual night!

Like any other photo shoots, there were plenty of takes. (Insert a gazillion snaps and flashes here). Thank God no one dropped to the ground due to seizure for photosensitivity. LOL!

Each photo taken was checked and scrutinized on a laptop screen to get that "perfect" shot.

We like this view. ;)

There were a lot of variation of takes. This one is without the front runners and the circuit girls.

The back row only. Even though they posed like crazy....they didn't get into the final ad print. :(

But they did get some $$$ token and fed nicely with briyani chicken dinner before the shoot. So, not so bad-lah!

The three runners turned models! Thanks to Energizer!

We are the Energizer Night Race Circuit Girls. Nice or not? (Batteries not included. LOL!)

Please come back for the Part 2 which will feature more behind the scene exclusive photos at the Sepang Circuit. We've got new photos for a NEW print ad! :)

Updated: Check out part 2 HERE.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrunner: 蘇盈之Soo Wincci @ 盈。光 Her First Full Album Launch, Avon Building PJ

Isn't that cute? Beauty Queen turn songstress, Soo Wincci giving us her best running pose in her flowy Carven Ong designed evening gown.

We were invited to her first full album ( 盈。光)launch at AVON Cosmetics HQ in PJ on 24 Jan. FYI, she released an EP in 2009.

Miss World Malaysia 2008/2009, Soo Wincci has been singing since she was 16 years old and it has always been her dream to be a professional singer.

I must say she is the most hardworking artist in the business. She sings, She acts, she writes songs, she models, she plays the piano, she has a law degree, she is an MBA holder, she just completed her PhD studies, she's the brand ambassador for AVON skin care range - ANEW and she is just 25! Amazing...

And recently she adds another talent to her CV - a guitarist!

She has been diligently practising for over three months to play in front of fans and media present at her album launch! Unplugged and live!

The verdict? We are proud to say that she looks as good as she sounds and sounds as good as she looks! (Insert applause here)

Her album is titled 盈。光 (Ying Guang) and contains seven Mandarin songs, one Malay track titled Usah, one English song and one instrumental track.

She has been busy going around radio station promoting her new album and latest single called 好好爱 (a duet with Lip Kiong).

She admits that she had put love to the back seat to focus on her career.

We would like to congratulate on her album launch and wish may success always be with her.

....with proud mummy and daddy.

Get 蘇盈之Soo Wincci First Full Album at good CD stores NOW for RM21.90 only!

Like 蘇盈之Soo Wincci on Facebook HERE.

P/S. Her FB is updated in 3 languages - English, Chinese and Malay!

Acknowlegdment: Thank you to En. Wan Firdaus of Beyond Artistes for the invite. Appreciate it.