Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amy Mastura Launches Takasima F1 Treadmill

Last month, yours truly was fortunate enough to be whisked to Penang on a private coach along with several other journalists to witness the launch of TAKASIMA F1 Racing Motorized Treadmill TK651 by local entertainer, Amy Mastura.

Just like the F1 Grand Prix, there are pretty leggy girls posing next to the cars, in this case treadmills. Heheh!

Amy Mastura, is appointed the ambassador for TAKASIMA, a homegrown brand of fitness equipment.

During the Q and A session, someone from the audience asked why Amy Mastura is chosen to be Takasima ambassador. The answer given by the rep from Takasima was...they found out that Amy already stepped into middle age and have two children but she still keeps her in shape perfectly (sic). Her image happens to hold the same view with their religion. (???)

This must be the reaction when Amy was called middle aged.

No doubt she is reaching the big 40 next year, but middle age is not a word I would use to describe this cute, vibrant and beautiful singer.

Of all the nice adjectives in the world out there, why do they have to use middle age? I think the script writer ought to be sacked. LOL!

But whatever it is I bet Amy is laughing her way to the bank. ;)

Amy Mastura's entertainment career began in the music industry when she emerged winner of the 1993 Asia Bagus talent show in Japan.

Her latest album, "HAPPY" is already in the market now! She penned 5 songs in her album on her own, namely "Lagu Happy","Ini Kasihku","Dingin Malam","Langkah Di hatimu" dan "Mencapai Bintang".

Run, Amy run...

Erm, Amy...You're supposed to face the other way...

Vroom! Vroom! :D

Apart from treadmills, Takasima is also popular with their massage chairs.

Trying out the brightly coloured treadmills. Which one is your favourite? Blue or red?

Here's some footage from the launch. We hope Amy doesn't run at home on the treadmill with heels like that. LOL!

Remember to watch until the end where Amy was given a highly hilarious killer pose lesson on the treadmill by celebrity blogger/ writer Joe Kidd.


See Amy Mastura killer pose HERE.

Be it running on a treadmill or running outdoor, running is one of the simplest and easy to do excercises towards a healthy lifestyle.

Take your pick, Janji kita...HAPPY!

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