Saturday, February 05, 2011

Celebrunner: Nadine Ann Thomas Hip Hop DJ Debut @ Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Coronation Party

Look at her go! Isn't she gorgeous?

She is Nadine Ann Thomas, Miss Universe 2010. We can't say former or ex-Miss Universe without the MUM director giving us the evil eyes because according to her once you are a Miss Universe, you will be a Miss Universe forever. Once a new queen is crowned, the queen from previous year is not stepping down but just stepping aside for the new queen to shine. Hahah! Well, we love the concept. :)

Thanks Nadine for the gorgeous running pose! Nobody does it better on those heels!

Step aside, people! Here comes DJ Nad! Hail the new queen on the deck!

According to Nadine in her "stepping aside" speech, she has tried modelling, hosting, and even acting in a movie but she feels that her true calling is music. Nadine wants to be the first female hip hop DJ!

Nadine has been going intensive DJ training Under the watchful eyes of Dj Ash and Joe Flizzow.

The Miss Universe Malaysia coronaton party marks her debut in the scene as DJ. She is trading her beauty queen tiara with the bulky headphones that DJs wear.

This queen is gonna take ova the dancefloor!

Soon, you will be bobbing your heads and shaking your booties to the tunes she plays! I wonder where her upcoming gig?

We wish Nadine all the very best in her new DJ-ing stint! Hope one day we can see Nadine progresses from DJing to producing hip hop mixtape albums like DJ Fuzz HERE.

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