Friday, July 31, 2009

2nd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2009

It's back.....(Insert thunderous scream here)

Read about the first edition of the Putrajaya Walk here

For registration, please visit

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shape/ Men's Health Putrajaya Night Run 2009

What? Shape/ Men's Health Night Run 2009

Where? Putrajaya, Malaysia

When? 26 July 2009

How far? 11.5km

Who? Organized by Shape & Men's Health Magazine

The Shape/ Men's Health Run returned after an overwhelming success when it made its debut in the Malaysian running calendar last year. However, instead of Lake Garden, the venue had been changed to a more spacious area in Putrajaya.

And instead of a morning run, they made it a Saturday night run! Since I love the night sceneries at Putrajaya, I had no qualm in registering for the run once the registration was made available.

Amy, Tan and I arrived at the start point around 6:30pm. The area was already buzzing with runners and the various sponsors. I hung around the stage area checking out the rehearsal from the Charm Allstars Cheer Squad and also games conducted by the two bubbly announcers from MixFm. Sham and Jay.

The Charm Allstars was at last year's run too. From their jaw-dropping midair flips and human pyramids, they are indeed a fun bunch to watch.

The Bidor Kaki Runners - They came all the way from Bidor for this run. :)

I also check out some of the sponsors booth. This one is Lab Series. I remember they gave free facials last year. This year they had additional something for the abs...

Me? I didn't try some. No need fancy tummy cream. I gave up on my gut long time ago. LOL! Eat and prosper.

Spotted - TV Personality, Azura Zainal with her Nike LunarGlide+ shoes.

We were hurdled into the waiting pen around 7:30pm. The evening was hot and humid.

I had to sneak out of the waiting pen to record the performance of the Charm Allstars Cheerleading Squad. The stage was too far from the start point. So, for those who were couped up in the waiting pen that evening, do click the video above to check out their awesome performance. :)


Note: I had to replaced the soundtrack because the original sound recording was really bad. Bad bad sound system!

We were set off about 8pm. (11.5km categories).

I lugged along my brick heavy Fuji camera. I left my Olympus at home because no way it can perform satisfactory at night.

I "bumped" into many running friends/ bloggers like Julie, ZulAzlan and Haza.

As I was running on the Seri Gemilang bridge, a bunch of ladies in green caught my attention.

Meet the bride, Sabrina, the one with the veil (second from right). According to her, she just got married the night before. She bridemaids ran beside her.

When asked where was her groom, she said he was out partying!

Damn! Why would any man in his right mind let her pretty wife run without him at night? He should be out running too. You know, keep up the stamina for ehem ehem!. LOL! Kidding!

Anyway, congratulations Sabrina! Hope to see you next year running with a pram! (Insert cheeky wink here!)

I enjoyed the run tremendously. Water stations were adequate. Direction signages were good even though I did see two 7.7km runners who had to make a U-turn after they missed the turning where 11.5km & 7.7km runners spilt. Too engrossed or too blind to see?

Distance markers only available after km 5.

Traffic control was good even though they didn't close the whole route to traffic.

I love the 11.5km route because we get to cross the three most beautiful bridges in the country - The Seri Gemilang Bridge, The Seri Saujana Bridge and The Seri Wawasan Bridge on foot. Simply breathtaking!

My right arm was sore after the run because of the heavy camera! Imagine yourself carrying a brick for the whole 11.5km run. Thank God the images were good enough for YouTube and I hope to entice new runners to this run next year! Heheh!

Meet the Orange fler - one man cheer squad! LOL! I wonder if his hand ache after slapping hi-five 4,000 runners' hands.

I have seen runners who do the "bite the medal" pose for the camera after their run. I got my friends to help me with the pose, with a little twist. Heheh!

BTW, the cover girl is Andrea Fonseka, the super hot chick Miss Malaysia - Universe 2004.

The registration fee had increased by 50%, from RM20 to RM30! But the goodies are quite similar. What we get in this year's goodies bag are...

• A Men’s Health bag

• A Runner’s Vest from Reebok worth RM79

• 2 pouches of Nature Valley® Crunchy Granola Bars

• 1901 Soakin’ Ted (great size)

• A Fitness Concept Microfibre Towel worth RM26

• Clear Men 85ml Shampoo

• Clear Anti-Dandruff 85ml Shampoo

• Shokubutsu Body Shower Foam Active Sports 180ml

• Fresh & White Fresh Blast Toothpaste 30g

• Bion 3 Probiotic Multivitamins Minerals worth RM45

• Naturale Choice Veggie Snack

• Kenko 30mins Fish Spa Voucher worth RM38

• 7-UP Revive 325ml

• Bleu Mineral Water 600ml

• TruDtox Tea Bag

• Cartilamine Glucosamine Sulphate Tablets 10’s

• Clark Hatch 1-Week Free Trial Pass

• Care Condom 3-piece pack

Interesting found in the goodies bag - Thick Top Condoms :)

I wonder if this was what the Shape Magazine Editor meant by saying "HAVE A SAFE NIGHT" in her speech. (See video below).

