Monday, September 09, 2013

Nike We Run Kuala Lumpur Is NOT Happening This Year!

Sigh! We checked and rechecked for the name of our beloved city in the list of countries involved in the Nike We Run Series 2013 and we are very disappointed to let you guys know that the race we have been waiting for is not happening in Malaysia this year. Why? We don't know.

If your pocket is deep enough, you might wanna consider running in the neighbouring cities such as Singapore (3 Nov), Manila (1 Dec) and Jakarta (15 Dec).

Checkout the final list of countries for the NIKE We Run Series HERE.


Anonymous said...

I supposed because they had really bad feedbacks from the runners due to really bad management.

Anonymous said...

that why even though you making a complaint...make sure at least give them a lil bit positive not only the management are in lose...we the runner also in lose...thanks to those give a very bad feedback...