Saturday, July 30, 2005

Malaysian Idol 2 - Spectacular

Jien & Cheryl Posted by Picasa Malaysian Idol 2 - Spectacular was recorded in front of live studio audience on Friday, 29 July 2005 at Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. It showcased 11 finalists' performances picked from the workshop and theater elimination earlier.

Tah Dah!..... Posted by Picasa

The judges - Roslan, Jee, Nora & Paul Moss Posted by Picasa

Atilia the Hun - I'm a little teapot... Posted by Picasa

Ash : tummy...Constipated! Posted by Picasa

Azam : Gimme 5! Posted by Picasa

Trish...Boring song, forgettable performance. Posted by Picasa

Adam : Is he man enough for you? Posted by Picasa

Farah..Sugar and spice..and all thing nice! Posted by Picasa

Ejay - the night she murdered Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together!" Posted by Picasa

Faizul : Open up and say Aaaaaahhhh...! Posted by Picasa

Pink Hair, pointy shoes...I'm your next idol, babeh! Posted by Picasa

Xerra..Be careful where you put the microphone! Posted by Picasa
Nita..You too..Be careful where you put the microphone! Posted by Picasa

Paul Moss: Look Ma, I got elbows... Posted by Picasa

Yeah! My new deodorant works! Posted by Picasa

Saiful, Botak (Roslan Aziz), Rydee & Kak Jee Posted by Picasa

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Can't Shake Mariah Out of My Head!

Shake Your Groove Thang Posted by Picasa The lastest single cover from the diva. Doesn't she look emancipated in burgundy?

Friday, July 29, 2005

Klang Royal Town Run Tee

Klang Tee Posted by Picasa This T-shirt will end up in donation for Salvation Army bin. Amen!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Wiggle, Wiggle!

2003 File Picture Posted by Picasa More butt-wiggling walking action coming. I have just received my acceptance letter (Whoa...Like going to college!) for the 3rd Malaysia International 24 hour Walk 2005. Number and chip distribution will be held at Gino Room, Theme Park Hotel from 9:00-11:00 am on September 18, 2005. Technical briefing will be at 11:30am. Race is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon and end at the same time, the next day. Now, that’s a lot of wiggling to do!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Going Fruity Over Fruit

Fruit Galore! Posted by Picasa After a morning of Power walking, I took the opportunity to replenish the energy at Putrajaya by going to the Jom Makan Buah Promotion organized by Taman Warisan Pertaninan. All I can eat for RM8. When I arrived with some colleagues of mine at about 11am, the promo site was already swarmed with people, busy stuffing their faces with durians, mangosteens, langsats, honey limes and pulasans. Without much ado, we attacked the durian section like starving fruit bats. I raised the white flag after 4 medium sized durians. Good stuff but too much of a good thing can make you puke. Hehe! I headed to the mangosteen section and find me a spot between the mangosteens and a huge waste disposal. It was a very convenient spot to dispose of the skin after eating the flesh. I love juicy mangosteens. Next ambush – the pulasan. Pulasan is a spiky fruit, which you have to “twist” to open. Its name is derived from “pulas” meaning “twist”. The inside looks very much like the hairy rambutan. The taste is slightly different, though. By the time I finished with Pulasan, I didn’t have more rooms for the langsats and honey limes.
Hungry for Fruit Posted by Picasa All in all, it was a very good promotion. I heard, they were out of fruit by 1:00pm and had to replenish. I am not surprised as they were many greedy people not only take more than what they can eat; they also bagged the fruit up to take home. When I say bag, I mean really big bag. I saw a couple looted the fruit in a black garbage bag. Awful! Simply awful! I saw parents putting fruit into their children’s cribs. I saw a lady stuffing pulasan in her bag. What kind of mentality was that? Where did it come from? Scarcity? Plain Ol’ Greed! Why can’t people just take enough for them and let everyone the opportunity to share the rest? No wonder there is still poverty in the world even though there should be enough food for everybody! (Insert sigh here!) The organizer had the same shortage problem yesterday. But I guess, some people will just never learn from their mistakes. (Insert another sigh here!).

Power Walk 2005

Power Starts Posted by Picasa Power Run is organized by Bata, the famous Malaysian shoe company that produces POWER brand shoes. Date: 24 July 2005 (Sunday). Start/ End: Dataran Merkeka. Distance: 10km. There is no mistake in the title of my blog. I did WALKED the Power run. I walked as my practice for the coming Malay Mail Big Walk. I know that I would not have walked 10km on the road by myself. So, I had this lazy man idea of making the next few runs before the Biggie (August 14), as my walk training ground. Off I went, swinging my arms, straightening my knees and shaking my bon bon all the way to the finish line. I did get some “what-the-hey-he-is-doing-looks” from some fellow runners but I didn’t care. I would still get my completion cert when I complete my walk. Having changed my speed from running to walking, I did notice a few things that I normally I didn’t when I run. Here are 10 of them. 1) I was overtaken by old people, VERY old people!!! There was this old man; I think he could be easily over 70 years old. He zoomed and overtook me at 2 km. You go, uncle! (See also picture below). 2) Some runners did not wear proper running shoes. I was chased by this guy who sounded like he was wearing wooden clogs. Klik! Klok! Klik! Klok! Scary! 3) Some runners did not wear shoes at all. OK. I read about the benefit of running BARE feet but I do not want to end up having BEAR feet, claws and all. Nope, I find dirty calloused feet; cracked heels and ugly toenails are unpretty. I might try Nike Free after the price drop. They are still ridiculously expensive for a pair of trainers. I love the newly launched banana yellow models. I think they would look and feel so yummy on my feet. 4) Some runners were still not clear about the concept of long distance running and pacing. Many “speedy Gonzales” were seen doing the 100-meter dash in a 10km event and then start walking. Then they would repeat the cycle again Very annoying! At the end, I overtook all of them. Eat my dust, busters! 5) Road hogs are not confined to drivers. I get very irritated with inconsiderate runners who purposely quicken their pace so to prevent other people from overtaking them even though they know that they are not in the run to get any placing or position. I seen plenty during my walk. Can’t take the fact that a walker can be faster? Shove it, man! 6) Walking takes time to get used to. Temptation was great this morning to just bend my knees and run like the wind. 7) When I listen to Linkin Park – my walking pace got faster. 8) When I listen to Beyonce – my butt wiggling got faster (Insert Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh No No! Crazy in Love! Hahaha!) Oh..Next time I should try it with a Shakira number…It’s gonna be a La Tortura (Torture!). 9) As such, my Hybrid Theory (pardon the pun!) - all I need is a Linkin Park and Beyonce duet to take my power walk action to the max. 10) My hips hurt from all the wiggling action. Who said walking is easy?

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