Friday, August 29, 2008

Nike+ Human Race: Athlete Voices

What? Nike+ Human Race

Where? Singapore + 20 other cities all over the world.

When? 31.08.08

Paul Tergat- As a runner myself, I am excited to be a part of an event that brings runners from all over the world together. The Nike+ Human Race is an amazing way for people to connect and at the same time support the work of great causes like, WWF & LAF. Like every other runner on the start line, I'm ready to race the world and be a part of a running event unlike any other!

Paula Radcliffe- I’ve raced all over the world during my career including the London marathon numerous times, but running the Nike+ Human Race in London will be truly unique. Racing with runners in my hometown of London will be made even more special knowing we are also 1 of 25 cities running together, supporting the same great causes and sharing in the same amazing Nike+ Human Race experience!

Kara Goucher- I run because I love to run. I run to compete and on August 31st, I'll join a million others around the world who feel the same. For me, the Nike+ Human Race will be a running experience unlike any other I've done - one where runners can see some of the world’s most incredible sights, run for amazing causes and watch incredible concerts when its all over. When I compete I run for myself and my country, in the Nike+ Human Race, I'll get to run with the world.

Mebrahtom Keflezighi- The Nike+ Human Race is an amazing opportunity to share my passion for running with others all over the globe. It’s a unique event that will have the power to connect everyone, everywhere by combining the best of sport and music while supporting great causes like WWF, LAF and As a native of Eritrea and a citizen of the US, I love that I can feel like I’m racing with the world.

runwitme- I’m just glad and honoured that I got invited by Nike to run this truly unique race…The running number is printed on the T-shirt, now how often do you get that??! I hope that you can run with me virtually. Watch this space. : )

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shape & Men's Health Run 2008

What? Shape/ Men's Health Run 2008

Where? Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur

When? Sunday. 24 August 2008. 7:30am.

How Long? 10km

Who? Organised by Blu Inc Magazine.

Not much of write up this time. Let the pictures do the talking. :)

The glowing Nike Lunar Trainers. Exclusively brought to you by the generous people at Nike. :) This is my second time I ran in them before I wear them in the Nike Human Race next weekend.

I have to step with extra caution not to get these white babies stepped on, especially during the start where everybody is jostling to get in front.

What's going on here? A facial before the race? Interesting....

For the first time in my life, I got a facial before a race!

Seen here is Uncle Boey getting his face toned and mositurised by Lab Series. They also put some eye cream for you. Wow!...Men also like to look pretty for the race, kah? LOL!

Checking out Naturale Choice snack counter.

Mushroom snack. No..these are not magic mushroom. They are wasabi flavoured mushroom. It tasted quite nice actually. When I come back for more after the race, they were all gone.

Get your foot and shoes sprayed. If you want, you can spray your armpits too. :) Facial and then a deodorising session. No more smellies on the road.

Warm up session by Celebrity Fitness.

Sham & Jojo on the stage.

Gorgeous Jojo Struys. Managed to take a picture with her. She was so obliging. Thanks Jojo!

The start point. Wow! The response for the run was so good that the entry was closed way before the raceday.

Some cheers before the blast off!

The run started by a loop around the Lake Garden before going out into the actual road. The morning was sunny and beautiful.

Being overtaken by C-cube while I was busy taking picture of the lake.

Going up the hilly parts of the run.

Healthy Men and Shapely Women in action. :)

Water station. Two along the route but understaff. Runners waited to be served. Some runners even have to pour their own water.

Check point peach coloured ribbon.

The parliament stretch.

Swaggering towards the finish line...

Urgh! Lots of people queuing for the goodies bag. Could've been better managed. Suggest more counters. Or collection done before raceday.

Yuck! The ground at the goodie bag collection is very muddy. There goes my white Lunar Trainer!

Yum! Breakfast from 1901 Hot Dog.

Play spin the wheel and win small prizes. First you gotta have your feet, shoes and body sprayed with Adidas deodorant.

Check out my cool tattoo. :)'s sprayed on. Heheh!

Congrats to Guna for beating the ladies in the "lat-tali-lat-tam-plom" game. Guna won a Philips DVD player! Cool, eh?

Overall, I give this run two thumbs up! Praises for the well organised race. Traffic control is good. Loved the carnival like atmosphere. Enjoyed the sponsors booths tremendously. And the goodies? Fantastic!!!!!!

For RM20 registration fee, we get.....

1 x Runner’s vest worth RM69

1 x Men Health Shoe Bag

1 x Breakfast Set by 1901 (1 dog & 1 drink)

1 x Naturale Veggie Snak

2 x TastimintLozenges

1 x Fitness Concert tumbler with speed rope

2 x 30ml Clear Activesport shampoo

2 x 30ml Clear Ice Cool Shampoo

2 x Milo fuze sachet

1 x 7-up revive

1 x Subaru mobile strap/ lanyard

1 x Note Pad

1 x TruDtox Tea Bag

1 x Shokobutsu Shower Foam

1 x Shokobutso Handwash

1 x ZACT Tooth paste

1 x Fresh & White Toothpaste

1 x CRES Handi & Body Lotion

Some vouchers from Celebrity Fitness, Svenson & Cres.

