Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bidor Half Marathon 2009

What? Bidor Half Marathon

Where? Bidor, Perak, Malaysia.

When? 26 April 2009; 7:00am

Who? Organised by Bidor Runners Sports & Recreational Club

How Far? 10km

We arrived in Bidor town about 3:30pm on Saturday. Bidor (美罗)is a small about one hour and a half drive from Kuala Lumpur. Amelia, Yew Ting and I joined Mohan and Hazel from Singapore for this trip. It was our first "eat and run" trip together!

Check out hotel! See Foo Hotel in Bidor. Can you see the START/ FINISH gantry from the window of our room? That was how near out hotel to the start point!

Took this while the ladies went shopping at the supermarket opposite the hotel.

Doraemon! This ought to add some cuteness to this blog. LOL!

Frankly speaking there are nothing much to do in Bidor in this trip except eat, run and eat!

After resting for a while in the hotel, we went to look for the famous herbal duck noodle at Pun Chun Restaurant!

Yummy! I love the soupy Chinese herbal duck drumstick noodle. The portion was generous. I like the soup. Not too bitter or medicinal. The duck meat was so tender that it loosen with a slight poke of the chopstick.

Slurp! Slurp! I found many blogs by runners who ran the Bidor Half Marathon posted about this famous dish! Slurp!

Then, we walk over to the Ta Thong Biscuit shop and watch them make the chicken biscuit and mooncakes in front of our eyes. Freshly baked!

Amelia was attracted to the cute mooncakes in the shapes of little animals.

Fancy some Tricerotops?

Snake and mice, anyone?

How about some bugs?

I found those mooncakes are too cute to be eaten. LOL!

We also check out some fruit stall along the main road.

Petai (stink bean)....are sold outside the stores.

Guava - seedless, sweet and full with Vitamin C goodness.

2009 marked the 5th edition of Bidor Half Marathon. From its humble beginning of only 200 participants in 2003 to last year's 1200 runners, Bidor Half Marathon has become one of the well received half marathons in the country.

According to Mr. Leng, the race director, a total of 1,600 runners registered for this year's run.

Check out the medals over the years....(I don't own these...took some snap shots of the displayed medals at Tukang Jahit Mexico, where the race kit collection was).




2008 - I've got one of these Eagle thingy. Heheh!

The size has grown bigger. The design also got better!

Dinner by the roadside stall. Some simple dish and rice. We kept bumping into Uncle Sonny and his entourage who joined us at the next table for a drink and later we met them again at the Guardian Pharmacy.

My breakfast. Milo and pussy bun. LOL!

I took part in the 10km event only. Same finisher medal. LOL!

The route was rather enjoyable to run except for some stinky shit smell around the plantation area. I didn't notice the awful smell last year. Probably they had just fertilized the oil palms. Heheh!

Check out the Bidor Half Marathon video here. Had to "press on my brakes" many many times to capture our friends running at the opposite side. For those who didn't appear in the were way too FAST and FURIOUS for my camera. :)


Note: Background music - Oakenfold's "Ready, Steady, Go" Korean Version from the Collateral Soundtrack. I love this song!

Feel free to embed this video in your blog. Don't forget to link back. :)

Breakfast is served! I love Nasi Lemak. Yummy! My only complain is the Tau Foo Fah was reserved for the 21km runners only! Hey! Not fair! :P...

2009 Medal. Ain't it gorgeous? But how come two of the runners (first and second from right) running wearing underwear in the outside? Superrunnermen? LOL!

What's in our goodies bag?

Acknowledgments: Thank you to Mohan for his makan treats and being our driver. Traveling runner friends - Amelia, Yew Ting and Hazel who made this trip fun and makan-licious! :)

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