Click Play and ENJOY!

Look out for the runaway bride and her bridemaids in matching green running gear. :)

Note: Soundtrack - Halo (Sam998899's Radio Remix). I have been halo-crazy lately! :)

Read last year's race report below.


p/s Where were you Jojo Struys? We missed you at the run! :)

Yasmin Ahmad Tribute Mural

I learned about this mural on The Star journalist, Niki Cheong’s status on Facebook yesterday night. It was painted by two street artists along the banks of Klang River (near Central Market LRT Station)

So, this morning, on my way to work, I stopped by the Central Market LRT to look for it. It is featured in The Star paper as well. I actually dreaded to go to that area after I was picked pocketed a few days ago at Klang Bus Station. : (

Not sure how long the mural is going to be there because the Bandaraya people do come and paint the wall white to get rid of the graffiti every now and then. So, in case it happens, the work of art will still be here on YouTube.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad (1958-2009)

Note: Video footage taken during Earth Hours & Talentime screening @ FINAS.

I'm truly blessed to have been in the presence (even though for a brief period) of this wonderful and talented woman. I am a fan of her great movies and will always be.

Yasmin, You will be dearly missed.


My previous posts on Yasmin Ahmad.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Dayang Nurfaizah

She celebrated her birthday on 20 July and had a bash at Hard Rock Cafe last Sunday.

I couldn't make it I was feeling rather unwell. (Insert whimper here!)

Here's a number I dug out from my video vault. Still fresh. I got creavtive with the Movie Maker and gave it a vintage film kinda look.

Sassy, jazzy and full of energy. Looking uber sexy in her bareback dress, Dayang Nurfaizah performed her hit song - HILANG (Disappear) in No Black Tie (2007). The song was rearranged with a jazz feel, totally different from the original power ballad. She rocked the house down!

I consider this her best live performance ever!!!


p/s. Dayang, quick! We need new materials from you already! We've been waiting since your last studio album in 2007!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THE SHOUT! AWARDS: The Best Butt Award Goes To....

I was at SHOUT! Awards last Friday night. I was so happy that they allowed camera in. Yay! I could play paparazzi! Had a blast at the red carpet where the local celebs arrived in style....but I seriously think the red carpet was too short.

The SHOUT! Awards were created to give recognition to those who have made great impact and creative breakthroughs in Malaysian music, film, TV and radio. The Top 5 nominees were determined by an independent panel of judges consisting of tastemakers and experts representing the broadcast, music and film industry.

Viewers voted for their favorite nominations of each category via online voting at the Shout! Awards’s official website.

I entered the Putra Stadium after I had enough of red carpet glitz. Too much glitter is not good for the eyes! The staduim was already filled with people.

The crowd was happening. Screaming Shouting girls and boys.

But the place where I stood sucked!.....I didn’t really get a good views of the winners accepting their awards. All I got was the backside views! All the full moon glory!

Well...I can’t complain much since it was a free ticket. I gotta make the best out of the situation and here’s runwitme, proudly presents to you…

“The Best Butt Award!”

(Insert thunderous applause here)

The nominees who pack most junk in their trunks are.....

Sizzling red hot, Sarah Lian & Juliana Evans (hidden)

Booty-licious Yasmin Hani and Sazzy Falak.

The towering Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia 2007) and Now Every Butt Can Fly Boss, Tony Fernandez.

Nenek Kebayan? No, It's Dynas Mokhtar - accepting the Most Stylish Award. Yikes! She turned up in a dress that resembled a bunch of black trash bags sown together. Most stylish, my @$$! LOL!

The cheeky girls - Jojo Struys (Oh! La! La!) & Diana Rusdi!

Shafinaz's ruffled behind and Paul Moss.

Jaclyn Victor's cute lil tush.

Sheila Majid's jazz diva derrière.

Sean Kingston's King Kong Sized Behind.

And the Best Butt Award goes to....(Insert drum rolls here)

That Marion Caunter chick sure deserved to win. She also took home the HOT CHICK AWARD that night.

