Friday, October 08, 2010

My Selangor Story Day 6 : The Final Chapter

This is my official post for Part 6 of 6 blog series for My Selangor Story blogging competition organised by Tourism Selangor.

Oh dear! We are at the MY SELANGOR STORY final chapter already.

Here's the much anticipated season finale video. :)

Turn up the volume of your speaker and CLICK PLAY!

What do you think of the video? It is as if my life had just flashed in front of me. LOL! Like they said - time flies while you're having fun. I really had fun telling you MY SELANGOR STORY. I called the video around Selangor in 93 seconds.

The video was made by "supergluing" all the 1532 photos I took over the 6D 5N journey and then slapped with a classical piece by Tschaikovsky. I could have gone the easy route by choosing like 10 pictures for this post but then this is NOT an ordinary blogging competition. Heheh!

Day 6 was a day when all the bloggers made their way home after touring Selangor for 6D 5N. Some took the plane, some by bus, some by train, some took cabs, some were picked up by their friends....Me? I just walked home with six days full of stories to tell.

In this final chapter, I would like to send bouquets and applause for...

Organiser: Tourism Selangor. (Fazly, Hafeez, Noorul Ashidah, Zul, Hafeezudin, Johan and Hafidah)

Co-organiser: Horizon Communications (Amelia Tan)

YB Elizabeth Wong

Kak Ning (our bubbly tour guide)

Various Sponsors:

Firefly (Official Airline)

Pentax (Official Camera)

Tropicana Medical Centre (Official Medical Centre)

Resort World Genting (Offical Resort)

Sunway City Berhad (Official Integrated Resort)

P1 (Official Broadband Provider)

TV Selangor (Official Online TV)

Royal Selangor (Official Souvenir Shop)

Haven Restaurant (Official Restaurant)

Do check out my "competitors" blogs and their Selangor Stories too. I feel they are more friends than competitors whom I wanna crush to pieces. LOL! Give them some hearts if you like their posts. I would like to thank each and everyone of them for completing the 6D 5N journey in MY Selangor Story with me. (In no particular order)


























Lastly, I leave you with a quick runwitme's tip to Selangor. I feel incomplete without posting these....LOL!

Some quick runwitme's tips to Selangor Darul Ehsan.

1. Shop till you drop at megamalls like Sunway Pyramid and 1-Utama.

2. Stuff yourself silly with Selangor famous dishes - Satay Kajang, Laksa Selangor, Klang Bak Kut Teh and more!

3. Play in man-made theme parks like Sunway Lagoon and Genting Highlands and also get adventurous in the nature.

Location: Peninsula Malaysia


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Thank you all for reading MY SELANGOR STORY.

What's YOURS?


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading all the 6 blogs.
It was light and breezy!
Didnt realize that Selangor has so much to offer + so near to home too!

Keep it up & all the best!

Meow Kitty

jue said...

that video is cinya siau . .. my eye go blink2 and i thot i was on a roller coaster . . . LOL

there is one or 2 places i may wanna visit or even do a relay run . . after all we are runner mah. so naturally running always in the mindset lah.

that mean i gotta run through the whole 6-episod again . . . huhhh. . .pengsan nia . . LOL

AJ said...

love the video..but it run soo fast like urs eyes can't catch it..hik3,nice and wonderful journey..gonna miss it soon...and nice knowing u bro..hope jumpa lagi next time..