Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Run That Made You Go Hmmm……….

What? Melaka Run 2006 (Ketua Menteri Melaka Trophy)

When? 27 May 2006. 7:00am.

Where? Pantai Puteri, Melaka.

Who? Organized by Power Advertising & Entertainment and Kelab Veteran Komando Malaysia.

How long? 10.8 km

(The Day Before) It was raining very heavily. Thanks to Jennifer, I got a ride to the LRT station after work. Alighted at Masjid Jamek LRT station and walked all the way to Pudu. The rain was still pouring. When it rains, it pours. The bus was 1 hour late. The jam along the Seremban highway was too horrific to mention. I arrived in Melaka about 11:00pm, after a total 2 hours of delay. I put up a night at Amy’s brother’s apartment in Tengkera.

Woke up at 5:00am. Had a durian bun and a cup of Milo. Amy’s brother arrived sharp at 6:00am to pick us up – Amy, CL, Tan and I. After a 20 minutes drive later, we arrived at Pantai Puteri. They sky was still dark. We picked up our number bibs. T-shirt? No t-shirt was given to the participant. Instead, we were handed a stack of 30% off Pizza Hut vouchers (valid only at Mahkota Parade, Melaka). (Insert Hmmm……….here).

At the starting point, I saw a lot of army cadets (shaven head, brown top and dark track pants) hanging a round. I walked around looking for toilet. I found one but it was locked (Insert Hmmm……….here). It opens only at 7:00am. Alamak! My bladder! Back to nature, I supposed. No other choice. I found a secluded area at the beach, whipped out my pistol and fire away. Heheh!

The run was supposed to start at 7:00am according to the registration form. It was dragged to 8:00am, to wait for the one fashionably late VIP – The Ketua Menteri himself. (Insert Hmmm…….here). In between, we had some warm-up aerobic session- the sort you would expect from the Selamat Pagi Malaysia program on TV1.

Isn't she cute? She even striked a pose for me when I aim my camera at her. Later, she finished top 10 in her category.

As we congregate at the starting point, the traffic people were still busy controlling the traffic. You can see the cars driving close next to the runners in the picture above. (Insert Hmmmm……….here).

We were set off around 8am. The sun was already blazing on top. I was not having high expectation for the run. My main aim was to complete and enjoy the change of sceneries from the usual KL runs, sort of a weekend getaway. My only regret was I left my sun block in the apartment.

The route was basically flat. We passed many kampong folks having breakfast at the warungs (small shops). I was running behind a voluptuous lady. Let’s call her J.Low for the obvious reason. Her bib number was altered to protect the not so innocent. Heheh! J.Low had attracted a lot of wolf whistles and attention from the army guys (Those Harimau guys ought to change their name to Hari hari mau! Heheh!). She had an entourage of the Harimau guys running along her at the beginning. Slowly, she thrust forward leaving the guys one by one behind. I was trailing her from behind too but I got bored, as her pace was too slow. So, I over took her and leave her and her “entourage” behind.

Can’t help this Black Eye Pea tune from playing in my head every time I think of J.Low

What you gon' do with all that junk? All that junk inside that trunk? I'm a get, get, get, get, you drunk, Get you love drunk off my hump.W hat u gon' do with all that @$$? All that @$$ inside them jeans? I'm a make, make, make, make you scream Make u scream, make you scream. Cos of my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump. My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely lady lumps. (Check it out)

After the kampongs, we arrived at the industrial area. The traffic was pretty heavy especially big trailers and lorries. Flatted on the road were many road kills – chicken, biawak, frogs and one unidentified furry animal. To avoid being added to the road kill statistic, I ran to the other side of the road, opposite the traffic flow. Passed by many factories here. There was one factory that deserved a mention here – Multifeed (if I remember correctly) Animal Feedstock factory. The smell of the air from this factory almost knocked me out. So smelly and dusty. Yucks!

I was quite relieved when I saw the sea. I knew the finished line was near. The last couple of kms were nice and scenic. Gone were the chicken feed smell and Petronas tankers. Loved the Casuarina trees along the beach. I passed the finish line without knowing my timing as my watch had ran out of battery. (Insert Hmmmm……here)

Gossipwitme (Part 1)

I heard J.Low completed the race with a dramatic finish. As she worked her way to the finish line, she slowly took off her vest revealing her dark brown sport bra. She then collapsed to the ground right after she crossed the finish line. I wish I were there to capture the whole sequence in slow motion. All the Harimau Satu boys quickly rushed to her aid, pouring water on her and carrying to safety. Wow! What a finish, right? (Insert Hmmmm……….and nosebleed here).

