Sunday, March 14, 2004

Something's Gotta Snog

Two weeks after the marathon. My feet were still a little sore. Had a whole meal Nutella sandwich with a cup of coffee for fuel. There was nothing spectacular. Timing 1 hr 13 minutes. Could have been better. The lucky draw event dragged too long. We were baked under the sun waiting for the the numbers to be called out. They could have drawn the consolation prizes number randomly earlier and then publish the number at the notice board. It would save everyone a lot of time. Gale won a Nestle hamper. Glad to help this old lady to carry her hamper back from Dataran Merdeka to Bukit Aman car park. She said she was going to donate the hamper to a home for spastic children. Went to KLCC to buy a copy of Josh Groban live VCDs + CD (It’s a good value buy at 13.90). Also grabbed a copy of More Music From Coyote Ugly at the same price. Watched Something’s Gotta Give (starring Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson & Keanu Reeve) at MidValley. Here’s a brief summary - Young Girl snogged Old Man. Old man had a heart attack. Old Woman CPRed Old Man. Young Man Doctor treated Old Man. Young Man Doctor fancied Old Woman. Old Man saw Old Woman naked. Old Man snogged Old Woman.Old Woman snogged Old Man back. Old Woman saw Old Man with another Young Girl. Old Woman left Old Man. Old Woman snogged Young Man. Old Man left Old Woman with Young Man. At the end, Old Man get to snog Old Woman again. I think that’s about it. Ahaks!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Running in the Neighbourhood

Did a short run at the PJS Lake. The place was crowded with people. Screaming little kiddies were playing at the swings and slides. The Malay boys were playing football. Chinese boys were playing basketball. Many just sat around and watched the world went by. I was panting away at the jogging track, trying very hard not to knock over the little boy in his tricycle and that fat couple who thought they own the track. My feet are still sore after 2 weeks of rest. I hope the soreness will go away this weekend as I will be tackling POWER run - a 10km run at Dataran Merdeka. 2 more months for the Penang International Bridge Run...

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Alive and Kicking

I was pleasantly surprised when a blonde, fit instructor took over the kickboxing class yesterday evening. Sylvia from Germany she introduced herself. Trained under Billy Blanks – A Hollywood Fitness Guru known for his trademarked Tae Bo. I got a few fitness VCDs of his, gathering dust on my shelf. Sylvia was one energetic mama. Her class was ass-kicking fast, sprinkled with some nifty punching and kicking moves. Great throbbing club music too. Felt like sweating it up in da club. She was an instant hit among us. One of the fun yet intense exercises so far. I had to mop the floor due to puddle of sweat during the second half of the session. Achtung!! Been doing kickboxing every Wednesday evening for the past 2 years now. When I first started, C (a short but muscular guy) was teaching. He was a good instructor. Very systematic and balanced in term working out the arms (punch, hook and uppercut) and legs (kick). Class was very intense. I normally skipped any training on the treadmill or bicycle to avoid being burned out by second half of his class. One downer was his music – same tracks week after week. Sweat factor = 9. K took over from C when C left for China. I love the way K trained too. Like C, his class was fast-paced and intense. His floor session was brutal. How those ladies can follow him is absolutely unbelievable. Sweat factor: 8 K has been missing in action since last month. A took over. Jack of all trade. He also does Step class. His class was less intense and not adventurous in teaching new moves. Quite boring actually. But I still continue by putting on gloves with weight and ankle weights to intensify the session. Sometimes, the steps were out of beat. Not much attention was paid to the music. He just played whatever available in the CD changer. Sweat Factor: 5 Sylvia. New Instructor. Sweat factor=9.5. I hope I will see her again next week. Achtung!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Boom Box

Went shopping at MidValley after work. Supposed to meet Alex for dinner but he had some "emergency" at work. Tower records is having sales. Yippee! 10% Storewide! Bought No Doubt's Boom Box - A Limited Edition (I love the sound of this...repeat Limited Edition...) Box Set that comes with 2CDs and 2DVDs. 1 greatest hits CD (1992-2003), 1 rare and remixed CD, 1 greatest hits videos DVD and 1 live in Tragic Kingdom DVD. All for RM 120.90 with 10% discount. Very good buy. One downer though..I don't have a DVD player yet. :) ...Decide to grabs some other CDs on sale. Picked up Ning Baizura, critically acclaimed Selagi Ada Ning CD. Her best album yet. Sheila Majid's old album Ratu was in my shopping bag too. One of my favourite Malay divas. Great album - laid-back, jazzy and smooth. Can't believe my eyes when I saw Alejandro Sanz's Unplugged album was going for RM13.50 among other bargain bin materials like Sammi Cheng and Aaron Kok CDs. Grabbed it without hesitation. Picked up Luther Vandross' Dance With My Father, Anuar Zain 1998-2002 CDs and an old Aussie VCD- Muriel's Wedding on my way to the cashier...smiling. I love CD shopping!!