Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Celebrunner: Ashraf Muslim @ Aku Masih Dara Preview Screening

We approached Raja Farah first for the running pose but she declined.

"Tak sesuai (doesn't suit her)," she said.

Oh well, may be running is not too virginal for her. It is a movie about virginity anyway. Heheh! It's OK, we understand.

And now you girls are in luck because we got Ashraf Muslim featured instead.

He plays Firdaus in "Aku Masih Dara" (literally translated - I Am Still A Virgin), a religious young man from Cameron Highlands who encounters three wild party girls in Kuala Lumpur. Starting with advising the girls but later he starts to fall for one of them. Can he influence the girls back to the path of righteousness? You gotta go see the movie. :)

Now, with glasses....

or without?

We say...without! :)

I am sure Ashraf will be the main draw for the movie. I could imagine girls going goo goo ga ga and all doey-eyed when Ashraf spews out religious teachings in Arabic from his mouth (Insert intro music with flute here) . It is a chick flick with some religious teachings thrown in after all. Heheh!

We like the appearance of Dian P.Ramlee in the movie. Her screen time is not long but she is absolutely endearing and awesome in it!

We don't like the soundtrack though. The background music for the club scenes is laughable! Nobody plays those cheesy disco tunes in the club nowadays! LOL!

Raja Farah as Sofea.

Diana Amir (Hani) and Yana Samsudin (Aleesya).

Tiga dara? Nope..One is not according to David Teo. Guess who?

Strong acting from Yana Samsudin as usual. She won the Best Supporting Actress in the recent Festival Filem Malaysia ke-23.

Diana Amir.

Cast members with David Teo (producer) and Ahmad Idham (Director)

Watch the trailer below.

Aku Masih Dara will be spreading its virginal wholesomeness (Pardon the pun. LOL!) in your local cinemas starting December 16.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

"ExKLusively Yours!" Brides Race @ Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

What? "ExKLusively Yours!" Brides Race

Where? Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, KL.

When? 28 Nov 2010, 10:30am.

Who? About 40 brides selected from from the hotel's "Romance Under the Tree contest" organised s part of the bridal month campaign. Official radio station, MixFM also chose 10 lucky couples from its Breakfast Show.

How far? 500m only, with 2 tasks along the course - first to look for Doubletree logo in a heart shaped cards and then to look for the bride's own couple picture in a pile of others pictures.

The Brides Race is the finale celebration of the sucessful month long run of the hotel's inaugural Bridal Month and as part of the brand's approach to "doing things differently" as the team showcased their "warm, caring & friendly" service philosophy.

Stretching exercise before the race...

Before the race, a cheering competiton were held to select the best cherrleading partner! Some funny. Some not so original. Some are awfully sweet!

The only bride who wear red! Lucky colour for Chinese!

Briefing in session...

These girls mean business...LOL! The prizes are very attractive indeed. For the Grand Prize - a complementary Wedding Banquet for 20 tables and flower decoration by Wishing Tree worth a total of RM38,000 are at stake.

No blushing brides here...All ready to run!

At the start line. Ready...Get set...Get married!

The race was flagged off by Mr. Ian Barrow, General Manager of Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur.

Watch the video below.

Look out for the bride who took a tumble at 0:45. In a flash, she got up and continued the race! The power of RM38,000 Grand Prize! Heheh!


The race was over in less than 5 minutes! We get to see some of the bride sprinting like when they see the hubby with another woman. Oops! Kidding! LOL!

Cool down session, courtesy of hubby! Awwwww.....

Cupcakes tower...Yum!

Truly 1Malaysia winners. Heheh! One Indian, One Malay and One Chinese....

Run for the camera. :)

I had fun being at the race today, even though the briefing took longer than the race itself...LOL! First of its kind in Malaysia! We hope to see more participation next year. Perhaps a longer course so that we could see more of action...and maybe take it to the street of KL. I'm sure it will be a traffic stopper!

We would like to congratulate all the couples participating in the inaugural KL Brides Race! It's a little step towards running a marathon of life together!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Celebrunner: Linda Onn @ L.O.'s Surprise Birthday Party at Scrumptious, KL

We were at Linda Onn's Surprise Birthday Party this evening. Thanks to Linda Onn's Orange Klub (L.O.O.K) for the invitation.

It was arranged by L.O.O.K. without Linda Onn's knowledge. She was led to the restaurant by two bikers for a "meeting".

But little did Linda Onn know, we were behind the door waiting to ambush her with string spray and a huge birthday cake!

How old is Linda? We are not telling (but pssst...you can count the candles on the cake. Heheh!)

Cake cutting! Whoa...like a samurai. Heheh!

Linda Oon is one of the more popular radio DJs in Malaysia. Currently with Suria FM. She also own a chain of restaurants in the Klang Valley.

Happy Birthday Linda Onn. Moga panjang umur & murah rezeki!

She's not really into running but she loves big motorbikes!

Budak Rempit and Minah Rempit...LOL!

With all the fans....L.O.O.K!

A special token for the fans from L.O.O.K!

Check out the surprised look on Linda Onn's face on video!


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Friday, November 26, 2010

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Rock to Rock Run Postponed to 18 December 2010

Latest news that I got from Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.

Rock to Rock Run 2010 scheduled to be held conjunction of the Penang Beach Carnival on 28 November 2010 has been postponed to 18 December 2010, (time and venue remained unchanged) – 6.30am till 11am, Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Kindly refer to the below for information.

Celebrunner: Tomok @ Tomok Album Launch, Hard Rock Cafe, KL

Tomok's hit single Berlari from his solo album made it to Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) 25 - Muzik Muzik 2010 Finalists.

Berlari means "to run" in Malay. So, naturally we asked Tomok to give us his best "berlari" pose.

Nice or not?

Tomok's first solo album was launched in a simple yet intimate setting at Hard Rock Cafe, KL yesterday afternoon. There was no fireworks or elaborate launching gambit. Just Tomok and his band on the stage, performing 4 tracks from the album for the guests including Tomok's own family and fans who called themselves Tomokianz.

The eponymous debut solo album is loaded with twelve original tracks, produced by both established and new faces in the industry such as Afiez New Boyz, Edry KRU, Aidit Alfian, Audi Mok & heavyweight Aubrey Suwito.

CONGRATS to Tomok for the launch of his new solo album!