Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Yippee! I'm so glad that my blog is mentioned in an article about regional running guide in the latest edition of ASIA RUNNER magazine (Jan-March 2008). Great motivation for me to blog about future events. Yippee!

Thank you Asia Runner and thanks to you too, the readers of this blog.

You can check out the article here too.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Running With The Moon and Stars

I have signed up for this. Still working out a training program....It will be interesting because the marathon starts at 12am midnight!!! How orgasmic is that?

More info: Sundown Marathon Official Website

Khon Kaen Here I Come...

Will be leaving for BKK on this coming Friday and then Khon Kaen (North East of Thailand) on the next day! Signed up for half marathon only. This will be my first running event for the year 2008. I am so excited!

Actually I am looking forwards for the pre and post run eating sessions! Heheh!

To any runners who will be going, Chok Dee na...(Good luck).

I won! Iorek is mine!

What's in the goodies bag?

Movie Storybook

Iorek Plush Toy

Deck of Cards

Lunch Cooler (Why would anyone want their lunch to be cold?)

Pewter Key Chain

Double Movie Passes (gave mine to the boss as I have already watched it..Heheh!)

Iorek Byrnison snout look like Snoopy's.

Official Ice Bear. It has been given to a friend who collect bear stuff.

Unlike the movie version, this Iorek doesn't come from Svalbard near the North Pole. It has a Made in China labelled to his butt. Heheh!