Friday, August 29, 2014

Press Release: Celebrity Fitness DARE Your Friend: 11 Contenders. One Grand Prize, Who will Prevail?

Kuala Lumpur, 27 August 2014 11 contenders have been selected for the DARE Your Friend competition after a tense and nerve-racking selection process. Representatives of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia, one of the region’s fastest growing fitness brands and the organizer of the competition had the unenviable task of sifting through more than 50 “dares” to select 11 contenders with the most creative slogan to undergo a 3-months body transformation challenge.

“Living a healthy lifestyle starts from every individual. Each of us needs to be disciplined in your food intake, exercise regularly and have a positive mindset. In order to instigate that, we organized the DARE Your Friend competition to not just act as a motivation boost but as well as to show people the proper way of fitness and the concept of neuromuscular connections” said Vaughn Paterson, Vice President of Fitness Development of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia

The 11 selected contenders comprise of Malaysians of different shapes and sizes who come from diverse backgrounds, Even the Miss Malaysia World 2009 and Miss Malaysia Earth 2013 finalist Sarah Low is taking up this body transformation challenge.

David Eugene Jalleh
Leow Kuan Ting
Loo Wen Yi
Chew Hon Mun
Mohd Soleh
Sheaumun Wong
Shreen Joy Challapandian
Sarah Low
Jonathan Ng
Tieh Siew Haur
Ye Chia Yie

Over three months, the contenders will have to go through 30 sessions of Personal Training sessions whereby Celebrity Fitness, Personal Trainer will first understand the contenders individual fitness goal, and body condition then customized a specific fitness programme that cater to their individual body condition.

After their training, the contenders will be judged based on the amount of weight lost or gain, their Body Mass Index (BMI), and general body condition and the champion of them all will take home prizes worth more than RM 20,000 including a 3 days / 2 nights stay for two at Magani Hotel Bali sponsored by Asia Web Direct – the perfect opportunity to show off their transformed body!

To follow closely on the participants’ progress, kindly visit Celebrity Fitness Malaysia Facebook page at or search for the #cf5stardare.

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