Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mahasamut soo Mahasamut (Ocean to Ocean)

3rd Ocean To Ocean Relay Running (Songkhla to Satun)

If driving across the peninsular of Thailand from the gulf of Thailand in the Pacific Ocean to the Andaman Sea is not challenging enough, try running across in the Ocean-to-Ocean Relay Run on February 11th, 2007. Total distance is 136.6 kilometers.

The race starts from the Pacific Ocean at Haad Kaew, Songkhla province, then crosses the Songkhla Lake area, before continuing on to Satun province where runners will run along Khuan Kalong district to La-ngu, ending at Pakbara Pier at the Andaman Sea.

Runners will enjoy scenic ocean views all along the route. This will be the Thailand 3rd Ocean-to-Ocean Run – a one-of-a-kind sunrise-to-sunset race.

Note: The write up is in progress. It might take a week or so as runwitme is very busy preparing for the coming Chinese New Year.

Volunteers preparing the cooler box. I heard 12,000kg ice was ordered for the event!

The briefing session

The baton: About 12 inches long and 1 1/2 inch thick. Smooth and shiny too.

The official running vest.

Dinner is served! Aroy Mag Mag!(Very delicious)

Enchanting Thai Dance Show...

Graceful Thai Dancers

Porridge with "pa tong kuo" (Thai equivalent of yau char kuai) is served before the start.

Runner No.5 has 4 legs. This dog can run for sure. Seen it at Hatyai Nature Run last year too.

TV coverage at the start. Too bad we don't get UBC in Malaysia.

Dipping my stick...I mean, baton into Pacific Ocean before the start.

The distances and gradients I had to endure

Running in darkness, I had to rely on these oil lamps placed along the dark stretches of road in the morning.

Run for the cheers, stay for the bananas...Heheh!

The most enthusiastic supporter...

Dance little lady, dance...

Baton passing can be quite dramatic.

Living dangerously at the edge.

Come get some soya bean drink! Yum! Yum!

Runner greeted by Mahnora dancers...

Sawasdee kaa...

My loneliness is killing me....I must confess I still believe...

New aerodynamic running bottom?

What's that baton doing in his pants? Heheh!

A helper dispensing ammonia on cotton bud. It smell like urine and it supposed to make you more alert! Yikes!

Lam Yai (Longan) orchard along the route.

Taking A Break at Sala (A shed)

Mod reang leow....(no energy already)

Someone is fertilizing the papaya (malakaw) plant. Heheh!

Rollercoaster Road....Up down up down up down....!

Long way to go....

Sunset and coconut trees....If only they have an award for mundane caption writer! Heheh!

Last 1km - all teammates run towards the finish line together, along a beautiful stretch along the ocean.

Running in the Setting Sun.

Glorious Sunset.

Narumol giving Ocean to Ocean Relay a thumb up!

Fantastic cultural show!

Little Mermaid

Beautiful Ladies. (Suay Pu Ying)

Horny dancer? Check out her two bufallo horns. Heheh!

Fire in the sky

Pyrotechnic display on stage. What a closing event.

Hot air lantern preparing to take off.

Finisher Jacket with hood. It's water-resistant. I've tested it in the rain upon my arrival in KL from Hatyai.

The bead on the zipper contains seawater and sand from Pacific and India (sic) Ocean. Cool, eh?

Two coloured medal - Front Si Daeng (Red), Back Si Dam (Black)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pom pai Songkhla! (I’m going to Songkhla)

Been practicing my smattering spoken phasa Thai. Leaving for Hatyai and then Songkhla this Friday (Wan Sook) night. So excited.

Wing reow reow na krub! (Run fast fast!)

Malaysia Tam Dai!!!!! (Malaysia Boleh!)

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