Wow! Thanks Men's Health & sponsors for being so generous! Terima kasih Daun keladi. Tahun depan, nak lagi...:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fire In The Sky

What? Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

Where? Putrajaya, Malaysia.

When? Saturday. 16 August 2008. 10:00pm.

How Long? 20min

Who? Team China

This post got nothing to do with running. But this is my blog, I post whatever I want to...Heheh!

Before the show, we were treated with some fire-eating performance. Cool hot stuff!

I love this shot. Kaboom!

Team China presented their show. Of course this is nothing compared to the Olympics opening last week. :) But all these were real. Not computer generated like some of the footages from the Olympics. :)

The weather was hot and humid. No wind. So the smoke lingered and we get not so clear pictures of the fireworks.

Three tiers of fireworks.

Putrajaya used to host Putrajaya Marathon & Halfmarathon a few years back. I'm not sure why they stop organizing these run. I love running in Putrajaya because of the wonder views of the majestic goverment offices and fairy-tale like architectures.

However, there is an endurence walk event to look forward to in Putrajaya. The Putrajaya 12-Hours Walk. For more info, click here.

Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).

The moon was bright that night. Reminds me of my Nike Lunar Trainers. LOL! I think I have gone overboard promoting Nike Lunar. :)

The 30 seconds climax of the spectacular showcase from China Team in the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 at Putrajaya.

Run wit Abdullah Badawi? NOT!

What? Larian Perpaduan Merdeka 2008 (Independence Unity Run)

Where? Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

When? Sunday. 17 August 2008. 7:30am.

How Long? 10km

Who? Organised by Unity Committee of the Merdeka Celebration

Kevin gave me a wake up call at 5:00am. Thank you. Still very sleepy because I got home quite late yesterday after watching the Malaysia International Firework Competition at Putrajaya.

I was very excited because I would be wearing my Nike Lunar Trainer for the first time. The preview last week didn’t count, as I didn’t exactly run in them in a road race. I was quite careful with each step, so that I don’t soil my new shoes. They are so white! So pure! So beautiful! I thought of putting them into a glass display box and admire from outside. But then again what goods are running shoes if you don’t wear them for a run, right? Heheh!

The Starting Line.

The arrival of our Prime Minister – Abdullah Badawi. I'm glad that he came on time. :) The "photojournalist" in me naturally tried to get a closer glimpse of our PM.

He went round shaking hands with the runners at the front of the waiting pen.

Ick! I was quite distressed when some dude stepped on my brand new shoe! Aghhh... Luckily the damage was not that visible - just some soil which I quickly rub away. Sigh! This was tough! Shuffling around with a bunch of ruthless photographers for a pic of the prime minister and at the same time trying not to get my shoes stepped on.

OK...I managed to shake his hand here. Ick!

Our PM pretending to be interested in the brochure.

Joining our PM at the podium were his wife – Jeanne Abdullah, Dr. Ng Yen Yen etc etc.

My white as snow Nike Lunar Trainers. (Insert adoring uhhhh ahhhhh sounds here! LOL!)

He got a pair of scissors and he was not afraid to use them.....

He was there to release the balloon. Thank God no lengthy speeches. Everything went quite smoothly.

After the balloon was released, kabooom! All 10K runners were set off with a bang. No, our PM did not run with us.....That would be a security and paramedic nightmare.

I ran very carefully near the water station. Some idiot almost splashed water on my Lunar Trainers. He threw a half drink cup of water on the road. Luckily I reacted fast to avoid the spill.

Running in the Lunar Trainer was remarkably comfy. No, I didn't experience zero gravity and float on air! But they really feel light yet stable.

The 10K route is a familiar one. Traffic control was excellent. There were two water station instead of the usual one. I guess the goverment had really splashed money into this run.

The Parliament. Notice that it is decorated with our National Flag - the Jalur Gemilang for our Merdeka celebration this 31 Aug 2008.

Different view of the Parliament.

One more KM to the finish line....The sun was in my eyes.

Walking with Jalur Gemilang. They should run so that the flag will fly. :)

Swaggering towards the finish line.

It was an enjoyable run. I love my new Nike Lunar Trainers. No blisters - good sign. Feet feel good even though tired. I can't wait to take them for The Men's Health Run next weekend. I don't have much time left to train for the Nike Human Race in Singapore end of this month. So, I have to make full use of the weekend road races like this.

What's in the Goodies Bag?

1 x Certificate of Participation placed in a clear folder (not the usual plastic bag)

1 x Fruit cake

1 x Colgate tooth paste

1 x VeGood Carrot Juice

1 x Lipton Red Tea

1 x Cactus Mineral Water

1 x Munchy’s Mini Crackers

1 x Deep Heating Ointment (Sachet)

1 x Red apple

1 x Ayam Brand Mackerel Steak

1 x keychain with light

1 x London roll cake

1 x Malaysia Flag