Monday, January 31, 2005

Eat to Run or Run to Eat?

My very first Yee Sang in 2005 Posted by Hello

Here's a verbatim comment from a reader of my blog:

"Your blog started out with a healthy theme...then went to some sort of a travel log, then food...i think there is need to do some re-engineering of the theme "running with passion". huh?"

How true! Heheh! I just tossed my very first "Yee Sang" this year. I hope to toss more. The concept is the more we toss, the more prosperous we become. Dunno what is the logic behind it, but Yee Sang certainly tastes good.

Just like you cannot separate festivities with food, you cannot separate food with running.

So, do you eat to run or run to eat?

I certainly I fall in latter category - run to eat. I binge on everything except pork (long story, don't ask). I will certainly pack my running gear and shoes in my "balik kampung" bag. There will be a lot of running since there will be a lot of eating too. (Insert notti wink here!)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Eat, Shop and Be Merry

Thank God it's Yummy Posted by Hello

Oh Dear! Time flies when you're having fun. My marathon training schedule is flying out of the window with the bulk of work that need to be done before my one week festive break and the festivity preparation that are going on in my life.

Done most of my CNY shopping. Feng Shui enhancers for the year. New clothes. New shoes, sandals rather. New pants. New embroidered cushion covers. Pussy willows, lucky bamboos and cute knotted decorative items for my living room. Dried meat. Bus ticket to balik kampung. All set.

I was invited for free lunch at TGIF Subang yesterday. My friend has won some free lunch vouchers in some call-in contest on radio. Wow! What a lunch! A big slab of Jack Daniel glazed ribs. Juicy fried mushroom. Buffalo Wings. Three tier brownies and a scoop of rich vanilla icecream for dessert. By the rate I eat, no wonder I can't get rid of the stubborn fat slosh around my mid section no matter how much I running I do. Sigh!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Talk the Walk, Walk the Talk

2nd Penang International 12 Hours Walk Posted by Hello

Just a short entry to let everyone know that I survived the Penang International 12 Hour Walk last weekend. The walk was not rather uneventful, but the journey to Penang and back were. Promise to write a little longer about the walk and the juicy tales that prelude it during the long Raya Haji break.

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