Friday, November 09, 2007

Kuala Lumpur Terry Fox Run 2007

What? Terry Fox Run 2007

Where? Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden), Kuala Lumpur.

When? 9:00am; 4 November 2007

How Long? About 3km

Why? Every year, money raised from the Terry Fox Run in Malaysia is donated to a cancer research organization in Malaysia. This year, money raised in the Terry Fox Run 2007 will be donated to Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF), a non-profit cancer research organization.

Who? Click Here for KL Terry Fox Official Website

I am a loyal supporter of The Terry Fox Run. Been participating in the run since year 2001. So, this year, I also made it a point to go for it even though I had to forego Brooks Fun Run in FRIM.

There were two warm up sessions. First one was the aerobic by Fitness First.

And then, followed by a belly-dancing warm up session. I wonder which part of the body they want us to warm up for the run. That was my first time seeing belly dancing as a pre-run warm up exercise. LOL!

Hips don't lies. Click play button to see some hips actions.

Flag off at 9:00am. I saw more expats here in one day than the number I see in the whole year. Heheh!

I am surprised of the numbers of runners who turned up with last's year T-shirt. I am sure last's years T-shirt is nice but why didn't they wear the 2007 T-shirt? Were they bandits? (Someone who run without registering to the run). Bandits are scumbags who leeched on the amenity provided to registered runners. Come on guys..This is a charity event. Buy the T-shirt as donation and wear it proudly during the run.

Apart from being cheap, I also saw some brainless runners who cheated (see picture above). They risked their lives (as well as their children's) by taking a shortcut on the slope. Can't they follow the designated route? (Insert head-shaking here!)

Anyway, enough of grumbling, let's move on.

Daddy's little boy gets the best ride in town.

New running accessories? Rainbow coloured feather boa and afro wig? LOL.

We ran passed a deer farm in Lake Garden.

T-shirt is too big? Just tie a rubber band at the back of the collar! Problem solved. LOL!

The World's Largest Covered Bird Park.

Yes! Get get to see some storks and a peacock from the route.

Water! Water! A volunteer with a smile!

This guy must be very filial. He had "Father and Mother" tattooed on his calf!

Shake, rattle and rollerblade.

Road marshall cum cheerleader!

On daddy's shoulders.

I'm sure a lot of daddies would have sore shoulders that Sunday! Heheh!

The Parliament Building.

KL Tower as seen from the beautiful Lake Garden.

KL Hilton (right) & Le Meridien Hotel (left).

The girls from 3R TV Show.

Guess who will be the future marathon runner? LOL.

Water station. Apart from water, runners were treated to milo drink, bananas, cream rolls and muffins.

I love the yummy-licious muffin. Thanks to KL Hilton for sponsoring them.

Bye Bye! See you next year!

It was a fun and enjoyable run (even though I walked all the way) on a beautiful Sunday morning. Great fun for a great cause. :)

Acknowledgment. Thank you to Hamdi for contributing some of his beautiful pictures for this blog.

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