Gossipwitme (Part 2)

I heard a rumour that in certain category, the four lead runners were given wrong direction and had to run a few extra kms. By the time, they came back; their placings were pushed back to 17th onwards. (Insert Hmmmmmm……….here). I think the failure point is that there were too many distance categories – 10.8, 8.8, 7.0, 5.1 and 1.0 km. Anyway, the slogan on the t-shirt on the roti canai maker (see below) can sum it all up for the Melaka Run organizer.

We went for roti canai and the tarik at the near the START/ FINISH point while waiting for the prize-giving ceremony. The stage was taken over by some politician for some long-winded speeches and a dialogue session. Party members were also given “white envelopes” and free meals. I almost fell asleep waiting for prize giving ceremony. (Insert yawn here!)

After the prize giving ceremony, we had to wait for CL to get her prize money check. The envelope given on stage didn’t contain the prize money. The winner had to make a beeline to get their checks. The lady who was in charge of the prize money obviously was not prepared. She had to scurry to the other tent to get her checkbook. The checks were written on the spot one by one! So, you get to see a lot of pissy-faced runners in the slow moving queue. (Insert Hmmmmmm……….here)

Gossipwitme (Part 3)

Shock! My eye rolled in disbelief that the check that CL got was postdated to 27 July 2006! What? Why? In the earlier ceremony, we all saw the VIP handing out CA$$$$H in white envelopes to the members of a certain political party (not to mention any name here) as an appreciation token. Now, why do all the top runners have to wait TWO freaking months for their hard earned money? (Insert Hmmmmmm……….here)

One they way back, we made a detour to the Happiness Centre for Mentally Disabled Children for a brief visit. Amy wanted to pass them some donations. Tan donated her newly won hamper to the home. Wow! How thoughtful!

After the run, we went back to the apartment and got a quick shower. Half an hour later, Aunty Jen took us to Sun May Hiong Satay House for PORK satay! Not the usual chicken or beef type that you get from the Malay satay sellers. I don’t think you can get it anywhere else in Malaysia but in Melaka. The restaurant was quite crowded.

Since I don’t eat pork, I had to wait a little longer for my chicken satay to arrive. The sauce is not the ordinary peanut spicy sauce. It has a pineapple twist giving it a tangy after taste. Nice.

We left Melaka at 2:30pm from The Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal. Slept all they way to KL. Dropped by Victoria Music Centre at Kota Raya and bought myself two CDs – Keith Urban (Days Go By) and Corrine Baily Rae.

My limited edition Melaka Run T-shirt – supposed for race officials only. Amy managed to negotiate with the organizer for 4 free t-shirts; after all we were the first few to register for this run and came all the way from KL to grace this event. Not only they come limited, they also come in XL only. (Insert Hmmmmmm………here)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mission: I’m possible

Collected my prize today. A Mission: Impossble III cap and T-shirt. All black. All funky. I suspect the premiums are locally made; not as neat as the imported ones. Decided to keep the cap and give the T-shirt to BW who was so generous to invite me for Grease show last Sunday. (Ahem..more invite in the future, please...)

How do I win these super duper prizes? As usual - answer a simple question and write a slogan. The "mission impossible" that I have completed is…..getting a medal in Genting International 24 Hours Walk despite a badly sprained ankle.

It happened last October when I persisted to participate in the walk, even after a nasty fall during Putrajaya Half Marathon a week before the event.

Who would have thought that the unfortunate incident had some good in it after all. Life works in a mysterious way, eh?

(Insert Mission Impossible Theme here...Dum dum dum dum dum....)

Monday, May 22, 2006

All Greased Up!

What? The New Balance - Pacesetters 15km

When? 21 May 2006 (Sunday)

Where? Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur

Distance? 15km

I had missed last year's run due to a trip to Langkawi. So, it felt good to be back again this year. I have uploaded my MP3 player the the Grease soundtrack to gear me up for the Grease broadway show later in the night. Nice rock and roll soundtrack to run to.

