Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebrunner: Sarimah Ibrahim @ Reebok ZigTech Treadmill Challenge, 1-Utama Shopping Centre

Hahah! We love the goofy expression on Sarimah Ibrahim's face in the running pose! This award winning TV host was present at the launch of the Reebok ZigTech Treadmill Challenge at 1-Utama Shopping Centre at 5:00pm just now, joining other celebrities such as Sasha Bashir and Angel Wong, various sponsors and members of the media.

The Reebok ZIGTECH TREADMILL CHALLENGE is a 48 hours non-stop running on treadmill with the objective of recording the most amount of energy generated (DISTANCE X SPEED) by a group of runners..

It was launched at 5pm on Friday, 25th February at Ground Floor, New Wing, 1 Utama and concludes at 5pm on Sunday, 27th February 2011. FYI, the registration for this event is already closed due to overwhelming support from you guys. But you can always go to 1-Utama to cheer and support your fellow runners.

You can also check out the Reebok ZigTech shoes there and grab some discount voucher to purchase the shoes.

Angel Wong (TV Host)

Sasha Bashir (Dancer, TV Host)

A true Celebrunner in action. Run, Sarimah run!

Heheh! Not out of breath yet! Still can do TV interview while running at minimum speed of 6.4km per hour. Very pro, eh?

An encouragement to promote a healthy lifestyle, the 3 days event invites runners who registered at to run 15 minutes or more on treadmills. Runners who run at least 60 mins are rewarded with a special designed Reebok ZigTech Tee.

This event has attracted more than 300 runners to complete the 48 hours cycle.

One male runner and one female runner with the most energy generated at the challenge will walk away with a pair of Reebok ZigTech shoes, Reebok mechandise worth RM1,000 (Wow!) and other sponsored items from Fitness Concept, GNC and Red Bull! (Wow! Wow!)

Sarimah, after her run. Still looks pretty, thanks to waterproof make-up I guess. Heheh!

....harrasing Mr. Orange Man. :)

One for the album - Click to enlarge.

After the launch, yours truly also get the chance to be part of this record breaking event. Trying out a pair of brand new Reebok ZigTech shoes.

Reebok ZigTech gives more energy by creating a wave of energy to propel forward with every step, making training more efficient. It is touted as the ultimate training shoes which reduce wear and tear of key leg muscles, allowing athletes to work harder for longer.

It's kinda cool but we could only have them for 15 mins and then we had to say bye bye to these gorgeous pair of shoes. :(

We heard that DJ Hunny Madu and DJ Prem from Fly FM will be there at the challenge on Saturday, Feb 26th at 3pm. So, if you are free, go watch them sweat it out on the treadmill.

We love our goodies....Thanks Reebok! :D

For more info about Reebok ZigTech shoes, please click

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Ms Rachel Tai from Reebok and Mr. Orange Man from for the invite and info to make this blog post possible.


Anonymous said...

my registration was "Unregistered" due to overwhelming response. received an email 2 days before the event and was told that i was listed as "backup". kinda disappointed with the organizer to allow registration in the first place...

Anonymous said...

It's quite badly managed event, which many participants pulled out because their scheduled time was changed. Beat the purpose of where people can choose their suitable time.

I was running around 9am, Saturday. Sadly there's plenty of empty threadmills, and the organizer are just bored. It's just mention name, shoe-in, run, shoe-out, and bye. And that's that.