Monday, November 29, 2004

Packing for Singapore Marathon

Singapore Marathon is just 6 days away. I am starting to freak out now due to lack training. Blame it on the rain that was falling every evening. Blame it to the boogie.

Blame it to the bassanova. But don't blame it on my lazy bones. Ahaks!

Yesterday's Siemen 10km run was my last on the road training. Will do some kickboxing, pilates and yoga to keep the endorphin flowing. I guess 6 hours time limit is not impossible. Worst case scenario - walk if I can't run anymore. Or worst worst case - the sweeper bus...No..I think I'd rather die than climbing up a sweeper bus. Ahaks!

Started to gather stuff into my backpack. Plan to travel light. Not to bring additional clothes except my running gear. What you see on me, will be all the clothes I bring. Must remember to bring some heavy duty anti-perspirant or I will knock 'em all dead. Ahaks!

Things that I will stuff in my backpack

Train ticket

Travel Pillow

Eye Mask

4 packs of Power Gel

Passport (Very important!)

Vaseline (for my sexy nipples and toes haha)

Running Vest

Running short


Digital Camera with fully charged batteries.

A book - been wanting to read "Chi Running".

HMV loyalty card (Few more to go to get my free CD)

Registration Confirmation Slip (Very important!)

Reservation at Marina Mandarin Hotel

Electrolite drinks


First Aid Kit - loaded with drugs LOL!

Imodium (for tummy upset)

Norgesic (muscle relaxant)

Panadol (headache)

Ponstan (painkiller)

Plaster (for blisters)

Deep heat & Sloan Analgesic (for tired muscles)

I guess I am all set. Singapore Marathon here I come. Choo Choo....

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Charming Bali

My Bali Travel Page is ready. Enjoy viewing the pictures. Click here for the AMAZING pictures of Bali

Monday, November 08, 2004

Mamamia! My Ipoh Medal Finally Here!

These are my finisher medals hanging on my Ikea floor lamp. I think I need a new floor lamp for 2005 onwards....Haha.

I finally received my Ipoh run medal. It was send by Poslaju. After 4 months waiting in agony, I found it in my postbox when I got home on Saturday evening after a trip to Singapore for Mamamia!. Great show if you like ABBA songs. Story line is simple and the songs flow brilliantly into the story.

It has been a month plus since I last blogged. My excuse: Busy. I miss blogging actually. These could have been the titles October blog.

1) Pink October - Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

2) Sunway Extreme Park Fun Run

3) Blue Concert @ Bukit Kiara

4) Alycia Keys Concert @ Stadium Negara

5) Bali Trip

I plan to update my blog during the Deepa-raya holiday. Please visit this blog again after Raya. I have got loads of pictures especially from Bali.

Wishing everyone Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir & Batin.