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My Selangor Story Day 2: Excitement At Its Peak

This is my official post for Part 2 of 6 blog series for My Selangor Story blogging competition organised by Tourism Selangor.

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The second day of the My Selangor Story Blogging competition brought us up to the cool mountain air of Genting Highlands. We have a VERY special guest coming for lunch.

Shhhh....We secretly followed Allie and Tabby (both Resort Worlds - Genting's mascot) to the front of Genting Highland Maxims.

Watch the video from start to the end to find out who was our special guest and what we had for lunch, okay?

I particularly like the last statement by Dato Anthony Yeo, the SP of PR and communication of Resorts World - Genting. We all felt so appreciated and were given VIP treatment from the moment we step out of our coach until we left the next day! (Insert applause here).

Inside the goodies bag, among others- a hardcover coffee table book - The Splendour of Genting, a Genting World Card with equivalent RM100 points and a Genting Holiday Card with a prepaid RM100 to spend! Wow!

I had to pinch myself so that I know I was not dreaming! LOL!

After lunch and a short briefing at the Visitor's Galleria, we checked in into our room at First World Hotel. I don't want to gloat but each blogger ambassador was given a room each. No twin-sharing for one night!

Time was running short after checking in and had a quick freshen up, I made my way to the our Door Theme Park.

I spent the whole afternoon exploring, taking various thrilling rides and taking photographs in the Outdoor Theme Park....There are simply too many places to cover and I wished we could have stayed longer!

I am glad that despite the exhilirating rides, my lunch stayed inside my tummy. Heheh!

More excitement awaited us at Resorts World - Genting after the nightfall....

We were grinning ear to ear when given front row seats to DAZZLE show at the Pavilion!

And with the special arrangement by the generous people of Resorts World - Genting, photography was allowed during certain segment of the show!

Wow! Snap away!!!!

The show indeed lives up to its name with a bedazzling spectacle of dance, music, magic, mime and humour rolled into one show!

It is not possible for me to post all the pictures taken in the show to be put on one single posting. I have selected the best and put them in a short video for your enjoyment. Mind you, this is only one little part of excitement Genting has got to offer at its peak!


Some quick runwitme's travel tips to Genting Highlands:

1. Bring a sweater. Weather can be abit chilly.

2. Get a map and plan the places to visit carefully.

3. Pretend that you're a kid again and have lots of fun.

Location: Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia, 69000. About 25% of Genting Resort World is on Selangor side. Hence, technically, it is still a Selangor destination. Hahah! Like that also can, ah?

Contact: 603 - 6101 1118.



Do you have time for me to tell you another story? LOL! Nope? I am going to tell you anyway...Hahah!

Actually before we were transported up to Genting Highlands in a luxury VIP coach, we visited The Royal Selangor Pewter factory, where the World's largest pewter beer mug - weighing in at a hefty 1557 kg and standing 1987 mm tall and having a girth of 1693 mm.

Erm...No, this is not a photography class! LOL!

All of us bloggers went back to school at Royal Selangor. School of Hard Knock!

By definition, The School of Hard Knocks is an idiomatic phrase meaning the (sometimes painful) education one gets from life's usually negative experiences, often contrasted with formal education. But here at Royal Selangor, it was kinda fun!

We had to use our hammering skills to make this flat plate of pewter....

...into a bowl! And the best thing is, we get to keep the bowl as souvenir from Royal Selangor, which is the official souvenir shop!

Watch at your own risk as we, the nerdy bloggers turn into hammering maniacs in the video! Hahah!

Ice cool isotonic drink served in pewter cups. Slurp!

I must give a special mention about the food served at the Royal Selangor Cafe. It is absoluetely YUMMY!

I am salivating already by just looking at the cheesy cake picture below....LOL!

Heavenly scones....

Wholesome sandwiches, washed down with a cuppa freshly brewed coffee.

Royal Selangor is not only famous for its pewter but also the food as well! They even have a FB fan page for the cafe. Check it out HERE.

We were honoured to have Datin Paduka Chen Mun Kuen of the family-owned Royal Selangor Pewter to share a little bit of history of the establishment.

She told HER SELANGOR STORY and the rich legacy of that little teapot her grandfather left behind. I won't be re-telling the story here but you can always give Royal Selangor a visit as all the facts and rich history behind this establishment are well documented and presented in the gallery and factory tour.

Yay! I have graduated from the School of Hard Knock and I have a certificate to proof it!

Some quick runwitme's travel tips to Royal Selangor:

1. Knock yourself out at School of Hard Knocks

2. Relax at the cafe with a cuppa after "graduation"

3. Keep your self-made bowl of out sight and get some gorgeous souvenirs from the gift shop for your friends instead! LOL!

Location: Royal Selangor International Sdn Bhd. 4 Jalan Usahawan 6, Setapak Jaya, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm, daily. No appointments necessary unless registering for a session at the School of Hard Knocks.

Contact: 603-4145 6122



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