Go grease lightning you're burning up the quarter mile(Grease lightning, go grease lightning)

Go grease lightning you're crashing through the heat lap trial(Grease lightning, go grease lightning)

You are supreme the chicks'll cream for grease lightning

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go......

The run started from Padang Merbok at about 7:00am. At the start of the "double hills" stretch, I was overtaken by someone carrying a torch. I wonder if these flers were having a headstart for Beijing Olympic would be another few year away. Heheh! I didn't have chance to ask what was the occasion. Couldn't catch up -almost half dead doing the hill and the fumes from the torch was not helping at all. (Insert cough here! Uhuk! Uhuk!).

Saw many familiar runners along the route but they were not running! They had "sacrificed" their NB15K to become volunteers for the event. Great job guys!

The medal - oval-shaped, sturdy and made by Tumasek Pewter. Nice one to add to my collection.

One of the highlights of the run was the breakfast. I heard the porridge was good but I didn't feel hungry. I took a bowl of cendol instead. The red bean tasted weird, kinda saltish and sourish. I exchanged my coupons with two cup of Maggi instant noodles.

After the run, I went to my gym to catch a few winks. Yes...I actually went to gym to sleep. (Heheh!) I lazed by the poolside reading the sunday paper and dozed off till about noon, just in time for my weekly yoga class. Got a big nite later....Heheh!

Tell me about it, stud!


Where? Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre (KLCC)

When? 21 May 2006; 8:30pm

Grease is the word,

Grease is the word is the word that you heard

It's got groove it's got meaning

Grease is the time, is the place is the motion

Grease is the way we are feeling.

The show was entertaining and filled with energy. The 25-member cast from this US production made it a nostalgic two hours at the Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Jamey Issenor as Danny Zuko, and Hanna-Liina Vosa as Sandy, the leads, sang long-time favourites like Summer Nights and You're The One I Want. I was humming along happily to the familiar tunes.

The cast did a good job, despite the fact that no show on Earth can outstage the big screen version of Grease, led by oh-so-virginic, Olivia Newton John and the superstud, John Travolta.

My only grouse that night was the stupid fools from the audience - those who turned up late, those who brought their restless noisy brats and those who yakked away during the show, on the phone or otherwise. Such inconsiderate ..... (Insert Beep! here)!!!!!

Tell me about it stud! - Sandy Dumbrowsky

I got chills. They're multiplyin'. And I'm losin' control. 'Cause the power you're supplyin', It's electrifyin'! - Danny Zuko

Acknowledgemet : To BW whose nimble fingers had won him a lot of radio call-in contests. Thanks for the free ticket!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Running to the Cinema

Run, Forrest Run! Oops! Wrong movie...heheh!

I love summer blockbusters. I book my tickets in advance. I watch the shows on the opening nights. I bought large popcorn and drink combos. I play spot the running scenes in the movies. Here are my takes:

M:I:III –Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) ran in a haphazard and crowded ancient Chinese village to save his lil’ wifey. What the hey is the rabbit foot, anyway?

Poseidon – Opens with Dylan Jones (Josh Lucas) having his running fix on the deck, before the camera zoom out to reveal the titanic (ahem!) size of the Poseidon ship.

Da Vinci Code – John Langdon (Tom “Run, Forrest Run” Hank) & Sophie Neveu running away from the French Police, the Opus dei fler, etc. This is one massive treasure hunt to seek the truth! My true confession: I have yet to finish the paperback I started a year ago. (Insert sheepish smile here).

Over The Hedge – My favorite character – Hammy, the squirrel. This lil fler is an impossibly fast runner, especially after the caffeine fix. Hilarious! Go watch all the lil critters running around and away from the crazy old spinster, from the Verminator, from a fierce but playful dog and from a hungry grizzly bear. Two thumbs up!

There are more to come. I bet there will be more running scenes in XMen 3: The Last Stand, The Omen 666, Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, etc. Not sure if the are running scenes in Superman Returns though….Can’t imagine a man running with his red undies outside…Heheh!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Get Ready for Some Actions!!


