Thursday, January 07, 2021

Starting a Bright New Year with the Inspirational Story of Encik Fuad Completing 56.26km in OPPO Reno Festive Virtual Marathon

Kuala Lumpur, 6 January 2021- OPPO Reno Festive Virtual Marathon had finally come to an end on 3rd January 2021. Adventurous seekers, OPPO enthusiasts, and athletes in all forms from all states of Malaysia had participated in the marathon while ensuring social distance through consistently updating their live status on OPPO’s website. Citizen with disability, Encik Fuad Sanoesi, had also made remarkable impression by completing 56.26km marathon with strong determination and positive mindset, constructing a good role model for others. 

The main reason that motivated Encik Fuad to begin his marathon journey without letting disability to become a barrier to him was his body size. With friends’ encouragement and determination in keeping his body’s health, he decided to start jogging in order to regain healthiness. Encik Fuad mentioned, ‘I am an obese person before and I only started to take part in marathon after invited by my friend (Dino) and it all began with 5km. Since then, my body started to lose weight and I made jogging as a daily routine.’ Encik Fuad also said that, ‘Other than winning gifts, I wanted to test my own limit and ability when comparing to normal people and exactly what ranking I will get although I understood that it would be hard to win with this kind of wheel chair.’ Encik Fuad saw it as a chance to prove that everyone was equal including individuals with disabilities like him, and everyone would definitely have the ability to complete their own goal through utilising their very own way.

For Encik Fuad, the longest distance he had challenged himself was 42 km completed in 4 hours 14 minutes and 21 seconds which was outstanding and could totally compete with the time spent for normal people in finishing a marathon. Some of the suggestions from Encik Fuad after engaging in lots of marathons were practiced and trained ourselves 3 to 4 times constantly every week and ensuring enough rest (up to 2 days) before the marathon happened. 

With all the adventurous marathons he had come across, he had successfully accomplished 56.26km during the OPPO Festive Marathon. Encik Fuad stated that, ‘from my opinion, OPPO Reno Festive Marathon was great and I genuinely hoped that it would be held again in the coming years. The only thing that could be improved was the processing time which it would be better if it could be shorten rather than requiring 2 to 3 days to be in the leaderboard.’ 

Nikki Chen, Branding Director of OPPO Malaysia said: “OPPO not only provide consumer with consumer technologies that will ease their daily lives, but also to highlight the importance of healthy lifestyle. No matter the who or what you are, OPPO always will be there to not only remind you the importance of healthy lifestyle, but also to invite you to experience the healthy lifestyle with OPPO products and services.” 

“OPPO Reno Festive Virtual Run is one of OPPO Malaysia flagship event, bringing people together for a healthy and fun times. As we move forward from the Covid-19 pandemic that was started last year, OPPO Malaysia recognize the importance of a balance lifestyle. No matter it is competitive running to prove yourself, or it is just a fun stroll around the park with family and love ones. OPPO will be there to witness all of your progression.” 

“A great example of our commitment to providing the best workout experience is our introduction of OPPO Watch and Reno4 Series. OPPO Watch come pre-loaded with all google fitness features, providing patrons all the needed workout routine. Besides that, pair with the Reno4 series, the camera able to capture quality time together with our 48MP quad camera features, and 65W SuperVOOC charging features, making your experience last the whole day.” 

OPPO Reno Festive Virtual Marathon had successfully including individuals in all forms to take part in the meaningful event, spreading kindness and motivating thoughts around the confetti in the beginning of 2021. Going forward, OPPO will continue to strive to offer personalised technologies that are humane, relevant and appropriate. 

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