Wednesday, February 28, 2024

New ASICS METASPEED™ Shoes: Designed to Help Elite Runners Break Records

ASICS is proud to announce the launch of the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS, the latest additions to their flagship racing shoe series. These shoes are designed to help elite runners achieve new levels of performance by building upon the success of their predecessors.

A New Pinnacle in Racing Innovation:
  • Lighter and Bouncer: The shoes are lighter and bouncier than previous models, thanks to a combination of a new upper material and a revamped midsole foam.
  • Improved Design: They feature a redesigned carbon plate and forefoot construction for better energy return and support.
  • Tailored for Different Running Styles: Available in two models, SKY PARIS for stride runners and EDGE PARIS for cadence runners, each optimized for their specific needs.
The ASICS Athlete-Centric Approach:

Developed with Athletes in Mind: The shoes were created through a rigorous design and testing process involving elite athletes and scientists.

Supporting Different Running Styles: Recognizing that runners come in all shapes and sizes, ASICS offers shoes specifically designed for stride and cadence running styles.

Key Improvements:
  • Lighter Weight: Both shoes are approximately 22g lighter than their predecessors, providing a more responsive feel.
  • Bouncier Ride: The new FF TURBO PLUS midsole foam offers increased cushioning and energy return for longer distances.
  • Enhanced Support: The forefoot construction has been improved for better arch support and stability during fast runs.

Athlete Testimonials:

Vincent Kipkemoi Ngeitch, second-place finisher at the 2023 Berlin Marathon: "The METASPEED SKY PARIS helped me achieve a new personal best thanks to its lighter weight and bouncier feel."

Hariz Hamdan, ASICS Malaysia brand ambassador: "The METASPEED EDGE PARIS offers the perfect balance of lightweight cushioning and stability, giving me the power I need, especially towards the end of races."


The METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS will be available for men and women starting March 4, 2024, for RM1,029.

For more information:

Visit to learn more about the METASPEED™ SKY PARIS and METASPEED™ EDGE PARIS shoes and the advanced technologies they offer.

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