Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Running with Horses

Padang Polo - Royal Playground Posted by Hello

During CNY holidays, I managed to run a few rounds around Padang Polo Pekan. It is one of my favourite place to run. One round approximately 2.5 km. Best place to run is early in the morning, when the sun is not that hot.

You may get to see many of the polo horses doing their morning exercise on the polo field.

I must say horse riding is a very sexy activity. The motions - up and down. The rubbing. The bouncing. Better stop or else I need a cold shower. Hehehe...but I think running is also sexy. The sweat. The heavy-breathing. The heartbeat racing.....and the orgasmic cup of ice-cold milo at the end of the run. Superb! (Insert wink here!)

Click here for more AMAZING pictures of PEKAN, Pahang

My Big Fat Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Visits Posted by Hello

Big - because my belly girth has increased after back from CNY celebration.

Fat - the amount of fried food that I have gobbled up. Super size me, honey bunny!

My Chinese new year rituals involve these items:

1) Wear something red (this year I bought 2 red shirts and 3 red underwear)

2) Remote controls (4 of them - Astro, TV, VCD player and AIWA mini Hifi)

3) Mandarin oranges, cookies, sweets and dried meat (bak kua)

4) A fake smile when asked when will I get hitched.

I visited my uncle and took a look at his medal collection. Impressive. He has a display cabinet for all of his medal! He also gave me his extra Seremban 1/2 Marathon pewter medal which he found after the run. Hehe...people get ang pow for CNY, I got a medal. Cool, eh?

Friday, February 04, 2005

Spring Breeze Kisses on My Face Tell Me Spring has Arrived

Spring Decor 2005 Posted by Hello

This year marks my first new year with a place on my own. I finally purchased over the apartment that I have been renting from the landlady last year. It is nice to have a place of my own. I can decorate it as I like to usher the lunar new year.

I spent the whole evening yesterday to fengshui-ing my living room. I had to rearrange my furniture to avoid facing West, where the Grand Duke of Jupiter (Tai Sui) resides this year. Who is this Duke bloke? I don't really know but he will bring serious bad luck if offended. One shall not face him directly or suffers.

Incidently another annual affliction - the 3 killing (Sam Sart) is also in the East. One must not have one's back facing Sam Sart or it will stab from behind. So, I have arranged my sofa and TV in away that I face East when I watch TV. I have Grand Dukey supporting me from West to face-off with Sam Sart at the East.

One more feng shui menace is the Five Yellow, residing at Northwest. I have got a cure for this - 5 Element Pagoda. It is 5 inches tall, pointy and made of brass. Five Emperor coins and some garden soil must be placed inside the pagoda. Got mine from a little Feng Shui shop at Jalan HS Lee for RM70; but if you buy it from Lillian Too's World of Feng Shui, it will set you back RM118. Now you know why that Ah So is getting filthy rich!

I also decorated my home with pussy willows, lucky bamboos and auspicious CNY decoration to welcome the good chi of the coming CNY. (See pictures) much of Feng Shui lesson or else I will be told to change my blog name ot Feng Shui with Passion. I am not an expert but I like to dabble in Feng Shui as it is fun and I guess it is one of the ways for me to get in touch with my Chinese heritage. Can you apply Feng Shui in running? Maybe! I will explore this topic in my future blog.

OK. Lunch time almost over. I guess this will the last blog for the Monkey year. Will be going back to hometown this weekend. Yes! It is the time of the year again, when I join thousand of Chinese in Klang Valley in an exodus back to the our respective hometown to celebrate Chinese New Year. I have already packed my new year goodies and to spend time with my mummy, daddy and sisters at home.

Wishing everyone celebrating CNY a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin Nian Jin Bu! and Happy Holidays for the rest!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My First Finisher Cert & Medal for 2005

Penang 12 Hr Walk Bragging Rights Posted by Hello

I received my Penang 12 Hr Walk certificate via snail mail yesterday. This will be my first finisher certicate (and medal) for 2005. Great start for the year! Gong Xi! Gong Xi!