I caught her arriving in a limo to the red carpet earlier. A sudden gush of wind almost gave her the Marilyn Monroe's skirt lift moment....How I wished the wind were stronger! Heheh!

Check out the video here.


Disclaimer: This post is a parody. If the owners of the curvaceous behinds get offended and want their butt pictures removed, please send me a written request and an AUTOGRAPH! Thanks!

If you want more of SHOUT! AWARDS, please click links to my videos below.




And of course the whole SHOUT! Awards show ain't gonna be over till the fat lady boy sings....


Comments are welcome. Thanks!

For a complete list of winners, please visit The Official SHOUT! AWARDS website.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Siemens Run 2009

This is my fondest moment of Siemen Runs. It was in year 2006 when I participated in the fun run category. Heheh!

Yes...That is me in the clown suit! It was great fun even though I looked like a barrel of lard! LOL!

Check out the report here....Siemens Run 2006 - Clown Wit Me

And this is my fond memory of this year's Siemen Run! Heheh!

I must congratulate Siemens for creating such a fantastic atmosphere for us runners even though it was not billed as an "international" event; it surpassed many expectations in terms of almost flawless race execution for the runners.

There were drums at the start and even more drums towards the end. Groups of cheerleaders lined the street towards the Dataran Merdeka. I was told that was much happening than one of the recent "international" huge road races.

Me? I was happily shooting away with my camera! :)

I had a blast following the Dream Run runners over a course of a 3.5km run.

Earlier, I went to Lake Garden to meet my friend, Mr. Choi of C3 Sport Hub to try on a pair of Newton Shoes.

What’s so special about this Newton shoes?

Find out more about it HERE

Now, the video that everyone was waiting for..... :)

I usually try to keep my running video under 5 mins but I just couldn't edit this one shorter! Too many good things to share.

Look out for...

1) The striking Newton Shoes

2) A very late start by my friend Ryan..Hahah! He overslept!

3) Wonder Woman! I kid you not!

4) Runners with hearts outside their bodies. LOL!

5) A girl who fell flat on the road at the Cowboy and Indian cheer section. The road was slippery as water was being sprayed onto runners. Again, safety is a concern (organiser, please take note). I hope the girl was OK.

6) The Hot Pom Pom the end. Watch out for "humsup" Uncle Kelvin as he greeted girls when he ran pass them. LOL!


Note: Soundtrack - Eye of the Tiger 2009 (Fast Foot Remix)

Comments are welcome!

Looking forward for the Men's Health Night Run next week! See ya there!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jaz Wit Gillian Chung 鍾欣桐

Barely one month after Edison Chen made his appearence in Bangsar, KL to open a boutique, his partner in crime bed, Gillian is here today in Malaysia to promote a locally brewed beer - JAZ.

Since the event was just a stone throw away from my home, I made a point to go....and be a busybody paparazzi. Heheh!

A bunch of die-gard red.

Gillian arrived in style no less - in a helicopter!

Gillian is now endorsing more "adult" products - jeanswear and now a brand of beer. Gone were the teenybopper persona from her previous Cantopop duo, TWINS. She was dropped by Disney and Beijing Olympic when the sex scandal with Edison Chen broke in 2008.

The security was very tight. Big burly bodyguards who are not the kindest people in the world! Sickening! LOL!

I didn't get the chance to get close to Gillian. Anyway, hope you like the pics.

According to the Jaz head honcho, Gillian was chosen to be Jaz ambassador because she dares to be different, gutsy and adventurous! Yes. Very adventurous indeed.(Insert head nodding here)

Gillian latest project is a period drama, currently shooting in HK.

When asked why she choose Jaz, she mentioned that Jaz is nice to drink....Very safe answer that was. Heheh!

Her appearance on stage was less than 10 mins.

She was ushered to a bar nearby for a press conference after that.

Well, Good for her. She is slowly picking herself up and move back to the limelight after her career was destroyed by the sex scandal with Edison Chen.

Good luck to Gillian! Malaysia loves you! :)

Mmmm....Jaz is the best thing ever I have put in my mouth since....erm nevermind... ;)

Note: Soundtrack - I Poke Her Face (Poker Face) by Kid Cudi feat Lady Gaga & Kanye West. I used the instrumental version because the one with vocal/ rap is too explicit for this blog. LOL!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

McDonald's Olympic Day Run 2009

What? Olympic Day Run 2009

Where? Dataran Merdeka, KL

When? 12 July 2009

Who? Sponsored by ol' McDonald....E.i.e.i.o!

