Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cool Running @ Energizer Night Race

Always water your marathon runners regularly to promote growth, strong limbs and to keep them cool.

Heheh! My photo above won RM50 from the Thumbnails section in the The Star newspaper yesterday.

That ought to cover my registration fee. :)

Apart from firefighting, helping accident victims, catching snakes, rescuing cats etc, our firemen are good at giving us, runners a bath too! (Insert applause here)

The shower from the fire truck provided a cool relief to runners in the hot and humid night during the Energizer Night Race (ENR).

Me? I avoided it because my camera is allergic to moisture. :(

White vest + water...

Too bad it was at night, otherwise you would be getting some wild sexy wet pics of runners "gracing" this blog. (Insert cheeky grin here!)

I think those headlamps given out in ENR are waterproof. Otherwise the result would be erm....shocking. :)

Note: They didn't give out the safety instructions along with the lamps. They should actually.

Race report, more photos and videos from the ENR coming soon. Please comeback for updates.


Anonymous said...


im so jelesss! i took same pix too but they are just not as clear as yours. hehe.

(modest 10km runner)

Yang-May Ooi said...

Congrats on winning the prize for your photo!

That cold water must feel good for all those runners! I can't imagine running a marathon in Malaysian temperatures. I love running in the rain in summer here in the UK cos it keeps me cool