Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Bought the book. Seen the show. Now, won the cool T-shirt.  Posted by Picasa

...and the namecard holder and the CD too Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's A Bird, No...It's A Plane...No, It's SuperRunwitme....Well, Almost.

Superman Returns Ultimate Trials Posted by Picasa

After a day of saving the world.... and the girl too, Runwitme is too (beep!) tired to write his Superman Returns Ultimate Trial blog. Please comeback in a day or two. Heheh!

Honey, Talk to the hand...! Posted by Picasa

Superman Wanna-be - Training In Progress Posted by Picasa

3 Legged Race Posted by Picasa

Kryptonite Deactivation Chamber Posted by Picasa

The Maze....Lex Luthor wuz ere? Posted by Picasa

Final 10 - Hanging on to my dear life! Heheh! Posted by Picasa

Final 3 - Superman Push. (Not my team) Posted by Picasa

Ropeburn...Ouch! It's tough being a superhero! Posted by Picasa

Superman Goodies Bag Posted by Picasa

Congratulations!!! Consolation Prize only. Sob! Sob!Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Weekends in July Are Full...And That Is A Good Thing

Busy Month Running Posted by Picasa

Dull boy needs escape. Escape in July, he will......

2 July - Milk Run, Zouk, Singapore + The Orchard Road Marathon (aka The Great Singapore Sale-lah heheh!)

9 July - Secret Nature Run in the Jungle (Guess where??)

16 July - Seremban Half Marathon

22 July - Hope Run & Walk , Dataran Merdeka

23 July - Klang Run, Klang (Decide to skip Chicken Runfor this)

30 July - Penang International Bridge Run

The Mobile Phone That You Can Take It Running And Look (Beep!) Good With It

In my wish list...The phone that is. Posted by Picasa

Is it a phone? Is it a 2MP camera? Is it an MP3 player? Is it a speed monitor and calories counter?

It is all of above actually. And the best thing is I can take it shopping, jogging, walking, cycling and of course running.

I am so excited when I read about its features in mobile review. This baby is armed with motion sensor, enabling to calculate number of steps you make during running or walking. While running or walking the screen reflects all information you can only dream of - time from the beginning, covered distance, current speed, and user is also at liberty to switch between screens and learn more on calories consumption, average lap time or just reset all acquired data and begin a new cycle.

Brilliant isn't it? This dream phone of mine will soon be arriving, in Q3 this year. I can't wait...(Insert excited squeal here! Heheh!)

Monday, June 19, 2006

UTAR Charity 10km Run

UTAR Run Posted by Picasa

What? UTAR Charity 10km Run

Where? Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh, Perak

When? 7:30am 18 Jun 2006 (Sunday)

Who? Organised by MCA Ipoh Timur and Ipoh Roadrunners Club.

How long? 10km

Coffee and Toast Posted by Picasa

The journey of our food marathon started when we reached Ipoh. YK picked Poh and I up at the Medan Gopeng bus terminal and we went straight headed to a coffee shop in town. I ordered a toast with half-boiled egg and the Ipoh famous white coffee. Yummy!

8TV Mall Tour Posted by Picasa

We stopped by at Ipoh Parade to get movie tickets for that night on our way back to YK’s house. 8tv was having their mall tour. Saw tones of fans queing up for autographs from the 8tv celebrities - Marion (my fave Quickie girl), Phat Fabes, Jaclyn Victor, Vick Lee, etc etc. You have to buy those souvenir items from 8tv in order to be eligible for the autographs. Yeah…Milk the fans dry of their allowance money. I moved on swiftly after getting 3 tickets for The Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift. 9:00pm show from TGV.

Pampering My Feet Posted by Picasa

We made another unscheduled stop at a reflexology centre on the way back to YK’s house. Healthy Touch was newly opened and was holding a charity campaign for Sri Murugan Centre in Ipoh. Time to pamper my feet for a good cause. Heheh!

I took the foot massage package while YK and Poh settled for the back massage. RM30 for a 45 minutes massage with a free 10 min foot sauna. Quite reasonable. What is a foot sauna? It is actually a knee-deep wooden bucket with steam pumped in. You put your feet in and the top will be covered by a towel. A remote temperature control is handy to prevent your legs turning into cooked “chu jiao” (pig limb).

My feet were tender and nice after steaming. Time to get them kneaded to perfection by the master. Sounds like a making putu mayam, eh? Heheh! Anyway, the foot massage was a welcome treat.

Crazy Ice-cream? Posted by Picasa

After putting our luggage at YK’s house, we went out searching for dinner. Our first choice was Yum Yum Restaurant at Persiaran Greenhill. It was a nice Asian restaurant with a great ambiance. It was featured in many food columns and TV programs. Being such a famous place, the queue for dinner was horrendous. After waiting for ½ hours without getting our seats, we decided not to wait any longer. We had a movie to catch at 9:00pm! So, we decided to check out some other restaurants on the same stretch of road and finally settled for Crazy Ice-cream and Salad House.

The food here is pretty decent. For less than RM10, you get a chicken chop, a bowl of mushroom soup, a drink and a scoop of ice cream. In a jiffy, we wiped our plates clean and ready for the next program – The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift at TGV, Ipoh Parade.

Drifting Away Posted by Picasa Tokyo Drift is the third installment of the FNF series. I haven’t watch the first and second of the FNF though. Watch out for Vin Diesel’s cameo appearance at the end of the movie. How was the show? Well, it lives up to its franchise name – fast and furious. The movie tagline: Speed needs no translation! Speed also needs no plot or acting skills. Heheh!

Egg Tea and Soya Bean Drink for Supper Posted by Picasa

What comes after dinnertime? Yea! It is Suppertime! YK drove us to Chowan Street where had supper at a row of hawker stalls known as “Tong Sui Kai” (Literally translated to Street of Sugar Water or dessert). We basically ate every two hours since we arrived in Ipoh that afternoon (not counting the large Superman combo popcorn we finished during the movie). I ordered a bowl of egg tea as they already sold out their red bean. Yummy!

Waiting for Dr. Ling Posted by Picasa

The Race Day.

I woke up about 5:30am. Didn’t sleep well. YK and Poh both snored. I was the unlucky one who slept in between the two flers. So, I get all the Dolby-THX-Stereo-IMAX snore effect all night. Gggghrrrrowwwwwwww……

After having a cup of Milo, I was ready to go. We reached the Stadium Indera Mulia about 7:00am. Registration was done by simply dropping the lucky draw card into the transparent box. Then, we proceeded to the START area.

Air Horn and Megaphone. Politician, Let's Get Loud!  Posted by Picasa

Blast Off! Posted by Picasa

All the categories started simultaneously. We were flagged off by Datuk Dr. Ling Liong Sik at 7:30sharp. I jogged slowly with Poh and YK initially but decided to allow them to go on their own paces. Both were new to road races.

We were given 2 hours to complete the run. Plenty of time if you ask me. You could even stop by coffee shop for a cuppa during the run and still come back in time to collect the medal. One thousand medals awaited the finisher. So, I was not too worried about speed and enjoy the beautiful Sunday morning run in Ipoh.

The route took us along Jalan Hospital, to Jalan Raja Di Hilir, passing by many religious houses - mosque. Siamese temple, Indian temple, Chinese temple before making a turn at Canning Garden Church into some housing estate where we were given a hair band at the checkpoint. Saw Pacesetter ex-president, Mr. Wan running on the opposite side of the road.