About 4,000 plus runners participated in the biggest ever Olympic Day Run, presented by McDonald's at Dataran Merdeka last Sunday. It was the 4th year that McD has collaborated with the OCM for the run.

I didn't run this time around but just to soak in the atmosphere and of course self-appointed myself as the videographer for my running pals.

It was a fun fun run! Runners get to Hi-5 Ronald McDonald. I was expecting him to be erm.....taller. LOL!

I froze in fright as I was swarmed by an incoming wave of kiddies runners when I was standing in the middle of the road while recording the flag off. I was so engrossed with the recording until I didn't realize that it was too late to run away!

Also loved the dancing Smart Kids and the impromptu b-boys dancing!

Check 'em up here.


Ever wonder how far you gotta run to burn off a BIG MAC?

One Big Mac contains 484Cal of Energy. (Source:

Use "Calorie Counter by Distance" below to calculate your calorie burned per km.

Input your weight in kg, and "1" km in the distance column. The result is the calories burned if you run 1km.

Then divide 484cal by that number that you've got.

That is how far you gotta run to burn off a Big Mac!

So, for a 70kg guy like me, I have to run about 7.7km to burn off a Big Mac...LOL!

In that case, one round of Olympic Run (7km) is hardly enough. And that's without adding the fries and softdrink calories!

But like what they say, IT'S WHAT I EAT AND WHAT I DO!

So, after I eat, I must DO!

OK...I better go hit the tarmac soon....Happy Running!

p/s. I hope the Math explanation above is clear. I don't have to use Bahasa Malaysia to explain it, do I? LOL!

Monday, July 13, 2009

LunarGlide+ Trial at Nike Malaysia

What? Nike LunarGlide+ Trial

Where? Nike Malaysia, The Curve.

When? 9 July 2009 4pm

Who? National Athletes/ Celebs present - Azura Zainal, Yuan Yu Fang, Kimberly Yap, Sarah Lian, DJ Rudy, DJ Jakeman.

Running is no rocket science. Just shuffle your feet back and forth as fast as you can....

But it's a different story with the shoes.....(Insert wink here!)

Yours truly was invited to try on a pair of the recently launched, Nike LunarGlide+ by the generous people if Nike Malaysia at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Introducing...LunarGlide+ Men

The lightweight running shoe is designed with an innovative midesole architecture called Dynamic Support.

So, what is this Dynamic Support all about?

It is comprised of a LunarLite Foam core (yellow) that sits within a firmer foam carriage (orange).

It provides cushioning and stability while intuitively adapting to the runner's gait with each step.

The fairer coloured design for the fairer sex?

The female version of the shoe differs not only in colour but has a women specific designs based on their key physical atttributes.

The women's Nike LunarGlide+ upper incorporate a medial side Arch Strap teamed with Flywire technology to provide better lockdown hench support for the feet.

According to Nike, women tend to have broader forefeet which can lead to fit issue like abrasion and bunions. The women LunrGlide has a stretchy material (Dynamic Fit Tech) to accomodate the varying width of the female forefoot. So, running will be less restrictive and they can slide and glide with ease! :)

Attentive audience it seemed!

After the classroom briefing, we were all geared up to take the shoe for a trial run. was raining outside!

Run in the rain? Me OK with it but I was more worried about getting BRAND NEW SHOES wet! Heheh!

Anyway, nobody objected in running in the rain drizzle. So, off we went.....taking the spanking new Glide+ for a ride. Hey! It rhymes! LOL!

Stretching execise before the run.....led by the NY marathoner, Jamie Pang. :)

I joined the first half of the run and then waited for the runners to come back at the traffic light after they made a loop around the housing area there. Not that I was lazy to run but I wanted to catch all the actions from the other runners.

The run was cut short of the initial 5km (for elite' hardcore runners) and 2km (not so elite runner like me...Heheh!) No thanks to the rain!

Everyone got back to the Nike office safely. The rain didn't dampen the excitement over the new LunarGlide+ shoes. I heard mostly positive responses from my running pals.

Verdict: Personally, I like it very much. Good fit. Light. It is much harder/ sturdier than Lunar Trainer. I will be posting a proper review after I take it for a 10K spin at the Men's Health Run @ Putrajaya end of the month.

p/s If you're wondering whose legs were featured in the prelude post, please find out in the video below.

Also check out the ultra cool decor in Nike office and the sweet babes on the run. :)


Acknowledgments: A BIG THANK YOU to NIKE MALAYSIA for the invite.