Monday, March 29, 2010

Nike Free Run+

The brilliance of barefoot-like running that comes with cutting edge technology

Hitting the stores in Malaysia this April is the Nike Free Run+, joining the range of Nike Free shoes designed to emulate the motion of running barefooted.

The Nike Free Run+ aims to deliver the right amount of cushioning with an improved fit for the avid runner. This is the first Nike Free shoe that is Nike+ enabled, that means with it, runners can track distance, pace, time and calories burned in real time.

What sets the Nike Free Run+ above the competition is the Forefoot Flex Grooves feature that triggers muscle activation for stronger feet and barefoot-like training, which help runners react and adapt to the ground faster and better.

The new features aim to improve on a runner’s responsiveness to the ground and bring the comfort level of your barefoot-like running experience up another notch.

Among the new features designed with comfort in mind is the Full-Bootie Construction which mimics the natural curve of your feet for a snug, more comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the Breathable Mesh Upper provides ample ventilation for your feet while having Minimal Seams & Layers that helps to alleviate irritation on your feet so you can run with or without socks. There is also the additional

Asymmetrical Lacing designed to reduce pressure over the top ridge of the foot so your feet has an extra layer of protection against getting nerve pain caused by physical compression that happens if you lace up too tightly.

Britain's Paula Radcliffe, the marathon world record holder said that the Nike Free Run+ is a vital part of her strengthening program. She also loves the breathability of the Free Run+ and the fact that they feel so much more responsive that helps her get use to the training terrain quicker.

“They are more flexible than a regular training shoe so allow my foot to behave close to its natural movement. I use the shoes for runs to strengthen my foot muscles but also for a lot of core exercises and walking around to make sure the intrinsic feet muscles stay strong and help me get the best from my running. I also find they really allow my feet to recover well after long workouts and runs,” said Paula Radcliffe.

The Nike Free Run+ is simply put, a trainer with just-right amount of cushioning and support all in a lightweight, low profile package.

The Nike Free range aims to offer the strengthening benefits of barefoot training without sacrificing protection or comfort while providing sufficient traction for your everyday run

The Nike Free Run+ is available at all Nike stores nationwide and retails for RM369

Download the shoe info HERE.

Note: Blue for men/ Orange for Women.

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Unknown said...

Man, can't wait to check this out! Nike Free is srsly one of the best shoe I ever wore which is why I still wearing the original 5.0 even though mine already quite beat up. The fact that it finally supports Nike+ made it even more awesome. ^_^