Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Screen shot Posted by Picasa I can't help it but to get a screen shot of this. Can't believe that my blog has been viewed 10101 times already. It started of with a "syok sendiri" (self-indulging) blog - to write about what I love best - RUNNING. When I started in Jan 2004 (ahem..seems like very long time ago), there were only a few websites - Azwar's Runner's High, Jamie's Loft and The Penguin which visted regularly to draw inspiration from. Later came many other running blogs including one of my personal favourites - pm1.blogspot which I think the most funny, up-to-date and happening running blogspot in Malaysia. I am happy to be a part of this runner-blogger community. I am not a fast runner. I just have don't have the luxury of time to train everyday. My aims for most runs are just to complete the run within the qualifying time. Occasionally, I am blessed with finisher medals. When I run, I normally bring along my faithful Nikon camera to capture the event through the runner's perspective. As you can see this blog is not all about running. I have included my other passions as well - movie, Mariah Carey, music, travel, concerts and my new found interest - treasure hunting. So, who is runwitme? Who is the person behind the mask? Well, he is just a regular-power-gel-eating-100plus-guzzling-runner like you. He prefers to blog anonymously and would like to keep it that way for the time being. Don't look for him at the starting line, along the route or at the finishing line because runwitme only exists in cyberspace, in this blog. I enjoy running. I enjoy blogging. I hope you enjoy my blog about running (...and other stuff too). Thank you for reading my blog. Sincerely. runwitme running with passion

Monday, August 29, 2005

Leo, Lion, Simba & Singa Hunt

LEO Amazing Walk-a-Hunt Posted by Picasa Three team members, two hunts and one weekend. Last weekend was the busiest treasure-hunting weekend for me. I had Maju Junction Merdeka Challenge (MJMC) on Saturday and the Leo WalkaHunt on Sunday. This was worse than having two 10km running events in one weekend. Leo Hunt was a traditional walkahunt. Thank God, no Fear Factor and physical challenge involved. We registered at the Kelana Jaya LRT station about 7:00am. We saw Vic of last year's Malaysian Idol waiting for his ride at the LRT station. We were flagged off by a huge black cock….I mean huge black rooster mascot, courtesy from Nando Chicken. The hunt took us from Kelana Jaya to Bangsar to Sentral to Pasar Seni (Petaling Street) and then to the final assembly point at Amcorp Mall, all using the LRT and of course our legs. The questions were not as easy as the MJMC. We had to let go quite a number of questions. We were scurrying like lipas kudung (dismembered cockroach) back to Amcorp Mall due to poor time management. (own reminder: please plan your time, stick to it and willing to let go of certain questions) The treasures were quite tough too. We didn’t manage to crack the clue until the last minutes - Eveready AA Batteries, 100Plus drink and two Trebor sweets. We solved the 100Plus treasure clue in the LRT while on our way back to Amcorp Mall!! That was a close one. Anyway, we were so happy that we got all the treasures right. There were more questions waiting for us at Amcorp Mall. Relatively easy. We only get one question wrong here. While waiting for the result to be announced, we walk around Amcorp Flea Market and had lunch at Salero Negori (a nice and reasonably priced Negeri Sembilan restaurant). We passed this restaurant a few times during the hunt and the cooking smell was really tantalizing. We were hungry like the wolves. It didn’t take us long to decide where to have lunch even before the hunt was ended. The top 5 winners were announced. I saw the a few familiar faces and familiar team names that I notice the day before at MJMC. These people are really good. I heard the first prize team managed to get full scores on their hunt. Amazing!! I guess this comes with experience and teamwork. I hope one day, my team will be up the stage receiving prizes like them. (Insert starry eyes day dream here).

