Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Great Eastern Pacesetters 30km 2007

A Roaring Start to 2007

What? The Great Eastern Pacesetters 20km 2007

Where? Lake Garden

When? January 21, 2007 (Sunday)

How Long? 20km

The first official run of the year and I didn't bring my camera along. Surprised? Actually, there is nothing on the route, which I have not taken a picture of already. Heheh! So, off I went "tra-la-la" down the 20km route with my faithful running partner only - my SE710i phone cum MP3 player cum speed monitor cum step counter cum calories counter.

The route took me from Lake Garden to the Sri Hartamas and back (for 20km). Thank God, I do not have to go up the "double hill" like the 30K runners had to. After the U turn at the Petronas station, I saw many 30K runners from on the opposite side of the road. So, I played the role of "Mr. Tourism" - waved and said hello to my running friends as I passed them by.

Average Speed: 11km/hr (I think it need calibration, I think I plodded slower than this)

Calorie burnt: 2067.9 kCal (How many Kit Kats are this translated to?)

I think I did pretty OK for this run for a weekend warrior, finishing within the qualifying timing. The medal is bigger than the last year's one, even though it seems to be lighter.

It is not a Pacesetter run if it doesn't come with a hearty breakfast. We had a choice of Nasi Lemak or Fried Rice for the main dish and for dessert, Tau Foo Fah or Cendol. All these came with free flow of iced Milo and unlimited supplies of banana and watermelon. Yummy! I think I easily put back the calories that I had burned.

I stayed awhile at the finishing area catching up with my friends. Met up with one my "spies" too. Heheh!

My spy told me that the 24Hr Walk would be held at Kuala Lumpur this year. Genting Highland Resorts no longer interested in sponsoring this event (re:stingy). When? 11-12 August 2007 (one week after Adidas King of the Road).

It will be held at Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad. They say, you have not been Kuala Lumpur until you step foot at this building. And if you are a runner, you have not run in KL until you start your run here. Heheh! This building serves as the backdrop for the start and finish of many road races in KL, including the KL International Marathon. So, I guess we will be making loopy-loop around the building, one loop about 600m.

The most challenging part of the 24 hour walk in KL is the heat. In Genting Highlands, we were surrounded by the cool misty mountain air. At Penang 12 Hr walk, we walked from 8:00pm till the next day 8:00am, so we escaped the wrath of the unforgiving afternoon sun. It is gonna be hot, hot, hot in Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, if the heat doesn't kill you, the stench from the Klang river which flows behind this building will. Heheh!

This will be one of the events to look forward to in the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh". We hope tourists will flock to see us walking around the clock (literally because the building houses a clock tower in the middle). Will update when I get more info from my spy. (Insert James Bond theme here!)

Before heading back home, I donated RM20 for charity at the GE booth. In return, I was given a GE Lion stuff toy (picture) and an Axel T-shirt. Very good deal this!