Tuesday, February 12, 2008

KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge

What? KL Tower International Forest Towerthon Challenge Where? KL Tower. Where else could it be? When? Feb 3, 2008; Staggered starts. How many steps? 2000 +++++

It was drizzling at the start...

This guy was well equipped and properly warmed-up. You can stand under his umnrella? ella? ella? Heheh!

200 participants was set off at 8:00am. We had to run up a hill at the base of the tower. I think the distance is about 1km.

Welcome to KL Tower. The 5th tallest communication tower in the world. (Used to be 4th in 2006)

Once we entered the stair well, we were greeted with this fler - Zinedine "headbutt" Zidane.

And then some businessman which I don't think I can relate to at that point of time.

Then came Nicole, our national squash babe! Yeah!

Lee Chong Wei looked smashing in this picture....Heheh!

And Josiah Ng encourages us to go out there and do it. Do what??? I wonder! LOL!

I didn't pay attention at my time at all. In fact I have forgotten to press the start button of my watch. Anyway, my aim was to complete and take as many pictures as possible. It's not often that you get to climb KL Tower like this.

16 more floors to do....Dang!

Participant from the later batches caught up with me. Phew....my legs had became wobbly. I must go on....

Maria Sharapova lifted my spirit again....WooooooHooooo!

Water station....Participants were not allowed to carry their own drink up.

Nice bottle shape eh? Just like the tower. I took 3 as souvenirs! LOL!

Guess who is this? It's En. Haris from Bedung, Kedah panting away.....Keep it up, bro!

Six more floors to go. (Insert wheezing, panting and grunting here!)

What's golf gotta do with Towerthon? Great quote though! Heheh!

My favourite of them all - Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee! Fight like Mohammad Ali!

58 more steps to go....Almost there...

What? Another 3 floors????

Shalin, our national bowler...

What the hey is this fler doing here? Donald "bad toupee" Trump? You must be kidding!

2 more. Keep pushing!

Finally.....I made it!

I managed to snap national triathlete, Wong Ah Tiam at the finish point.

View from the observatory deck. Some part of KL are covered by thick mist (?) after the rain.

Watch those little people run up the hill...Heheh!

KL Tower. Now you see it!

Now you don't....

The winners - Some African bloke and National athlete, Yuan Yu Fang.

What's in the goodies bag?

1 x KL Tower Mineral Water

2 x McD Fries vouchers

1 x Radio 24 Note pad

1 x Sloan analgesic rub

1 x Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bath sachet

1 x Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion sachet

1 x Milo can drink

1 x Uphamol...for the headache...and muscle ache.

1 x Carefree Panty Shield....to protect from wetness!

1 x Stayfree Sanitary Napkin....for heavy flow day. LOL!

I enjoyed the run, rather walk up KL Tower. Love to do it again next year. Love the medal too. Much much much better than 2006 plastic disc! Good job KL Tower!