When? Saturday 16 Dec.2006: Walking (6:30AM) / Sunday 17 Dec.: Running (6:30 AM)

Where: Angkor Wat (Special established course in Angkor area in Siem Reap)*(Recognize by IAAF and AIMS for Marathon course [21.0975 Km]

Why? To Run for Love!! Artificial Limbs for Victims of Anti-personal Landmines & Save the youth from HIV/AIDS

Lara Croft wants some actions.....

I have the entry form with me. Please drop me an email if you want a copy.Email: or you can check out the website

This will be a run to look forward to - Angkor Wat - The Mother of All Temples in the World! The view is going to be spectacular. The location is exotic and filled with sense of adventures. Me have to start saving now..Heheh!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Meow! Look what the cat dragged in

My long awaited Saberkas RH Marathon medal finally arrived via PosLaju! (Insert excited shriek here!). Gorgeous isn't it?

Thank you Sarawak.

Thank you Kuching.

Thank you Rimbunan Hijau

Thank you PosLaju

Next medal target....New Balance Pacesetter 15km.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Asthma VS Bomba

What? World Asthma Day Jogathon 2006

When? 8:30am, 7 May 2006

Where? Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur

Distance? 5km

Theme? No wheeze, Just breathe

Asthma or Bomba? Dragon or Squirrel? Wind or Fire? Both Asthman Jogathon and Larian Bersama Bomba (Firefighter Run) fell on the same Sunday to my much dismay. I has been a loyal supporter for each run every year. This year I can only run one of them. Decision! Decision!

But then again, the registration fee – Asthma Jogathon was F.O.C while Bomba charged us RM15 for a 10km run (Normal FTAAA organised run only cost RM10). So, it was not hard to decide which run to go to. (Heheh! I gotta save money for my Angkor Wat Half Marathon end of the year.)

Clowns, Band and Balloons

Took a Metro Bus downtown. I reached Datarn Merdeka about 7:00am. The Bomba run has yet to start. Didn’t see any familiar faces. Slowly, I jogged to Padang Merbok where Asthma Run was held.

My spirit was a bit damped when I see the muddy Padang Merbok. I was told it rained heavily in KL the night before. Sharks I was wearing my WHITE Saucony shoes! To register, we had to wade in one inch thick of mud. And our “genius” organizers had to put the START/FINISH banner right smack in the muddy field. Brainless bunch I would say.

The jogathon were scheduled to start at 8:30am. I still had plenty of time. So, I jogged to Bank Negara to get a glimpse of the Bomba Run. Took some photographs and then made a U turn back.

The jogathon started promptly at 8:30am after a “spectacular” aerobic session led by this old uncle warming up to some “feng-tau” music. Yeah! It was kinda fun stomping and stretching in the mud. NOT! My poor white shoes!

Work that toing toing and boing boing! Heheh! How low can you go, unc?

Running On Mud...

My soiled new white Saucony shoe….Cry!

Colouring Contest and Quiz

Upon arrival at the finish line, I was given a food voucher. Not bad at all – one McChicken, one bottle of yoghurt, a pack of Ribena mobile and a bottle of mineral water.

I decided to hang around Padang Merbok – took some pictures of the clowns clowning around, participated in the Asthma Quiz, watched the kids in the colouring contest and hang around the VIP tent for free food. We became the “DBKL” to clean up the leftover roti jala, nyonya kuih and beehoon goreng.


Lady luck smiled at me again, when I was called out as one of the 10 winners of the Asthma Quiz. The quiz was a no-brainer actually. The answers could be easily found in the banners and posters.

For that effort, I got myself a Glaxo-Smithkline goodie bag – a bottle of Ribena (yummy! My favorite fruity drink since when I was a toddler), Horlicks, Scotts Emulsion (I remember taking this yucky fishy cod liver oil when I was small. But my mom convinced me that this icky white stuff was good. I guess my mom was right by the way I turned out – strong and healthy heheh!), a bottle of ENO (for indigestion….yeah this is heaven sent looking at the way I eat and eat...! Heheh), a toothbrush and a tube of Sensodyne toothpaste for those sensitive teeth and gums.

Love the prizes. I completely forgotten about the mud on my shoes. Heheh!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Call 994...The street is blazing with fire! Some of the pix I took at the Firefighter Run before the start of the Asthma Jogathon.

