Friday, October 20, 2006

I Love Dri-Fits

Go Technical! Posted by Picasa

This month is a dry season for running, due to the fasting month for our Muslim friends. So, I have got no races to run. And I do not have races to report. (Insert yawn here)

So what do I do with my free time? Reorganising my wardrobe is one of my activities. It’s time to take out those seldom worn clothes and donate them to charity. While rummaging through my clothes, I notice that my collection of Nike Dri-Fit T-shirts has grown over the year. I swear that they are the most comfortable clothes I have ever worn, while running or otherwise. Lightweight. Thin. Breezy. They are simply awesome.

My first Dri-Fit. I remember my hand trembled as I took it to the cashier. I have never spent so much on a T-shirt. (I could buy a dozen of normal cotton Tees with that kinda money). Technical apparels may seem extravagant but at the end it is all worth it. Once you go moisture management, you will never go back. Heheh!

Smell Like Teen Runner Posted by Picasa

I love the simple graphic that look like road signage. I bought this from a sale in a mall in Sabah before my climb up Mount Kinabalu a few years ago.

I proudly wore this yellow tee after conquering the height of Mt. Kinabalu. The smell of victory is sweet! Posted by Picasa

Dri-fit Tee is made of fabrics that offers performance features that my old 100% cotton T doesn't. The fabric helps to "wick" moisture (re: sweat) out from the skin to the outside for rapid evaporation, hence feeling comfortable and dry. Cotton material is in contrary hold moisture and make you cold, wet and miserable, even on a warm day.

This one shows my naughty side. Kinda...Heheh! Posted by Picasa

Dedication doesn't stop for the weather. But then the haze almost does it. TNS! Posted by Picasa

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Even if I am not good at running, at least I look good running. Heheh! I love the graphic Nike put on the Tees. Always spirited, relevant and inspiring.

My left nipple says, "Beep! Beep!" Posted by Picasa

The occurrence of nipple sore (or sometimes nipple bleed) can be significantly reduced by wearing T-shirt of technical material versus cotton. Don’t believe me? Ask my nipples. Heheh!

Who wants to run forever? Hands up....erm I mean legs up, please Posted by Picasa

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My favourite - a vest I bought in Thailand. I think it weirdly sums it all up about the runner in ME.

Back view: Hear me roar! Posted by Picasa

Note: This article is NOT sponsored by NIKE (Even though I have dreamed of it...). I save up lots for these technical drapes…..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hunting For Fun

What? The Sun Walk Hunt @ 1 Utama

Where? Rainforest, 1 Utama

When? Oct 14, 2006 Saturday (1:30pm onwards)

Hunters Just Wanna Have Fun Posted by Picasa

I was looking forward for this hunt after the disappointing Kuala Selangor Nature Hunt last weekend. The CoC was TimeOut Solution, which I think one of the better hunt organizers in Malaysia.

There were four persons in our team – Amy, Fenny, Adrain and I. We were given 25 questions to answers and 2 treasures to buy. The questions were spread over three floors. So, our strategy was really to divide and conquer. Ad and Fenny tackled the second floor, while Amy and I did the ground and first floor.

One of the clue really tickles me.

Confused lad with ring.

Being an arden fan or Lord of The Rings, Frodo quickly sprung to my mind. So, I was looking high and low for Frodo Baggin or something related with the hairy footed hobbit. Don’t you think Frodo is one complete confused whack? Heheh!

We didn’t find Frodo but we got ALDO instead. (Confused = anagram clue. LAD => ALD. Ring => O). (Insert 2 marks here.Heheh!)

First Treasure Posted by Picasa

The second treasures?

Belonging to the first minutes & First master

That is the name of this peanut treasure

Bring me a pack of this colourful treat

One that kids especially love to eat

Do you know that M&M's is the combined initials of its creator - Mars & Murrie Posted by Picasa

The 1st Prize Winner of RM700 cold hard cash. Posted by Picasa

I reached the submission counter on time at 3:29pm. 1 minute before penalty time. However, there was a short queue. Bad news. The time in the queue was counted. That made me two minutes late. (Insert expletive of your choice here. Heheh!)

While waiting for the result we decided to stop at Kluang Station for a cuppa.

We were surpised that we got into the top 10 when the result was announced. There were 20 prizes to be given out. We won RM100 cash. I think we got 40 marks out of a total of 60. Guess how many marks the 1st prize winner got? 58. Two marks shy from a perfect score. Damn genius!

The hunt was enjoyable as it was relatively simple. We didn’t hurt our brains thinking too much. Heheh!

Goodies to be shared by 4 Posted by Picasa

Trick Or Treat Came Early

What? The Glitz of Halloween Party feat. The Grudge 2

Where? Cineleisure Damansara

When? Oct 14, 2006 Saturday (7pm Party Begins; 9pm Movie)

Red Eye Posted by Picasa

Right after the hunt, I quickly boarded the SJ Bus No. 99 to Cathay Cineplexes at Cineleisure. Yours truly was invited to “The Grudge 2” screening and a Glitzy Halloween Party. Met up with Jennie at Borders before proceeding to the event.

It was glitzy, alright. We saw many people dressed up to the occasion. There was a bunch of Sci-Fi fan dressed up to characters from Starwars, X-Men, etc. Seen them all before. Where is the creativity, guys?

After registering at the counter at the lobby, we were presented with two goodies travel bags. Guests were given masks or hats to wear. Jennie and I got us a "crown" each. Hail the King and Queen. Heheh!

The Stage & The Buffet Spread - Left (Local Food); Right (Genki Sushi). Yum! Posted by Picasa

These people got nothing better to do, izzit? Posted by Picasa

We helped ourselves at the buffet tables. We attacked the sushi spread first, followed by the local delights, renamed with icky names! See below.

Nasi Lemak, anyone? Posted by Picasa

Soya Bean With Cincau Heheh! Posted by Picasa

Bread Story Posted by Picasa

Get Your Freak On  Posted by Picasa

Interview With A (Chinese) Vampire Posted by Picasa

Then, there were stupid games (Insert yawn here). Luckily, Joey G from Channel V came to our rescue. The attention shifted from the stage to the Joey G with his antics with the dressed up guests instantly.

Toing! Toing! Toing! Oooo...I wanna suck... your blood Posted by Picasa

Third Eye Blind Posted by Picasa

Finally, it was time for The Grudge 2.

Being a fan of horror movies, I was actually looking forward for this sequel. I love Ju-On: The Grudge (Japanese version) and also the Hollywood remake starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy in Lost in Translation heheh!). The little boy and the mother really creep me out.