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What? Digi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge.

When? 4:00pm 9 January 2010.

Where? Mardi Gras, 1-Utama Shopping Mall.

Who? Organised by DiGi and Nuffnang.

First and foremost let me introduce our team. We called our team - PIMPKY! Four of us - Saimatkong, Tallboyz, Emeryn and yours truly.

I have met Saimatkong a year ago when we were "put together" in a team in a treasure hunt for a mobile phone company. I have not met Tallboyz and Emeryn before. Both are Saimatkong friends. All of use a avid bloggers and fellow Nuffnangers.

You don't get to see much of my photos here just like my previous posts (because I'm not a camwhore too shy). But I hope you enjoy reading this post. Do watch our the videos embedded and discover how pimped our day was by Digi!

We didn't what to expect from the challenge. Initially I thought it was a mall treasure hunt! But I was wrong. Read on...

The DJ at Mardi Gras was pumping hot dance music while waiting for the briefing to start!

Some who got "digi-fied" for the challenge. :)

A razzle dazzle Paparazzi. :)

We were given a short briefing on the challenges at about 3pm.

Our mission: We got 8 challenges to do and 2.5 hours to complete them.

Aren't we all Facebook addicts? :)

What? We were set to do the impossible?

We charged forward and determined to complete all the challenges in 2.5 Hours to prove them wrong!


We were "spoiled" by choices. Which one to tackle first?

We decided to take a chance on It's A Hit batting cages at the roof top of the mall. It was a tough place to find. We had asked a few people to get the right direction. When we got there, there were a few teams ahead of us already.

While waiting, we strategized on what to do next and plan our course.

Now, let's play balls. It was my second time at a batting cage.

Sounds like fun, eh? We were given each 15 balls to hit. Special prize to those who can hit the yellow Digi board hung at the end of the cage.

We were happy because we escaped with no zero hit! LOL!

Our prized champion batter! Mr. Tallboyz scored 11 hits out of 15. (Insert applause here)

We scurried to Digi outlet for your next task called One O'clock, Two o'clock, Three O'clock Rock!

We were timed for this challenge. The fastest team to create a playlist at Digi Music Portal and add a song each from Akon and Lady Gaga would win the challenge.

Confession: Since all of us have never been to the music portal, we took quite some time to trial and error. But we managed to complete the task. Like many new things in our lives - one you got the hang of it, it is relatively quite easy to do the task.

Create your own playlist and download your favourite artistes music here.

Digi Music Portal

Lights! Camera! Action!

Our creative and "acting" skills were put to the test in coming out with a 30 seconds video ads featuring Swatch and Digi Internet at the Swatch outlet.

Here's our finished product! A very low budget ad! We simple don't have time to rehearse and one take was all we have. :)

You can stop laughing NOW! :P

Next, we rushed to a sanctuary in the shopping mall called The Rainforest.

Our task was called Now The Net Lives On Your Phone.

We had to watch a video streamed via Youtube with Nokia N97 connected to DiGi high speed internet connection.

Then, we were required solve a riddle related to the video with some cryptic numbers given.

We hope we gave the right answer! LOL!

The next task took place at The Rainforest too. A breath-taking task! LOL!

Each of us were given three darts to shoot on the target in the Bull's Eye challenge.

Check out Emeryn's first blowing experience here.

Nope! We didn't get a bull's eye but we got some marks!


The Likely Average Speed challenge was carried out at Celebrity Fitness.

Not enough of having us scrambling around the mall, they made us run like mad hamsters on the threadmills! LOL! All the team members had to run. 800 meter at the fastest possible speed and winner would be calculated from the highest average speed.

Phew! Easy peasy for a runner like me but my other team mates were struggling! But everyone managed to complete this task without having to call the ambulance! :)

One more to go! Our last task in the list was SuperModel You at QuikSilver outlet.

Simple? We just have to dress up in QuikSilver and pose for a photo. But it was not enough just to look pretty, so we decided to go for a killer pose!

Check out our back bending efforts and award winning pose! LOL!

Submission of our passport. Did we make it on time?

Who said it was unlikely for anyone to complete the tasks in 2.5 Hours? We did it with some time to spare! I attribute our completion to teamwork and never say die attitute. We clicked instantly as a team and worked our way through all the challenges as ONE team! ALL THE WAY! (Insert pats on our backs here!)

JoJo Struys was the emcee of the evening. We got a shock because she fell off the stage at one point during the prize giving ceremony! Thank God she is OK!

The winner of each challenge was given a prize. We PIMPKY team emerged top in the SuperModel challenge at Quiksilver. Our prize? RM300 voucher for each one of us! Heheh! That settled my Chinese New Year clothes problem! :D

Everybody walked home with a Digi Limited Edition Prepaid Internet card last night. (Thank you Digi!)

The overall results of the challenge will be announed soon. The deadline of blog submission is extended due to some technical reasons. (Insert happy faces here because we can do more touch ups to our posts).

We hope we can land our hands on the brand new lappies. :)


Oops! Almost forgotten about this video! LOL! Actually, I was trying to erase this whole episode from my memory but I figure my blog post would not be complete without it. So here it is - Our challenge back at the Mardi Gras Club. Our no rehearsal and one time only attempt to pole dancing.

Watch at your own risk, okay? :D

Now check the real thing out! This is pole dancing DONE RIGHT! Just like what DIGI have done right to Broadband :D

The two dancers were super hawt, right?

Finally, check out our ULTIMATE VIDEO: A six minutes clip of mad dash across the 1-Utama Shopping Mall to complete all 8 tasks and then some. We can gladly say that DIGI had PIMPED Our DAY!


Check out my PIMPKY Team members' blog posts below:





DiGi, Nuffnang, TimeOut Solutions, Mardi Gras and various sponsors for this wonderful event.

To my PIMPKY teammates! You guys and gal rock! ALL THE WAY!!!

Special mention to the two pole dancers: Thanks for adding some hawtness to my blog! LOL!

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