Edie - The Amazing Firefighting Squirrel. Hope to catch you next year!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Zoom In With Sheila Majid

What? Zoom in With Sheila Majid (Live Recording)

When? 3 May 2006

Where? Auditorium Perdana, Angkasapuri.

Not many road races events in April but I was kept busy with other activities like treasure hunts and star-gazing (not those in the sky but filmstars and singers type). I managed to get 2 tickets from my RTM friends. Despite the rain in the late evening, I made my way to Angkasapuri. Sheila is one of my favourite Malaysian artiste.

Been following her career since her first album - Dimensi Baru, 20 years ago, once I was pimply-faced student. Heheh! Now, still pimply but no more a student.

At that time, I can only listen to her on radio - FM Stereo the one and only FM station then (now renamed Muzik FM). No money to buy cassette. There was no CD yet at that time until later. Sheila was the first Malaysian artiste to release an album in CD format - Warna, her third album. I love her songs. A little bit of pop, jazz and R&B blended like "ABC" Malaysian style. She is the first Malaysian artiste to release an album in Japan.

It was a recording session for Zoom In series. In the show she sang a couple of medley of her old hits from her hit albums - Dimensi Baru, Emosi, Warna, Legenda Ratu etc. Acis, her husband cum music director cum keyboardist was also on the stage. She even had her kids on stage (see insert), doing some rapping in "Kisah Rumah Tangga" (new song in her Sheila Legenda VX XX album). I was secretly singing in my heart. I know most of the lyrics. Heheh!

Sheila revealed that her schedule was so hectic she had to hire people to comb her hair. True indeed, she had two personal attendants who went up the stage at every break opportunity to comb her hair and powder her nose.

She closed the show with "Legenda", a tribute song to Tan Sri P.Ramlee (an acclaimed Malay artist) after "Sinaran". I sang along out loud too. Most people did. It was superb! The show will be aired in November. Oh no! I have to wait 6 months to see the show. But until then, I must go and get her latest reissue of Legenda CD to keep me company.

Engkaulah satu-satunya, di antara berjuta..........(You are the only one, among millions)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sleepless in Genting

What? Genting Midnight Hunt

Where? Genting Highlands

When? May 1 2006 (12:00 am)

Having missed out on last week’s 24hour challenge, I went up to Genting for the Genting Midnight Hunt in conjunction with Genting 24 Hours of Fun “Are You Ready To Play?” program. It was another over the night event. No sleep. All fun. Heheh! It has been long time since I did that.

The First World Indoor Theme Park and the food outlets were opened 24 hours. Business hours for shops are extended to 2 am. The place was very crowded with holidaymakers.

Mini NYC Times Square

5:20pm: I took the Genting orange bus from Titiwangsa up. It was raining cats and dogs. The bus driver was doing Initial D, drifting up Genting long and winding road. It was a harrowing experience. Thank God, we didn’t end up in the ravine or the hunt that supposed to take place in Genting would be hunting for the dead bodies. Walked around the indoor theme park to familiarize myself with the place.

8:10pm: Watched firework from outside Genting Hotel. Spectacular! People were cheering, gasping and clapping with each blast. Met up with my gangs. Had dinner at Lao Di Fang (Fish head curry). Nice!

10:00-12:00am: Loitered in front of First World Hotel like refugees while waiting for the registration to start. Registered and presented with a McD voucher - 50% discount for apple pie upon purchase of a large value meal. Redeemable only at Genting McD and valid only on 1 May ! Gee…what a worthless voucher. How cheapskate!

12:00am: Event officiated by some big shots from Genting with a beat of the gong. This was followed by an annoying sing and dance show by the Genting Theme Park mascots Ally, Benny and Tabby. I was beginning to feel restless.

12:45am: Hunt briefing started. We were supposed to complete 2 legs – 8 questions in each leg, plus 2 treasures and 2 challenges.

1:00am: Hunt started. Decided to split the tasks. Amy went for the challenges and I worked on the questions and treasures. The clues for treasure were very straightforward. Easy peasy.

The Treasures:

1) Get a gift from lady elephant and chimp’s outlet; Get yourself or your loved one soothing cheap; A gift or gifts for at least RM5; Just submit receipt.

Answer: A receipt from Gift Castle. I bought a Tiger mobile phone strap.