Treasures, Inflatables and Worms

Maju Junction Merdeka Walkahunt 27.08.05 Posted by Picasa BW, Mabeal and I didn’t know what was in stored for us when we signed up for the Maju Junction Merdeka Challenge. I initially thought it was just another walk-a-hunt in the comfort of the air-conditioned mall. We definitely got more than what we asked for. First Stage – 25 questions and 4 treasures. This stage was relatively easy compared to other hunts. We got 20 out of 25 questions right. As for the treasures, yours truly had deciphered all the clues correctly and scored full marks for the team. I picked up the first and the second treasures at SOGO – Delite Ice Tea Citron and Roller Coaster Sweet & Spicy snack. The forth one, Kopiko sweet was bought at a 7-11 along Jalan Raja Laut. The third treasure was a bit tough to buy. I practically went into every restaurants and sundry shops along Jalan Raja Laut to look for the specific F&N Blazt drink. Nobody seemed to stock this product. Luckily I managed to find it later at Batu Road Supermarket. Second stage – Spot the shop in Maju Junction. We all were tired by the time we reached back to Maju Junction. We were given 4 cryptic questions to solve and spot the shops. However, we were not told which level the shops were located. So, we had to run around every level of the mall like headless chicken. At the end, we were simply too tired to even get one correct answer. We didn’t get any marks for this event. Sob! Sob!
Wiggle Wiggle Posted by Picasa Third Stage - Physical & Amazing Challenge. We had to do a physical and amazing stunt each. The challenges were fixed a few days before during the briefing session. We were asked to pick our challenge numbers without knowing what we were supposed to do and no changes were allowed after signing up. God Help Us! Physical Challenge: 1) Dunk In - I was given three chances to dunk the marshal into the water. I missed the first shot. I hit the bull’s eye on the second try but it was not strong enough to tip the lever. So embarrassing! I got to hit the gym to work on the biceps…Third try was the worst. Zero mark for me (Insert whimper here). 2) Inflatable Rock Climbing - BW did this with utmost flair and got us our first 5 points in the Stage 3. 3) Obstacle Challenge - Mabeal did some nasty dunking to score us another 5 points. Amazing Challenge: 1) Dare Challenge - Named challenger must pick up 5 coins from a “snake pit”, which looked like a fish bowl with a few snakes thrown in. Mabeal opted out from this dare. She had this problem with snakes since she fainted upon seeing a cobra brought into the vet clinic she was working a few years ago. Oh well...the team decided to let the 5 points go. 2) Gross Factor – I was the “lucky one” to do this challenge. I was quite apprehensive at first. Who wouldn’t? Having to pick up five nuts with my mouth in a plate of wiggling worms in 15 seconds does not fall in the comfortable things to do. I decided to give it a try anyway since this would be the closest thing I would ever been to Fear Factor. When the marshal said go, I immediately buried my face into the plate of worms, nudging them away with my lips to reveal the nuts underneath. I couldn’t close my eyes for I need to see where the nuts were. I was expecting a foul smell, but it there was none. Hurriedly, I picked up the nut one by one using my teeth, occasionally nudging away the wiggling worms with my mouth. I might have decapitated a few worms in the process. Salty lil’ bastards they were. How did I do? 17 seconds. 2 seconds too late and that sent me down the walkway of shame in no time at all. (Insert a cry here!) Anyway, I am quite proud of myself having to complete the task even though I was two second too late. At least I can say that I have tried my best. This ranked second place in the "dirty things that I have put in my mouth" category. What is the dirtiest thing I have put in my mouth? Hmm...It is a secret hahah! (insert wink here). 3) Gutsy Challenge – The challenger must clear up the shell of an hardboiled egg and eat it completely in 15 seconds. Sounds easy? It is not easy as it sounds. Try that at home. BW almost choked to death shoving the yolk down his throat. I could see his eyes almost popped out from the sockets. We didn't make it to the top 20's but I guess we were a few points shy from the top 20 based on our own calculation after the answers were revealed. MJMC hunt was challenging, fun and a great learning experience. The organiser announced that they would bring back this hunt next year. I guess we would be better prepared next year, worms and all.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Great Buy for Arm and Armpits

