Saturday, October 16, 2010

10 Good Reasons Why hooHa 10! 10! 10! Fun Run @ Lot 10 is the Best Fun Run on 10.10.10!

Why must it be 10 good reasons? Because 10 is the magic number. Heheh!

Reason 1:

The magic number 10. It's a 5.5km (5+5=10) fun run, starting at Lot 10 on 10 Oct 2010 (10.10.10). Flagged of by yours truly at 8:20am (8+2=10). And it cost RM28 to register (2+8=10). :D

Reason 2:

It's the first run ever to start at Lot 10, in the centre of the Golden Triangle, Bukit Bintang. We proposed Lot 10 for an obvious reason...

Even though in the original proposal, we suggested a 10K run but due to police traffic recommendation, it was shortened to 5.5km (5+5=10), more to the benefit of recreational runners/ joggers.

Reason 3:

A runner to flag of a run? Another first. Usually we get VIPs ranging from politicians to celebrities to flag off a race. But hey, this time WE get the honour to flag off close to 4,000 runners. Thank you to for the great opportunity.

And that Mexican waves at the start line. It was our idea too. Heheh!

Reason 4:

The technical stuff of the race was under the good hands of Twenty First Century Sport.

Reason 5:

It's the run you can take your babies and grandma/grandpa to.

The distance 5.5 (5+5=10) is not too tough to conquer. It's fun for the whole family. But some prefer to sleep through the run like the baby in the stroller. LOL!

Reason 6:

Runners got creative.

That is Jenny, a familiar face in local road races, especially fun runs. There were runner who donned hats made of balloons in the run too. Check out the video later.

Reason 7:

Fun entertainment from the balloon clown and Dr. Freestyler Crew. But I think the clown is abit humsup...LOL!

Reason 8:

Even the runners from the other race wanted to run the hooHa 10!10!10! Fun Run.

Many of my friends did the Nike City Run (flagged off at 7:15am) and then run to Lot 10 for the hooHa Fun Run (flagged off at 8:20am). Two runs in one morning! Well done peeps!

Reason 9:

Vouchers galore in the goodies bag...Thanks to all the sponsors.

Reason 10:

Everyone who crossed the finish line get it! It's a solid, unique gold coloured bling bling medal that can last more than a lifetime! Better than any plasticky toys, eh? Huhuhu!

I would like to dedicate this video to all the people who donned the orange or blue Brooks T-shirts that say "hooha 10!10!10!" at Lot 10 on 10!10!10! morning. You showed the world that running is not a chore and running is great fun. Everybody can enjoy running!


Acknowledgment: Thank you to for taking up my idea and the great opportunity to flag off thousands of runners on the special day of 10.10.10.

Was the run fun for you too? Please feel free to leave your comments.

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