2) Bring me warts that if you look from the east will be a treasure you can break with ease.

Answer: a STRAW

The questions were not that tough but they were not in sequence. So, it was quite difficult to spot the answers, as the place was huge and crowded. Did my best but I only managed to answer 50% of the questions. (Insert sigh here!).

There were singing competition and “Fear Factor” challenge that involve some worms and smelly substances after the hunt. Amy and Tan team up for it. I appointed myself as the official photographer. Not in the mood for creepy crawlies at this hour. The managed to get to the finals but were beaten by two boys.

I was feeling rather hungry after the hunt. We settled for Only Mee noodle house. Yucks! Food here exorbitantly priced and tasted horrible!

Wantan Mee for Supper..and prize presentation

4:00am. Result time. Tan and Ng won the 15th prize. Not bad for their first hunt. Beginner’s luck. Heheh! From there, we knew that we would have some sort of placing. True enough we were in the top 10! What did we win? (Insert extra terrestrial yawn here!) A flying saucer! One freaking flying saucer. WTF? It has “Stock clearance stuff” written all over it. You know, those uncool stuff that nobody wanted to buy, and rather than throwing it to the dustbin, why not give it away as the Genting Treasure Hunt prizes?

What are we supposed to do now? Phone ET and asked him to bring another flying saucer? Anyway, I gave the prize to Amy for the hard work rendered during the challenges. The prizes for the lucky draws were more attractive than those freaking flying saucers. They get souvenir hampers. Didn’t expect such CHEAPSKATE prizes from Genting, the same company who made billions from the casino and theme park business. Enough grumbling, I should be happy to have a placing. After all, it is the experience that counts. Heheh!

Exhaust Fan? No..It's a Flying Saucer!

7:30am. I took the cable car down to Awana station after a long wait at the counter. Reached the Awana station only to be told that the bus counter open at 9:00am. WTF?

9:15am bus arrived. Yippie. Back to KL finally.

The long wait for the transport home was more tiring than not having any sleep. Simply too many disjoint in the transport system from Genting to KL. Reached home. Slept whole afternoon, only to wake up for dinner.

Will I ever do the Genting midnight hunt again? Definitely NOT if they have those freaking flying saucers for prizes. Let just put it this way – unless the prizes are good, this hunt is simply not worth losing your sleep for. (Yes. Pun intended here!)

As if....

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars

What? 13th AIM Award

Where? Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)

When? 29 April 2006 (Saturday)

Went to 13th AIM Award (our very own Malaysian equivalent to Grammy Award) yesterday. BW had won 2 RM50 tickets for the show from FlyFM using my name. Good event to see who’s who in the Malaysian music industry.

I arrived about 5:30pm at The Mall. The Mall used to be THE Mall in Kuala Lumpur before other bigger and taller malls mushroomed in the Klang Valley. Gone were the Starlight Express Indoor Theme Park and the Cathay Cineplexes. Gone were the anchor tenant Yaohan. This was the hanging out place during my college time. After having dinner at Garden Cafรฉ in the basement (The food here sucks), I went over to PWTC where the award was held.

I guess we must have been early because there were no queue or whatsoever on level 5. I went down to Level 4, where the red carpet and the real actions were. Saw Daphne Iking interviewing the organizer. She looked pretty. More and more stars arrived.

I found myself a spot near the live telecast stage. Good spot. I was within arm’s reach to many Malaysian stars waiting their turn for the TV interview. Malaysian Idol Jac, pink-loving Hazami, Singaporean hip hop group – Ahli Fiqir, Dayang, Ning, Siti, Adibah Noor, Amy etc etc. I enjoyed watching beautiful people with their beautiful clothing strutting down the red. They really tried hard to impress.

Who was Jac calling? Her dress need CPR?

A-DIVA-Nor...I mean Adibah Nor

Nurul, Dayang, Ajai and Jac Jac

I managed to gather enough courage to ask Dayang Nurfaizah and Ning Baizura to pose for a photograph with me! Sweet! Dayang looked like a Bollywood Queen with her Saree, complete with glittering elaborate Indian jewelry.

Ning looked stunning in her red Michael Ong dress but what were those flesh coloured sleeves doing there?

Siti Nurhaliza being interviewed by NTV7. Sweet like a jackfruit. Heheh!