Something for your arm and armpits. Posted by Picasa RM 9.89 from GIANT. Rexona twinpack roll-on deodorant free arm pouch. The arm pouch looks strikingly like the NIKE arm pouch. A Nike arm pouch retails at RM40. Therefore, for the same amount of money, you can get 8 bottles of Rexona deodorant (almost a year supply of) and 4 free pouches. Isn't that a steal?Furthermore, nobody would notice that you are wearing a Nike knock off when you speed down the road with it. This little baby comes in dark blue and bright red in case you wanna colour coordinate your running gear. It even has some space left for some candy after I stuffed my mobile phone, my credit card and my keys into it. Very practical pouch, indeed. Actually, I don't really need the deodorant but I bought it anyway because I like the arm pouch. Congratulation to the Rexona marketing team. Your promotion strategy works. Speaking of deodorant, I think any major deodorant distributors like Rexona should do the Malaysia a favour by giving away free samples before the start of run event. Save our noses from the stinking armpits and body odour (B.O.). Have you ever get stuck at the starting line, surrounded by sea of runners and your neighbour stinks like a wet pig? I am sure it happens to all of us. B.O is a problem that can be easily solve with applying deodorant/ anti-perpirant or simply a shower. But still we get runners with bad case of B.O. at the starting line, without even sweating yet.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Zoom In with Ziana Zain

Ziana, just add white roses for dramatic effect. Posted by Picasa ZIZZ was recorded in front of a live audience on 16 August 2005, 9:00pm at Auditorium Perdana RTM and will be broadcasted on TV2, 27 August 2005, 9.00pm. Aging rocker, Yantzen was her guest singer. The ticket came with one slimming session free of charge at the slimming center that upkeep Ziana’s slim and trim figure. One session? One is not enough for fatty like me! Hahaha!

She looks a bit like a skinny J.Lo, doesn't she? Posted by Picasa

Post-dancing Hair Damage Control Posted by Picasa

Getting Jiggy Wit It Posted by Picasa

Diva at Work Posted by Picasa

Ziana's Back to the Front Posted by Picasa

Beauty and The Beast Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Spectaculars - Final 8

The Spectaculars - R&B Pop Nite Posted by Picasa No running story last weekend. Malay Mail Big Walk was postponed (to November, I heard). Larian Gemilang was postponed. I felt miserable but my mood was slightly lifted when I went to see the Malaysian Idol live at Sri Pentas 2. I am sure going to miss the Spectaculars as starting this week onwards I will be taking night classes every Thursday and Friday night. So, no more idols, just books. Sigh! Anyway, here are some pictures I took in the Spectaculars show – R&B Pop nite. I was seated right behind the judges next to a very annoying fat bloke who couldn't keep his mouth shut. The stage view was somewhat blocked by Paul Moss bushy head, but I didn't mind at all for I managed to snap some candid the guest judge, Anuar Zain pictures. I also got my “hand” autographed. Jee (no, not Fauziah Latif), if you're reading this, the pictures are dedicated to you.

Look Ma, I am a humming bird.  Posted by Picasa
What's up pussycat? Anuar Zain flashing his million ringgit smile Posted by Picasa

Anuar Zain - the real Malaysian Idol  Posted by Picasa

Jien Seacrest? Posted by Picasa
At first I was afraid, I was petrified...... Posted by Picasa
Go on go! Walk out the door! Turn around now! You're not welcome anymore! Posted by Picasa
I will survive! For as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive. But can Ejay survive? Malaysia didn't think so. She was voted out on Sunday result show. Bye bye Ejay!Posted by Picasa

Farah. Sweet and beautiful. A very strong contender. Posted by Picasa
Hanita. I love to watch her sing. She is tall, sophisticated and ever so graceful. Posted by Picasa

Xerra. Flaming red hair. Fun. Vivacious. Baby, come on light my fire.  Posted by Picasa

Anuar and his million ringgit smile again. Bye bye birdie. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Breathe Again...

Who's the man behind the mask? Posted by Picasa If I never feel the finisher medal again If I never wear the race bib again If I never get participation cert now and then Will I never run a race once again Please understand if running ends Then I promise you, I promise you That, that I shall never breathe again Breathe again Breathe again That I shall never breathe again Breathe again Uhuk! Uhuk! Sung to the tune of Toni Braxton’s Breathe Again.