Wednesday, September 15, 2010

薩頂頂 Sa Ding Ding "Harmony" Showcase @ KL Convention Centre

Look! Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

It's Sa Ding Ding!

What? 薩頂頂 Sa Ding Ding "Harmony" Showcase

Where? KL Convention Centre, KLCC

When? 11 Sept 2010

Thanks to the generous people of Rentak Sejuta I won myself a ticket to watch this songbird in action during her promo tour to Malaysia few days ago.

Sa Dingding is a Chinese folk singer and songwriter. She is of mixed Han and Mongolian ancestry, and sings in many languages including Mandarin, Sanskrit, Tibetan, as well an imaginary self-created language to evoke the emotions in her songs.

She was in town to promote her latest album Harmony (天地合) which has a kick ass remix of "Ha Ha Li Li" by Paul Oakenfold (famed for his work with Madonna)

I enjoyed her 5 songs performance very much. If you like Enigma or the likes, you would enjoy her music - a blend of oriental mystique with lush soundscapes and electronica dance beats.

Her videos as well as her live performances are visually stunning.

Beautiful costumes. Brilliant dancers.

She combines Chinese kungfu in her dance choreography.

Poetry in motion....

Photo taking session.

She had an interview on stage after her show with Ai FM DJ. Fans also got the chance to ask questions directly to her. I love this part.

I have never seen it been done for other artistes. They usually perform and disappear from the building. But Sa Ding Ding stayed on for the in depth interview and then later an autograph signing session! (Insert applause for Sa Sing Ding and the organsier of the event here)

Watch impromptu performance from Sa Ding Ding when asked to sing about KLCC Plenary hall in her "self-created" language.


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